Men’s haircuts with shaved temples

Modern fashion mens hairstyles often shaved whiskey involves. These models look stylish. This allows the male to be in trend, different, to stand out, to Express their individuality. Variations of these haircuts very much, because you can change the length of the hair relative to the main part, the size (the selected depth) of tonsure.

Than a good men’s haircut with shaved temples

Barbers offer men hairstyles with shaved sides, because they have virtually no drawbacks. The only drawback can be called extravagance, which is not always appropriate. In the rest of the modern stylish styling has only advantages:

  • corrects the shape of the face shaved sideburns to give a round face more elongated, rough to soften a square face, distract from the nasolabial folds, wrinkles;
  • just tuck – in just 5 minutes on my hair with gel, wax, a special style is used the gel with the effect of wet gloss;
  • variability – ranging from thin strips to half of the head can take a shaved area which is created gradually or sharply, there are options when one is accented temple or patterns are created on the type of tattoo;
  • stylish quick change – sucesive hair differently, you can change the appearance.

Short haircuts with shaved temples

Who is hairstyles with shaved temples

Applications of men’s haircuts with short temples a lot, and they can be customized for different status people. Short haircuts with shaved temples, the varieties of Boxing and poluboks suitable for boys, young men, respectable men. The last is to choose the classics, not to make extravagant Iroquois, or patterns. Looks nice combination of wavy strands with shaved temples, in which the face becomes more masculine.

Fans of the experiments is to shave one eyebrow. Would look perfect haircut large mens head without protruding ear, with a high forehead. The face must be round, oval or square, but not skinny, cropped, otherwise the whisky will visually narrow it down even more. The owners of thin hair bangs pick medium length, hard – box, poluboks.

Men's haircut poluboks

What are men’s haircuts with shaved sides

Popular hairdressers allocate such a beautiful youth haircut with short temples:

  • classic – in her shaved machine temporal part, the whole head completely, the length of strands is approximately 4 cm;
  • model Boxing – shave temporal area, neck, resembles the helmet of a Gladiator;
  • poluboks – extended version of Boxing;
  • British classics with a side parting, volume top, going down the temporal areas;
  • Bob – youth version, long strands folded inside, bangs while styling rounded;
  • canadian – frontal area is accented by long bangs;
  • hedgehog – adolescent version, cropped, rounded design;
  • Bob – cropped square shape;
  • dual quads – sports version, top hair longer than the bottom 2-3 cm;
  • Sagittarius – with extended bangs, the front of the device;
  • pad, long top, short bottom hair;
  • voyage – pronounced parting, a large amount of top, cropped strands from the bottom;
  • asymmetric – for the brave people;
  • Hitler – cropped length on the temporal area of the head smoothly into the long strands on the nape, over the ears, bangs laid on its side or up;
  • undercut – cropped temples, the back of his head, long bangs;
  • Mohawk – short or medium-length hair, the temporal part is much shorter than the parietal area, bangs stacked clearly, gently, without aggression and pronounced tail.
  • drawings characteristic of youth style.

Men's haircut British

How is male hairstyle with shaved sides

Depending on the length of the bangs can be laid in different ways: to put up, to the side, to keep eyes. Is fashion your bangs with gel or wax, use a texturizing powder, paste. Achieve smoothness with a comb and wax or volume using mousse and a Hairdryer. To fix the result will help a strong nail fixation.

The price of men’s haircuts with shaved temples

The cost of services varies greatly. Men’s haircuts with shaved temples will cost from 500 to 5000 depending on the salon level, the degree of complexity of the work. Affected by the presence of the model in the catalog of a famous brand, a popular magazine. The average price is reasonable, haircuts are cheap, start from 500 rubles for services such as hairdressing, from 1000 rubles for the services of Barber shops or beauty salons. Creative fashion solutions will be more expensive – the price starts from 1500 rubles, comes to 4000.

Photo: men’s haircuts with shaved temples

Fashionable styling with shaved temples to men now available to everyone. You should choose to vary their style, to emphasize the originality and individuality. The TV and movie stars now honor hair of different lengths, because this type of hairstyle helps quickly change the image using only the packing materials. Should be inspired by their examples to change your hairstyle more stylish and modern.

Men haircuts with shaved temples

Video: whiskey shaved men’s hairstyle

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