Symptoms, treatment, prevention of nail fungus

feetNail fungus on hands, or speaking in medical language, onychomycosis is an infectious disease associated with fungal infection of the skin. Catching a fungus is very simple, just a handshake with a sick person, or touching an infected object such as in a public place, as the fungal organisms easily find their new owner. Therefore, you need to frequently wash hands with antibacterial soap, especially after being in public areas. But the fungus on the fingernails can be confused with symptoms of other similar diseases, so today we’ll show you how to recognize onychomycosis, and what methods of treatment of this unpleasant disease there.

How to spot fungus on hands, the main features of

The fungus that settled on the skin for a long period of time itself does not Express. Only occasionally, may appear slight itching and excessive dryness of the skin, which few people pay attention. But over time, begins to develop and reproduce the fungus under the fingernails, causing the nail plates appear spots, from yellowish to bluish color.

In addition, during the progression of the disease can appear other characteristic symptoms are:

  • stratification and destruction of the nails;
  • rough and uneven nail plate;
  • thickening and hardening of the nail.
  • the skin around the nail begins intolerant to itch and flake;
  • change in the usual shape and color of the nail ( it becomes dull, unhealthy, gets yellowish, brown, greenish or even a darker shade).

Onychomycosis is extremely resistant disease, so the treatment of nail fungus on hands can take a long time, and the patient should show some patience, because in advanced cases will need 6 months. up to a year. Therefore, it is important to diagnose the fungus at the initial stage of development, and therefore, at the first suspicion it is recommended in no time to visit a mycologist or a dermatologist.

How to treat nail fungus?

To expect that the fungus will pass on their own, totally unreasonable. Without timely and adequate treatment, the disease can develop into a running or chronic stage, when they captured all the nail plate on the hands or even feet. Fungal nails look, to put it mildly, ugly, become very brittle, painful and take a lot of unpleasant, uncomfortable sensations in everyday life.

photos of nail fungus on feetSome believe that once infected with fungus, he will periodically return, and any treatment will be ineffective. But this is a mistake. To date, there is a very good, powerful remedy against the nail fungus on his hands.

All existing methods of treatment can be roughly partitioned into two subgroups, each of which is applied depending on the extent and course of the disease.

  • Tablets for oral administration
  • Funds for local purposes: creams, ointments, sprays, solutions and varnishes.

In almost all cases, doctors use a standard, integrated system of treatment. Usually individually assigned to medical remedy for nail fungus on hand for oral administration, for example:

  • soon;
  • clotrimazole;
  • diflucan;
  • mycosoral;
  • nystatin;
  • terbinafine, etc.

how does the nail fungus on hands pictures

It’s not all antifungal drugs, and do not look for the best remedy for nail fungus on hands, every drug has its own tasks and purpose, and restrictions assigned to the patient, after a careful analysis of the specific case.

In addition to pills and medicines, the person has to have the cosmetics for local use. Well help special creams and ointments, like acteria, lamizila, clotrimazole or Candida. Also used for treatment varnishes that prevent and stop the development of fungal infection, especially popular lucky and loceryl batrafen.

If we talk about non-traditional methods of treatment, there is a wonderful folk remedy for nail fungus on hands garlic compress. Should be applied daily at night on the affected area to grind the garlic clove, to fix the poultice and wrap on top to make the dressing. Feelings can be unpleasant, but this method is recommended by many healers.

In rare, particularly hopeless cases, you may need the intervention of a surgeon and the need to remove damaged or diseased nail. Not to bring this up, you need to be more attentive to their health and at the first sign of symptoms to see a specialist.

How to cure nail fungus on the hands quickly and without consequences, reliably known only by a qualified technician.

Treated in time, avoid relapses!

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