Masks for damaged hair at home

172Weak and damaged hair is never pleased their owner. To improve their condition can not only medicines from the pharmacy, but also prepared independently. But before applying them you need to understand why unpresentable appearance of your hairline.

Usually the condition of the hair is influenced by a range of factors – from poor diet and adverse environment through improper handling of the hair (using a hair dryer, frequent hair coloring, hair tight ponytails or bunches).

In this article you will learn how to repair badly damaged hair by using simple recipes that you can make yourself from inexpensive available components. In addition, read about taking care of damaged hair.

Mask for dry and damaged hair

Homemade masks for dry and damaged hair will help to quickly and effectively improve the condition of scalp.

Recipe No. 1: Base – vegetable juice.

In a small container, mix in equal parts fresh juice of pumpkin and carrot, and egg yolk. The ingredients must be mixed to a uniform consistency and apply on the head. For best effect, can be worn on the head of an ordinary plastic shower cap and wrap with a towel. The mask must be held for about an hour. This tool will help to repair badly damaged and weakened hair and give them natural Shine.

Recipe No. 2: Mask to restore damaged hair based on egg yolks.

For cooking you will need two egg yolks, a small amount of liquid vitamin A and E, burdock oil with red pepper added. Derived ingredients are also mixed to obtain a homogeneous consistency, then apply to roots. After application the head should wear a shower cap. It is recommended to keep no more than an hour. Mask of egg yolk and burdock oil helps to strengthen hair follicles, improve appearance of hair.

Recipe No. 3: Based on natural honey.

Two or three teaspoons of fresh honey should be mixed with egg yolk to a smooth consistency. The mass obtained add a few drops of fresh lemon juice and a tablespoon of chilled olive oil. The resulting mask is applied to roots of hair. After half an hour wash your head with shampoo. This product has good moisturizing effect.

Tools and masks for dry and damaged hair

Recipe No. 4: the Mask for very damaged hair based on natural oils

The most effective way to restore curls after coloring is a mixture of natural oils and liquid vitamins. You can use any natural oil: burdock, olive, flax. In a small container to pour the selected oil, then mix with a small amount of liquid vitamin A and Is. Before applying the mask can be heated on a low flame. Oil mask should be kept no more than an hour, then rinse with shampoo.

Recipe No. 5: a Nourishing mask for damaged hair with the use of dairy products

To moisturize hair after coloring it is recommended to use homemade masks and balms made from milk products. For half an hour you can apply one of the following products: kefir, sour milk, kvass, and others. By completing this procedure, you must carefully wash off the mask. A month later, after weekly use, you can see the result – hair will become more healthy.

Recipes of masks with yogurt see the link /maski-iz-kefira-dlya-Volos/

In addition to nutrients, home-cooked, experts recommend to use professional tools on care of hair. Of the latter have proven to be an intensive mask and means for severely damaged hair Estelle.

Each woman chooses the most suitable method for hair care. When choosing a ready means you should pay attention to their composition, namely on the content of natural oils and vitamins.

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