Properties and the best recipes of masks with egg white for face

protein face maskChicken eggs is a unique gift of nature that people adapted not only for food but also for beauty maintenance. Eggs can be useful for hair and for face. And because it consists of two absolutely different parts: the albumen and yolk, applications, it becomes two times more. Today we will talk about the use of egg white for face and list the most effective masks with egg white.

What are the benefits of egg protein

Egg protein as a component of cosmetic masks to be an invaluable tool for ladies who suffer from excess fat on the skin. The owners of the combined type egg white will be useful for areas with excessive eurovidenie. So, we can identify the first point of application of a protein mask for the face.

  1. The drying effect.
  2. The struggle with black dots.

Egg white helps to narrow pores, which, extending, for example, from increased temperature, is accumulated inside dust, dirt and skin secret. The so formed black point. So those who want to declare war on the black dots, should take a closer look to egg protein.

  1. The control of inflammation.

Protein eggs gently and effectively reduces inflammation on the skin and treats the pimples.

  1. Whitening.

Egg protein especially in combination with other natural bleaching remedies can reduce the brightness of the freckles to make them less visible dark spots and hide other irregularities. Egg mask evens the complexion.

  1. The smoothing of wrinkles.

After the first application of egg white on the skin as a mask you will feel that much protein tightens the skin. The effect will be noticeable after the first application: skin is smoothed, becomes more tightened and elastic. Such masks are recommended for women who have already begun to disturb the emerging wrinkles.

When the useful properties of egg white are all okay, it’s time to learn the most interesting and effective facial treatments based on it.

Recipes masks out of egg whites

By the way, people with dry skin it is not advisable to conduct such procedures. Due to the rapid drying effect effect of egg white may lead to dire consequences. But you should be interested in the many recipes based on egg yolks.

If you have a dry type of skin, read about the departure here and the best recipes of masks, see the link /maski-dlya-suhoy-kozhi-hotel litsa-v-domashnih-usloviyah/

And for those beauties who went on the warpath with excessive lustre, we have collected the most interesting recipes of protein masks.

  1. Face mask from protein from wrinkles

It requires just two ingredients that will surely find in every kitchen: egg and honey.

Detachable egg whites from yolks, carefully pouring from the broken eggs the protein in a separate container. If desired, the protein can be beat with a fork or electric mixer, but you can leave and so. Add to the whites 1 tsp.not a spoonful of crystallized honey, stir to a smooth consistency and apply with fingers or cotton pad to the face with soft circular motions. After applying wait 10 minutes and wash under running water. Facial mask with protein and honey has a positive tightening effect is visible immediately.

  1. The mask of egg white from the black points

To resolve this issue, you can positively influence even a simple egg white without adding additional components.

Detachable components of the eggs from each other, a little whipped protein and apply it on the problem area with black dots. Wait until the mask is completely dry. At this time, try not to Express any facial emotions and not to move your face. Spotted after a time wash off the mask with cool water.

If you have problems with black dots and then, review the following materials:

Ways to narrow pores

Effective recipes of masks to narrow pores

The protein mask of blackheads can be dealt in another way. Except for this protein, we can make use of torn napkins, paper or even toilet paper.

Also apply on the problem area protein, but on top now cover it with a napkin the size of the skin. On a napkin impose another layer of egg white and wait until dry throughout «design». If the problem area is the forehead, should avoid the areas near the eyebrows, not to pull them when we remove the mask.

After about 20 minutes remove the mask as the film. If you do a lot of pain, on top sprinkle the cloth with water and continue quietly to remove it.

  1. Whitening protein face mask at home

Protein itself has bleaching properties, and if you add other natural ingredients with even more lightening effect, you can achieve remarkable results. Very effective in this regard, parsley, lemon, dill, and sorrel.

Herbs should be crushed, add the protein and the resulting slurry apply on face for 10 minutes, especially focusing on problem areas.

Mask of protein and lemon can be applied for 10 minutes and can not only whiten the skin, but also to deal with excessive oiliness and enlarged pores.

About other effective ways to whiten the face, please click here.

  1. Vitamin boost for the face.

If you add to egg protein, various fruits and berries, not only can dry the skin, but also saturate it with useful vitamins and healthy glow. Sour berries and fruits, is also suitable for whitening. Among them, sour apples, grapefruits, lemons, cranberries and others. Generally you can improvise and add to egg protein all that much in the kitchen.

  1. Mask of protein and starch.

Very good for aging skin mask, comprising in addition to egg protein, about 15 grams of starch. You can also add the composition of essential oil and mix until smooth. This protein mask for the face from wrinkles rather do twice a week.

The use of egg whites in cosmetics is not in any doubt. This natural product is able to comprehensively to several skin problems. But the main bait of face masks of egg whites is their availability and ease of use. Even the busy lady can devote twice a week to care for your face for 10 minutes. But the effect of such rapid treatments will surprise not only you but others as well.

Share in the comments and recipes of masks for face protein that you use.

And remember that you are beautiful at any age!

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