Moisturizing facial skin at home

hydration of the skinMoisturizing facial skin is the most fundamental factor a great appearance. Without sufficient moisture the skin becomes dry, listless, as a result, wrinkles appear and dissatisfaction. Very effective to spend the moisturizing of your skin at home. It’s an even better option than the use of expensive beauty treatments in beauty salons. Hydration at home is by using natural and harmless natural components.

Ways to moisturize your face, abound. You can find a wide variety of tools. Currently, most manufacturers of cosmetics are trying to include in their products natural ingredients. But it is important to consider what the best means are the only natural plant products and natural animal origin.

how to moisturize your face at homeHow to moisturize your face? Any type of skin exposed to the adverse effects of the environment: wind, sun, frost and others. Precisely for this reason, you need to moisturize any type of skin. Whether it is necessary to moisturize oily skin? Of course, just need. But oily skin tend to allocate the excess fat by its properties is therefore a natural moisture, so use home remedies to care for oily skin need such properties which contain mattifying Foundation. Moisturize the skin at home can so effectively that after several treatments, she will Shine with freshness, youth and beauty! The main rule of proper care and hydration is that before applying any, even minimal makeup on the face is overlaid with a cream that is both protection and regeneration of the skin.

How to moisturize your face at home?

All the internal deficiencies of the body actively manifest themselves on our skin. If a person feels the need for any active substances, all negative impact on the condition of the skin. If the human body receives insufficient amount of fat, this deficiency affects the dryness and deadness of the skin. How to moisturize the skin from the inside? First, it does not need to lean heavily on fatty foods, this process is absolutely not going to help to hydrate the skin and normalize the condition. Excellent job with internal moisture oil. What kind of oil moisturizes the skin? Ingestion of olive, corn and sunflower oil in reasonable proportions will perfectly enrich the human body with all the necessary nutrients that will have a beneficial effect on the skin. Enough daily eat salad with a dressing of any oil, to achieve a positive effect.

What else can you moisturize your face? There is a great product — fish oil. Regular course use this component helps to normalize not only the skin but also the hair and nails. If you include fish oil in your daily intake as supplements, the time to additional hydration of the skin will be consumed much less.

than to moisturize your face

Still need to moisturize your face? In addition to internal prevention it is useful to use homemade mixtures and masks to hydrate the skin. It is important to remember that dry skin needs more nourishing hydration than other skin types. Moisturizing mask for dry skin should include herbal preparations. Use this remedy daily or every other day. Than to moisturize dry skin?

  • Carrot moisturizing. To overcome from fresh carrots, 1 tablespoon of juice, vmese there the same amount of whipping cream, add the egg yolk. The mixture is superimposed on the face immediately. Enough to keep her a quarter of an hour. This composition perfectly nourishes the skin with all the nutrients, moisturizes and rejuvenates the skin.
  • Oatmeal moisture. Milk boil a small amount of oatmeal. Allow to cool and add a little honey and a small amount of drops of olive oil. Method of application is identical with that described above.

Oily skin requires special moisturizing and quality. How to moisturize oily skin? Moisturizing mask for oily skin should include decoctions of medicinal herbs, such as chamomile, Hypericum, yarrow, oak bark. Or moisturizing masks are made on the basis of juice from the fruit.

That moisturizes the skin?

  • Sea buckthorn moisturizing. The recipe is simple: pressed juice from fresh berries and smeared them in the face. After half an hour the structure from the face is washed off.
  • Herbal moisture. A decoction of any herb mixed with honey, add the egg, the resulting tool to put on the skin.

hydrating mask for face

Normal skin requires skin care. For this type of skin perfect moisturizing mask for normal facial skin that contain vegetables, animal products and fruits.

  • Cheese moisture. An arbitrary amount of cottage cheese mixed with a small amount of honey. The entire composition thoroughly pounded and applied over the skin for a quarter of an hour.
  • Honey hydration. In honey interferes with egg white, added a few drops of olive oil. Application method similar to that described above.

How to moisturize the skin around the eyes?

Moisturizing the skin around the eyes — the key to the impossibility of the appearance of wrinkles. Delicate skin in this area of the face requires a very delicate approach. It is very important during application of masks and means to ease up on her, all movements should be very careful and gentle. Also carefully selected and the components to mix to the skin around the eyes.

Than moisturize the skin around the eyes? Daily rubbing of warm olive oil of this area moisturizes, protects and nourishes the skin. How else can you moisturize the skin under the eyes? It is not recommended to apply a mask consisting of many products. The best way will be wiping this area of the face or honey, or juice of cucumber or tomato. And if you mix olive oil with a few drops of juice from the lemon, you get a compound that fights wrinkles, and at the same time moisturizes and protects the skin around the eyes.

In specialized stores always have products designed especially for the skin around the eyes. What better way to moisturize skin around the eyes? A mandatory condition excellent eye is the composition, which includes vitamins a and Is.

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