Nail Polish

Want a sophisticated manicure? Choose any of the funds, including Biogel. It is universal, it can be used to increase the nails in the salon or to do the procedure of reinforcing and modeling at home by yourself. Natural composition provides power to the nail plate, and malleable form gives Shine and well-groomed appearance.

What is nail Polish

Acurate French

Biogel-based resin yew tree, calcium, vitamins and proteins. For consistency it is plastic, thanks to which will help to strengthen or increase the nails. The components in the gel make it transparent and strong, add nutritional benefits. Biogel non – toxic substance, and therefore does not harm the nail plate and benefits, protecting them from damage. Feature of the product is that it does not block the flow of air into the skin next to the nail.

Nails Biogel

Building a bio-gel has several advantages over acrylic:

  • Safety – the drug does not harm the nail plate, does not cause allergic reactions and has natural ingredients.
  • The availability of the materials for the procedure.
  • A simple extension technology.
  • Firming and protective effect of varnish.
  • A rich palette: from transparent to colored any shade.

To do extensions with gel manicure, you need to have certain skills. If you do not, it is better to consult the expert who works at home or in the salon. Nail – a very long process, so be prepared to stay in manicurists few hours. Technology of the process is very simple:

  1. First you need to get a manicure.
  2. Then grease the nail plate degreasing agent (need applying Foundation, the gel in several layers and a final topcoat).
  3. Each stage involves drying of the nail plates under the UV lamp.

The procedure to make nails look natural, carry out using special paper forms, which continue the nail plate, provide an opportunity to create a long workpiece for shaping of the nail. From a shapeless construction creates a gel nail the desired shape and length, are used for this nail file. Design can be different, ranging from French, ending with a modeling – it all depends on your desires and skills to master. After a while you will have to make a correction, because your nails will start to grow and the manicure will look unsightly.

Strengthening Biogel

Strengthening Biogel

Modern beauty industry offers women not only to use bio gel for nails, but also to apply the product to their General wellbeing. The coating of such a material is composed of natural ingredients, does not contain pesticidov, acetone, acrylic acid and benzene. Strengthening and nutrition are the main functions of the gel. You can restore your nails using this tool to eliminate the unpleasant consequences of increasing other materials.

Biogel strengthen brittle nogotochki, and healthy will do even more, will contribute to rapid growth. However, the household chores, e.g. washing dishes or the floor, poorly affect the state of the gel, so you should do these activities only with gloves. Damaging material can acetone and alcohol. A bottle of gel is much more expensive than a bottle of ordinary nail manicure, so be prepared for some big expenses.

Cover the nails with Biogel

To make the coating a gel manicure at home you will need materials (all contained within a special set, which can be found on the counter of the store profile):

  • orange sticks;
  • nail files;
  • buff;
  • varnish-base;
  • Biogel;
  • finish;
  • primer;
  • degreaser;
  • UV lamp.

How to apply bio-gel – technique, step by step:

  1. Move the sticks cuticle or trim it, apply neat with a nail file shape the nails.
  2. Make a good polishing of the nail plate that it was smooth.
  3. Apply the degreaser using a nonwoven cloth or a brush. When it is absorbed, cover the nails with the primer, hold the tool about 5 seconds.
  4. Use lacquer-based, apply a thin layer.
  5. Then cover the nail with several layers of Biogel. Each must be allowed to dry inside the tube for 1-2 minutes.
  6. Use topcoat on each nail, let it dry in the lamp.
  7. To remove gel nails, consult a specialist who is trained. Then you can create a new manicure with a different design.

French manicure

Where to buy and how much Biogel

The price of the gel depends on the company that manufactures it. In Moscow shops and the Internet it is not significantly different. The average cost of a bottle of gel, «El Corazon» is 150-200 g. Professional products have a price tag of about 500 p. (for example, product of Giorgio Capachini). On the websites of online stores you can find special offers that include a discount of 10% to 40%.

Strengthening of nails by Biogel: the before and after photos

If you are thinking to use a natural gel for your nails, be thoroughly familiar with the materials that you will find on the Internet. Note the photos and video they contain a clear demonstration of how the tool affects the nails, how it looks, how neat it all done. In the pictures you can see a variety of design options.

Video: bio gel nail strengthening


Irina, 18 years old: Considered the coating of Biogel expensive for a student, so one day I decided to try to do it myself. Bought online a cheap tool that did not require drying in UV lamp, apply like ordinary nail Polish. It was very beautiful, the manicure lasted 3 weeks, but longer than always.

Mar, 49 years: every woman should be beautiful hands. Biogel is the best tool for this. Several salon where the cover decoration of their hands with this drug. The nails become hard, do not exfoliate, do not break, protected from the harmful effects. The procedure is not cheap, but the effect is worth the money.

Olga, 25 years: Hands upset me the desired length of the nails was not until her girlfriend held on to me experimenting with gel nail Polish for a lesson. Marigolds have expanded significantly after several treatments ceased to exfoliate. Then a friend explained that the tool contains many useful substances.

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