A homemade mask of cellulite

anti-cellulite maskMost of the girls with regret perceive the appearance on the thighs and buttocks of cellulite. Orange peel is not always a lot of overweight women, this problem is often associated with the accumulation in the body of toxins, toxins, improper metabolism. In addition, it is proved that women accumulate fat in some places, to fulfil the reproductive purpose in the future.

But it is impossible to treat this problem as inevitable, because the formation of cellulite is divided into four stages, and thus the bumps on the skin will manifest themselves over time on the skin more obvious and clearer.

To fight cellulite, you’ll need to put a lot of effort and try more than one way and Wellness event.

We offer to your attention one of the most effective methods of dealing with this problem mask against cellulite at home. With the help of home natural remedies to improve skin elasticity, leveling bumps and irregularities, improve blood circulation in the problem area and getting rid of excess accumulated fluid.

So, study and practice the most popular and effective anti-cellulite mask.

Effective masks at home

To fight cellulite by yourself is possible and even necessary, it does not always need a lot of money or effort. Especially important regularity of procedures. And even when you notice results, you should prevent the appearance of cellulite, because to get rid of it is much more difficult than prevent.

The mechanism of action of anti-cellulite mask at home is usually associated with heat or massage. It is important to strengthen the blood flow to the problematic zones and withdraw the excess moisture along with toxins and wastes.

The mask of cellulite with mustard

The first step is cleaning the skin with scrub. For the house the best and cheapest way is coffee grounds. View the «Recipes of homemade body scrubs». The second step is to prepare the mask according to the recipe given below and apply on the skin. The third step is to wrap tight enough, but comfortable problem areas (often the thigh or buttocks) with cling film. Tolerated for 30-60 minutes, wash off under the shower and applied to the skin anti-cellulite or moisturizer.

The simplest mustard mask cellulite includes table 2-3.teaspoons dry mustard and the same of warm water. The mixture should be easily mixed to a homogeneous condition. Recipe mask can be changed based on their preferences and possibilities. For example, you can use the following supplements:

  • Essential oil of orange or other citrus fruits;
  • Honey (the mask of cellulite with honey and mustard is more gentle, the skin is not so much «burning»);
  • Olive or any other base oil (apricot, peach, grape seed, coconut);
  • Vinegar;
  • Sea salt;
  • Etc.

Anti-cellulite mask with mustard is a very harsh home procedure. In this connection, allocate contraindications: Allergy to mustard, tendency to varicose veins, cardiovascular diseases, tuberculosis, skin lesions (abrasions, cuts). Before first use, apply the mask on a small patch of skin and observe the reaction for 20 minutes and assess if there are any stains or other unpredictable results.

Masks should do the course: 10 sessions, 3 per week. To enhance the burning and the effect of the destruction of the hated orange peel, run in parallel with the mask complex anti-cellulite exercises.

Also see how to make wraps with mustard for weight loss the link /gorchichnoe-obertyivanie-dlya-pohudeniya/

The mask of honey for cellulite

mask celluliteHoney is widely used by the girls to clean the skin from toxins. Especially often it is used in the bath. But the room is not always at hand, so you can create an imitation by wrapping the body with plastic wrap or regular packets to obtain the steam effect.

Before applying a mask of cellulite with honey is also important to conduct an Allergy test, because the ratio of honey is quite common. Recipes of masks is also limited only by your imagination, we will cite only a few of them:

  • Pure honey. Apply to the skin liquid honey. If you have sugar, it does not matter heat it on a steam bath, but don’t overheat so as not to deprive the honey of all medicinal properties.
  • Honey + pepper. Like mustard, this composition has on the skin burning, but it is also effective.
  • Honey + grape juice + your cream. The mask is applied for 20 minutes, then rinse as usual.
  • The yolk of the egg, yoghurt, milk, butter, yeast, olive oil, clay, strawberry, etc. – all this can be safely used in a homemade mask.

The result of the mask with honey you will be pleased, because the skin becomes more soft and silky. You can also try to make a honey body wrap.

Mask with ginger

Ginger also adds a burning effect on the skin and, therefore, would be excellent for cellulite. You can use it to massage: wet the gauze in the oil (e.g., olive), put in a cloth a few slices of ginger and massaging it especially problem areas. Very soon, you will feel a burning sensation on the skin.

Ginger against cellulite can be added to the mask. Crushed ginger mix with clay or honey, apply on skin after pre-peeling and wrap with plastic for 20-30 minutes. As a result, the skin becomes fresh, supple and toned.

In addition, there are many recipes for cooking ginger for weight loss. Read more at the link /imbir-dlya-pohudeniya-retseptyi/

Sea salt against cellulite

In the fight for smooth skin on the buttocks and thighs, your ally can become sea salt. You may have often heard about the beneficial qualities of this product, it’s no wonder salt minerals are part of many cosmetic caregivers. Salt will help to clear the tissue from excess fluid, to remove toxins and strengthen the skin regeneration.

Honey and salt against cellulite are good allies. One of the most effective tools in the fight against irregularities is a honey-salt scrub. To prepare it, take 100 grams of liquid honey and the same amount of sea salt, carefully mix these two components and is safe to apply on the trouble spots, careful massage movements.

Also sea salt masks can be combined with ground coffee, citric (grapefruit) zest, olive or any other vegetable oil.

Mask cellulite from clay

Clay for centuries valued for their medicinal properties. Today with its help, women struggle with many cosmetic flaws on the skin.

For cellulite treatment, beauticians particularly recommend the use of blue clay. It can be used like masks and body wraps, and exfoliation, and make on the basis of its therapeutic baths. Read more about the use of blue clay here.

Simple and very effective anti-cellulite clay mask. Dissolve the clay in a little water and apply the resulting pulp to the area with orange peel. Wait for complete drying of clay on the skin, then the crust rinse under a warm shower. To enhance the effect, you can add in diluted clay with a few drops of essential oil, such as grapefruit, orange, lemon or rosemary.

Enough to convince yourself that you look beautiful can only be regularly visiting the beauty salons. Home treatments can cope not worse than professional, if not conducted regularly and according to the rules. And the fact that you do not have enough of anything-time, is an excuse, because you can make a mask from cellulite overnight.

And what masks and anti-cellulite do you use? Leave in the comments!

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