Effective recipes hair masks from clay

photo mask for hair with white clayClay mask for hair is deservedly one of the most ancient tools for grooming. Cleopatra herself used the unique properties of blue clay, thanks to the beauty of her hair fascinated everyone around you. The merits of natural product many. First of all, the tool is quite affordable and it is sold in almost every pharmacy. During this period, sold the already finished masks and means of clay, and there are also dry mixes, the mask from which you want to cook at home. We recommend to use the last viable option, because at home you can easily make exactly what need.

Species of several varieties of clay: blue, pink, white, green, black and others. Each of them is unique in its composition and its actions.

Masks of white clay for hair

mackays gline for hair photos
Many people recommended a hair mask made of white clay. Natural component of excellent care for weak or dull hair. The uniqueness of white clay lies in its composition, ie it is virtually all important vitamin and minerals. When applying the mask is a tremendous conditioning effect, after which the hair elasticity, lightness and healthy look. Once you have a mask of white clay for hair, effect and healing effect, if a person suffers from dandruff, then after a few uses of funds from the white clay, it will disappear.

Good qualities of a hair mask with clay and eggs. To prepare means mixed white clay with one chicken egg yolk, if your hair is oily, then added a few drops of lemon juice; if the hair is dry, then the softened butter. The mixture used according to the General rules.

Hair masks made of clay at home

  • Mask yellow clay for the hair. This tool is an essential component for total hair care. The rate of procedures performed with the use of the yellow clay will help to eliminate dandruff.
  • Mask of green clay for the hair. Green clay meets all the qualities of this drug. Composition of green clay removes from the surface of the hair and also scalp all the harmful substances, regular use of this tool will help eliminate excess fat, to return strength and Shine to hair, to cure the head from dandruff. When you use green clay for hair masks desirable to do only on the basis of the product itself and decoctions of herbs (chamomile, plantain, calendula, nettle).recipe of the mask with clay for oily hair photo
  • Mask of clay for hair. Red clay is a wonderful healing remedy for various irritations of the scalp. Unique antibacterial formula helps to quickly eliminate inflammation. Recommended mask based on red clay to those who frequently colors the hair, or exposes them to chemical perms.
  • Mask of pink clay for hair. This type of clay is a mixture of red and white. The product is suitable for owners of dry, lifeless and brittle hair. Through the course of treatment using pink clay can be cured by the strong sensitivity of the scalp. When used the pink clay mask is definitely water must contain herbs. Thus, the potency of the remedy increases.
  • The mask of black clay for the hair. Black clay is a great product to combat dryness of the scalp and is suitable for treating split ends on the hair. In that case, when you use black clay, hair mask may contain a sour cream of average density instead of water.
  • Mask of blue clay. Often used blue clay for hair. Masks based on it have anti-inflammatory, soothing, antibacterial, regenerating and nourishing properties. The simplest, but no less quality and effective mask contains the core product plus any essential oil (if skin is dry) or plain water (if the scalp is oily). The mask helps hair regain Shine, silkiness, will fill hair density and accelerate their growth.

For oily hair

  1. Green, yellow or blue clay mixed with a decoction of chamomile, a teaspoon of honey and a few drops of juice from the lemon.
  2. Blue clay mixed with small amount of castor oil.

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For growth

  1. Blue clay mixed with a small amount of Apple cider vinegar and teas of nettle.
  2. Pink clay plus the milk is a unique formulation for hair growth.
  3. White clay and oil of burdock will help to accelerate the growth of hair and enhance thickness.

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Against hair loss

  1. Any of the varieties of clay mixed with a decoction of chamomile or nettle.
  2. Squeeze the juice from the onion and stir in the white, blue or pink clay.

Masks made of clay at home is an inexpensive tool for hair. Expensive beauty salons also use a mask of clay for hair. But that means brought the desired effect, you need to use it properly.

  • Common question many women shows, masks from clay for what kind of hair is to apply? The product is applied only on dry hair, therapeutic drug should be kept for about 20 minutes, when doing this, wrap your head with a towel, and upper tie a woolen scarf.
  • A clay mask for oily hair must contain a decoction of medicinal herbs, thus achieving the best effect.
  • All masks from clay for the face and hair are only used in the warm condition.
  • You cannot use a natural component, if the head surface is skin or a fungal disease.

Many suggest as a complex action in the period of applying the mask to use to massage his head. Thus, the blood circulation of the head increases, and the use of clay is maximized. Do You know the secrets of using clay masks? Share them with us.

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