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a_d7fe3d2fAs nails can say a lot about a person: on the nature of the work, his position in life, about health. Therefore, it is important to know how to properly care for your nails. Don’t forget about home care for the nails on the hands and feet.

As you know, our limbs is full of nerve endings, especially in the hands, because hands, we tend to first feel the object to learn about its properties. The nail plate protects these same nerve endings from various injuries and negative impacts. Nails are an integral part of the skin and consists of a protein called keratin.

Healthy nails have a pink-peach shade. But if the body is not enough of any nutrients or experience health problems, all this is reflected in the nails.

If you notice changes in the color or texture of the nail, you should consult a doctor for further examination. For example, there are white spots on the nails.

How to properly care for nailsIf your problems with the nails are cosmetic, you are able to help them. Of course, nobody cancelled the right nutrition, it will provide you with effective assistance in the fight against breakage, delamination and softness of the nails. Constantly include in your diet products containing gelatin (jelly, jelly, jelly), milk and dairy products, fish and seafood, grains and foods containing whole grains, green vegetables and yeast. In winter and spring is useful to take a multivitamin, they have a beneficial effect not only on nails, but on the General state of the organism.

In addition to the General health of the body on the condition of nails are a bad influence and external: constant contact with water, various chemical agents (e.g., for washing floors, washing detergent, etc.). Therefore, when working with strong chemicals be sure to use gloves. Just remember sometimes interrupted and to let your hands «breathe.»

If you use only manicure special manicure scissors, in the end, necessarily treating the edge of the nail with a nail file.

For nail care you can consult a specialist in a beauty salon. But always seek help from a professional, typically, have neither the time nor the material resources. Therefore it is better to resort to homemade nail care and occasionally indulge their pens salon treatment (or replace them with equally effective home). Nail care at home involves a holistic approach – caring for them inside and outside.

How to properly care for nails

baths for nailsMeans on care of nails and strengthening nails very diverse. Well strengthen nails lemon juice, all you need is to RUB the juice in the region of the nail holes. Good and fast effect moisturizing and nourishing oil for cuticles and nails, contains lemon oil and vitamin E. This remedy is usually rubbed in the morning and evening before applying the cream.

With masks for hands and nails, no problems arise. You can prepare a mask specially for hands, and can use the leftover facial mask. Can while cooking for a bit, apply on the skin different products, be it egg or regular vegetable oil. Simple does not mean ineffective. What kind of mask you can make at home you’ll find here.

Useful baths for nails. The easiest option is to dissolve in water sea salt. Bath with the addition of baking soda will greatly soften the skin around the nails that well before the next manicure. Perfectly moisturizes the skin and saturate the useful elements nails are baths with the addition of oil. In addition, during the procedure, you can do aromatherapy. Adding water decoctions of herbs, you can strengthen the health of nails. Other recipes baths for nails that you can make at home read here.

The permanent inhabitants of your handbags, and dressing table should be of the hand cream. At least there should be two, for different occasions.

Daily homemade nail care includes the following steps:

  • nails need daily brushing. Preferably, twice a day treating them with a brush, it will become a peeling
  • you must properly wash their hands. Use chromostereopsis soap or liquid, it is much softer than usual lump.
  • nails need constant nourishment. If you have a very busy schedule of life, we’ll take your hands at least a few minutes before bedtime. Put on hand cream RUB, paying attention and the nail plate.
  • for weak nails, make a full course of treatment.

If you are interested in the care of artificial nails, watch the following video:

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