Recipes masks for dry facial skin at home

mask for dry facial skinWomen with dry skin know how hard it is to take care of it. Thin, sensitive, flaky skin requires a very delicate relationship. Mask for dry face skin in home, the ideal care. They are completely natural, prepared by caring hands. What could be better than masks for dry facial skin, which is not only delicious and healthy ingredients, but also from the drops of love and good mood? And how nice of them to cook, taking the time only to itself, aloof from the outer bustle. For dry skin facial mask – an indispensable stage of skincare after cleansing. Remember that all masks are applied exclusively on clean skin. Clear it should be a delicate milk, cream or hydrophilic oil.


Moisturizing facial mask at home for dry skin – it is a fruit with high water content and fatty dairy products. Dry skin the moisture needed for elasticity and firmness. Without enough water, the skin wrinkles, dry, aging. Premature aging – the main problem of owners of this type of skin.

Face mask with banana for dry skin

Banana – a storehouse of nutrients. Face mask of banana for dry skin, moisturizing, and calming. That is why it is recommended for the most sensitive young ladies. For cooking it should be thoroughly mash one banana, add banana pulp egg yolk and 1 TSP (teaspoon) of vegetable oil. The mixture is applied for 20-25 minutes. This mask is sure to rinse with warm water (like most masks). Mask for dry facial skin of banana can be also made with 1 tbsp (tablespoon) yogurt, 2 TSP honey and one banana. But if after such a mask to treat yourself to a light dessert of this useful fruit – the skin will thank twice.

mask for dry facial skin at home

Face mask of oatmeal for dry skin

The benefits of oatmeal everyone knows. Use it as the main ingredient for the mask is not less useful than ingestion. The mask of oatmeal for dry facial skin: 2СЛ flakes pour 4 CL of warm milk and infuse for 10 minutes. The mask is liberally applied to the face and remove after 20 minutes.

Cottage cheese mask for dry skin

This mask moisturizes and whiten the skin. It is necessary to mix 1 TSP curd, carrot juice, milk or cream, olive oil. The mixture is applied 25 minutes after the removal, you can wipe the face with ice.

Moisturizing homemade mask for dry face skin can also be made with cucumber and cream, melon, mashed potatoes with milk, orange of three juice with honey, watermelon. Each of them is effective.


Deep nourishment for dry skin it is necessary not less than moisture. Nourishing mask for dry skin at home are prepared from fatty, rich nutrients products. Are these procedures usually at night. In the cold season nutrition shake is especially necessary for dry skin.

Face masks with olive butter for dry skin – this balm. They nourish, moisturize, retain moisture, reduce wrinkles. This oil is a huge amount of vitamin E (skin), And (elasticity), monounsaturated fats and other nutrients. Oil is almost never causes allergies, which is why it is indispensable for sensitive skin.

moisturizing facial mask

Simple and effective facial mask with olive oil for dry skin – this skin heated lubrication oil. After 30 minutes rinse with warm water or blot excess.

Mask for dry facial skin wrinkles with olive oil can be prepared with the addition of fruit or vegetable part of the flesh of melon, banana, persimmon, grated potatoes, zucchini, carrots, cucumber. Simply mix 1 tbsp of the pulp with 1 tbsp oil, apply the paste for 20 minutes.

Mask for dry face skin in home preparing fat cottage cheese, milk, sour cream, cream (all in equal proportions). The resulting mass is superimposed a thick layer and washed off after 20 minutes.

Mask for dry skin with egg yolk and honey

1 TSP melted honey egg yolk is added to enhance the nutritional value you can add 1 TSP of vegetable oil. After 15-20 minutes the mask is removed toner prepared by: water and milk.

Mask for dry face skin cream

For making masks need to choose the fatty and the fresh sour cream. Nutritional properties the product possesses in its pure form and diluted. The cream can be applied on the face after 20 minutes rinse. Or add mashed potatoes and milk (in equal parts), porridge with milk (1:1).

Nourishing mask for dry face skin, home-made, requires no additional application of the cream.


A firming mask is applied on the face and neck. After applying the mask the skin should be moistened with cream.

Face mask with egg white for dry skin

Mask from protein perfectly tighten, tone, increase skin elasticity. But the protein in pure form can cause skin dryness. That is why it is diluted with moisturizers. Mask from protein for the face (for dry skin) is made with addition of 1 tbsp orange juice and 1 TSP of glycerin. In protein you can add 1 TSP of olive oil. Protein and oil mask will tighten the skin and deeply moisturize it. These masks are aged no more than 20 minutes, rinse with warm water.

Another popular component of the lifting masks is clay. Mask for dry facial skin of clay can be quite traumatic. Blue, black, and green clay is for oily skin. Dry best fit red or pink.

Face mask (for dry skin) the pink clay will be saturated with minerals, relieve irritation, improve the oval of the face. The dry powder is diluted with warm water or milk 1:1. During the procedure, you cannot speak. Within 15 minutes the mask dries and tightens the skin, at this stage, it should be washed off with warm water, apply the cream. Add to clay mixture of oil of rose or sandalwood will help the skin to bloom in his eyes.

Masks for dry facial skin at home increase elasticity, improve facial contour, refreshing color. Perfect effect gives the mask of glycerin and honey 1 TSP glycerin, 1 TSP honey, 2 CL of warm water.

The elasticity of skin will give an infusion of chestnuts. The fruits of chestnut rubbed on a fine grater, 2 CL of this slurry is poured a glass of cold water, boil on low heat for 10 minutes, cool. Extract obtained in several stages moisturize the face after 30 minutes wash off. The procedure can be done in a day.


Whitening mask for dry skin at home are made with parsley, cucumber juice, lemon, cabbage. Each of them helps in the fight against freckles, under eye circles, age spots and an unhealthy complexion. Such mask is recommended to do before bedtime. Or, at least, not to appear immediately after them in the sun.

Whitening mask for dry facial skin in the home of parsley is prepared as follows: 25 g of parsley finely milled herbal weight is added to a glass of water, the mixture is heated on a water bath for 10-15 minutes. Gauze promazyvaetsya infusion and placed on the face. 20-25 minutes the mask is removed, the face is rinsed and lubricated with cream.

homemade masks for dry skin

Mask with aspirin have a miraculous effect. They are coping with acne, reduce inflammation and flaking, bleached. Face mask with aspirin for dry skin should be made with honey, oil and other nutrients. The recipe of one of the masks: aspirin, 2 tablets, warm honey – 1 tbsp jojoba oil — ½ TSP. Honey butter is heated in a water bath, the mixture is added to the crushed aspirin. Distribute the mask on the face, wash after 20 minutes.

Lemon juice is well known whitening substance. For dry skin it should be diluted with honey in the ratio 1:1.

To get involved in bleaching masks are not worth it. Their use should be based on the real needs.

Natural masks for dry skin have almost no contraindications. The sensitivity of the individual in the form of allergic reactions – the only drawback. Of course, you can buy a mask in a cosmetic store, but it is unlikely that the use of it can obscure the benefits of natural homemade masks.

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