Mask of gelatin and coal

The problem of enlarged pores is familiar to most women, regardless of age and procedures of skin care. External factors lead to clogged pores, which requires timely treatment, otherwise there are eels. To solve this problem there are many cosmetic products and traditional recipes – for example, a gelatin mask. Does it work?

How does the mask of activated carbon and gelatin

Gelatin mask with charcoal on the face of the girl

Judging by the number of women’s feedback, this is the most popular way of cleansing clogged pores, suitable for all. With it pulled dirt from the pores of the nose, chin and more delicate areas of the face. Besides cleansing, the nutrition, hydration, prevention of acne and inflammation, lighten pigmentation, improve the appearance. Why and how to act the mask of blackheads with gelatin and coal? All is explained by the chemical properties of its composition:

  • Activated carbon is a sorbent which collects any dirt. By breaking down these molecules, it absorbs it into himself, closes it, prints: so is the removal of the tube.
  • Milk, which ensures the mask is the right consistency, softens the aggressiveness of coal, reduces inflammation.
  • Gelatin pulls the remnants of what was hidden behind the tube, nourishes the skin, regulates cellular metabolism, the level of collagen, which is responsible for the adhesion of the working masses.
  • Clay, a member of a number of recipes, plays the role of product-antiseptic, normalizes the functioning of sebaceous glands, which are also implicated in acne.

Who should not use a mask with activated charcoal

The recipe is completely safe, suitable for almost everyone, but it is possible individual reaction of the skin to the components. Doctors advise to conduct a traditional test for allergies: after cooking and cooling to put a spoonful of the mixture on the wrist. If within 4-6 hours will not appear redness, itching, hives or other negative skin reactions, can cause coal mass of the person. Note that the mask of gelatin and charcoal is contraindicated in rosacea, is not applied on inflamed acne, can cause peeling during dehydration.

How to get rid of blackheads with mask

The girl in the mask from coal and gelatin

Contraindications the recipe almost has, however, certain precautions should be observed. For example, to monitor the freshness of the ingredients, especially the coal tablets, milk does not keep long. Mask from black dots has some nuances in its use:

  • it is not necessary to apply the composition to the entire face only on areas that need cleaning;
  • the heated mixture is sure give time to cool down;
  • the skin before the procedure to steam the pores open, the dirt to pull out will be easier;
  • face mask of gelatin is applied over the chin and up along the massage lines, removed as well;
  • before applying the mixture relax your face, especially if treated with not only the nose;
  • the film will be easier to clean if you put a thick layer of the composition;
  • do not apply the eyes, so as not to provoke the peeling of this region.

The mask of coal and gelatin

Classic influences is obtained medium liquid, so the distribution on the face it is recommended to take dense brush with synthetic bristles. A budget option is easy to find in the store for artists. There are 2 simple recipe:

  • The basic version of the mask of gelatin and coal helps the skin to fight clogged pores: 3 tablespoons milk – 6 tablespoons gelatin powder, 2 crushed tablets of coal. Mix, to warm, to give the gelatin to swell. Cool, apply on face. Keep it to cool down.
  • Version mask for those with oily skin – on the water. Pour 2 tablespoons of gelatine with cold water (1 tablespoon), wait a quarter of an hour. Add a tablet of crushed coal to make a slurry, heat it in the microwave.

The necessary ingredients

Gelatin mask for the face with charcoal and clay

This method of purification focuses on girls with oily skin, frequent rashes, constantly lag time. Such a thick mask of blackheads with activated carbon will help to preserve the good appearance of the skin, if applied regularly, twice a week. Choose clay depending on type of your skin: black for severe problems, pink for sensitive, green and blue for normal.

  1. Coal crush tablet, mix with a spoon of clay and gelatin.
  2. Pour water and add it almost drop by drop – it is important to monitor the consistency of the mask: it should resemble the dough for pancakes.
  3. Infuse the mixture is applied to washed face.
  4. After half an hour remove the mask with a cotton disk.
  5. Close the pores with a piece of ice of herbal decoction.

Video: purifying mask against blackheads


Yana, 21 years: This is amazing! Such a simple recipe and such a crazy effect – next to him was not useless cosmetics. Gelatinous mask against blackheads has become my salvation: do this every week, pre-steam the face. Had no idea that a cheap product is able to pull so much dirt from the pores.

Olesya, 26 years:regularly visit a beautician for cleaning, and in between trying to maintain the condition of the skin alone. Homemade recipes don’t like, but the mask with the charcoal and the gelatin works well. The main condition – to begin to do so immediately after cleansing, 3-4 days. And do regularly, yet the pores are not clogged too much.

Karina, 20 years:Mask of gelatin and coal saving my money that I used to spend on frequent trips to the beautician. To maintain beautiful looking skin easier, pimples bother you less. Use the basic recipe (milk+coal+gelatin), but is applied in several layers, hold half an hour. While smear nose, chin has already seized, you can apply a mask there.

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