Clay for face: benefits, types, recipes masks

Homemade recipes masks out of clay for the faceFacial masks made of clay called a great way to achieve outer beauty. This tool refers to the natural, that is why it was used by our grandmothers to achieve an attractive beauty. Currently, the tool is used in expensive beauty salons. But also effective, you can apply a mask based on clay and at home. It is important to consider the following point to get a stunning or a therapeutic result, it is necessary to use the drug only in accordance with the small rules and practical tips.

Clay contains in its composition the most unique substances if you use a tool regularly, it is possible to obtain a therapeutic effect, but even in the case where a clay mask is used a single time, it also brings only benefits. The main effect of natural remedies aimed at:

  • the drying effect. Clay removes excess oil on the skin, tones and refreshes it;
  • cleansing action. Thanks to the unique substances of bactericidal action of the clay helps the skin cells to get rid of the necrosis and sloughing. The use of masks based on clay rids the skin from various defects (pimples, wrinkles, acne, irritation).

About the beneficial properties and use of clay for hair, see the link /maski-iz-glinyi-dlya-Volos/

What properties have masks from clay of different colors

In nature, there are several basic forms of clay, they all are used in cosmetics and have individual properties. On the basis of any clay masks are made with a particular action.

  • Mask of blue clay. This type of clay is called a therapeutic. Facial mask of blue clay at home is recommended for people who have various skin imperfections (acne, irritation). Anti-inflammatory and disinfectant properties cope with any troubles. Blue clay is often used as anti-aging agents, it eliminates wrinkles and efficiently tightens the skin. Details about the usage of blue clay, read the article «the Use and application of blue clay for the face».
  • Masks of white clay. Most common usage of this tool is recommended for the owners of oily facial skin. Fine white clay tightens and cleanses the pores, removes oiliness of the face, removes pimples. The anti-inflammatory and regenerative abilities when you use white clay can eliminate the excessive sensitivity or skin irritation on the face. Regular use of these masks will help skin regain elasticity, corrects the oval of the face and gives freshness.
  • Mask of green clay for the face. The use of green clay is recommended for women with sensitive or dry skin. The tool perfectly softens the skin, restores moisture and fat metabolism, rejuvenates, strengthens and cleanses the skin.

    mask of green clay for face photo

  • Mask of pink clay for the face. Natural pink clay is a drug, which moisten and nourish the skin.
  • The mask of black clay. Even cosmetologists black clay called natural scrub. The mask of black clay for the face, help the skin to get rid of harmful chemicals, toxins and poisons.

Before you use any of the recipes on topics, how to make masks out of clay, it is necessary to determine the color of funds, which is suitable for Your type of skin. It is important to remember that the wrong use of the mask can only worsen the skin condition on the face.

Masks from clay for face at home

Clay is used to prevent different skin problems, it is important to use accurate and appropriate destination. We present a few recipes of cosmetic products that are unique in quality.

  1. Mask of clay from acne. In this case, you use white clay. The main component to be mixed with a decoction of herbs (chamomile, St. John’s wort, celandine). A few applications of the mask will soothe irritated skin, reduce inflammation, eliminate acne.
  2. A clay mask for oily skin. Black clay mixed with a few drops of lemon juice to the consistency of the mixture is brought water. Instead of water you can take a decoction of calendula. Rules applying masks made of clay on the skin
  3. Mask of clay for acne. Means with the specified action clay-based set. The product can be mixed with lemon juice, milk, decoction and use as directed.
  4. Medical masks. Mask of concoctions and clay is therapeutic. With this tool you can get rid of pigmentation, irritation and inflammation on the skin.

Mask of clay from cellulite apply on the face area. The tool is based on a natural product, the juice from the orange and a few drops of essential oil. Very popular anti-cellulite mask from blue clay. And for its preparation is mixed dry mixture of clay with a small amount of water or essential oils.

Masks of white clay for face

Beautiful in its mask of clay from acne. For the final preparation of the drug is hazelnut butter and a small amount of mineral water.

Mask face of white clay at home the most common. It is believed that this tool helps people to solve virtually any troubles and defects on the face.

White clay used to treat acne (if in the mixture add lemon juice) to eliminate greasy on the skin (when the mixture is mixed with mineral water), for youth (both in the clay interferes with sour cream and a little honey).

Masks from clay for facial acne

To eliminate pimples and other flaws on the skin using a blue, white or yellow clay. The best effect will have a mixture to which is added lemon juice. Effectively you can prepare protivopravnoy mask based on mineral water, decoction of celandine, succession.

mask of pink clay face photo

High demand mask with clay and fresh-water sponge. Both dry mixes are mixed for a start together, and then they added a decoction of chamomile.

How to make a mask out of clay? First of all, you need to find out, won’t this cause means the harm to the skin. Clay is a natural component, and therefore it can cause allergic reactions while using it. If a mixture of clay has an excessive drying effect to the skin, it is also not recommended, or the mixture must be diluted with vegetable oils.

It is strictly forbidden to use a clay mask on the area around the eyes. In addition, all prepared resources should be used only after a proper cleansing.

How often can I make a mask out of clay? Of course, after the first positive results, each of us wants to achieve more success, therefore the mask can be used often. But it is misleading. Clay face can be applied no more than once a week. Let us know what other features the application of clays for the face, You know?


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