The best recipes of masks for hair with brandy

Brandy recipes of masks for hairCognac is often emblazoned on our holiday tables. Despite the fact that this noble drink more like men, restless women found a use for him. Who would have thought that brandy hair great find. It is often used as the main component in the composition of different hair masks. Moreover, masks can be for various purposes. What gives cognac for hair and for what purposes it can be useful?

Use and properties

Cognac has a number of useful properties for hair:

  1. Promotes hair growth. Cognac improves blood flow to the scalp due to its features to enhance the circulation of blood circulation. Thus, the hair follicles become more active and faster growth of hair. Similar action is pepper tincture.
  2. Removes the oiliness of the hair at the roots. Through the alcohol content in cognac, the scalp is dried slightly to remove excess fat.
  3. Gives hair a healthy Shine and silkiness. Removes residues of cosmetics and lime, which remains on the hair from water.
  4. Restores the structure of damaged hair. What else helps to restore damaged hair, read on here /kak-vosstanovit-povrezhdennyie-volosyi/
  5. Increases the effect from other components of a mask. The brandy alcohol causes the blood vessels of the scalp expand hair roots and gain more oxygen and absorb more nutrients.

Recipes masks for hair with brandy and honey

Very often in the recipes of masks we can meet two ingredients — honey and cognac. They complement each other. Particularly useful are such masks during the long and harsh winter. Honey has healing properties moisturizes and nourishes dry hair. Brandy prevents separation, prevents hair loss. Well suited for weak, damaged, color-treated hair. We present to your attention a mask for hair with brandy egg and honey.

Hair mask with honey, egg and brandy

This mask is the most popular among women all over the world. It is easy to prepare, and once applied, immediately see the result.

So for cooking we will need a ceramic or glass bowl. Depending on the length of the hair put 1, 2 or 3 egg yolks. How many egg yolks the same number of tablespoons of brandy to add to the mask. Then pour the liquid honey about 1 tbsp. Carefully mix the ingredients to make a creamy mass. To strike at the roots with light massage movements, then spread the mask over the entire length. To wear a special hat or cover with plastic wrap. Tie towel. You can continue to go about their business until the mask will do the trick.

For oily hair type you can leave it for an hour and a half. To dry for half an hour and 40 minutes.

The mask rinse well with warm water. Despite the fact that there is honey, the brandy break down the sticky properties of the mask and rinse well. Hair mask from cognac egg yolk and honey can be transformed into vitamin a mask if you add ampoules with vitamins E and A, they can be purchased in every pharmacy.

Mask for hair with brandy and honey for hair loss

With regular use this mask will help prevent premature hair loss and also make them more thick and luxurious and accelerate growth.

To do this, take 1/2 Cup of warm milk and add a few tablespoons of dry yeast. Then add 1 tablespoon of honey. Leave to infuse for 20-30 minutes, then podravje 1-2 tablespoon of brandy. Ready mixture is applied mainly to the roots, rubbing in with fingertips. The remaining mixture to distribute on all length. Wear a cap, insulate with a towel. After half an hour, rinse with warm water. To eliminate the smell of yeast and alcohol shampoo and use conditioner. In the absence of milk or yeast, you can replace the ingredients with half Cup of yogurt.

Mask for hair with brandy, honey, salt

Another way we can say that this hair mask with brandy from falling out. It is made for long term use. After regular use, the result will surprise you. The hair become more voluminous, thick, manageable and shiny.

You will need 1 Cup 200 g of kitchen salt or sea salt, 1 Cup brandy and 1 Cup of liquid honey. All the ingredients are thoroughly mixed, bring to a uniform consistency. This mixture must be poured into a bottle or jar with a lid and leave to infuse for a few weeks, occasionally shaking the contents. The passage of time, the mask is ready to use. It should be applied on the entire length of hair, focusing on roots. After applying let stand 30 minutes, wrapped in foil and a towel. Wash hair with warm water. For best effect, apply face mask at least 2-x times a week.

If it so happened that the med you are allergic except honey and brandy masks are the options of recipes, where the mask for hair with brandy at home will be no less efficient and effective. Consider the examples of such masks.

Mask for hair with brandy, coffee and egg

This mask perfectly enriches hair with nutrients and stimulates the growth of new hair, so like cognac and coffee improve the blood circulation of the scalp. Should be warned that after using this mask, the hair can purchase a light coffee shade. So if you are the owner of bright curls, most likely it will not work. But darker shades of hair mask for hair with brandy and coffee will be just a gift. After all, they will become more beautiful, bright and shiny.

Join in a capacious dish, the following ingredients: 2 chicken egg yolk, 2 tablespoons ground coffee and 2 tbsp brandy. The mask should be applied evenly on all hair (remember, she has a coloring effect). Wrap with foil and towel. Depending on the effect you want to achieve will keep the mask from 30 minutes to 1.5 hours and rinse Thoroughly. If you love easy coffee flavor to use the shampoo is not required.

Hair mask egg, brandy, olive oil

In addition to the essential properties of cognac, this mask there is olive oil, which has been famous for its healing and nourishing properties.

On a steam bath to heat 2 or 3 tablespoons of olive oil and add the same quantity of brandy. Warm mixture apply on the roots of the head, distributing the entire length. Insulate your head and wait 30-40 minutes. Wash the hair with shampoo. Mask will soften the scalp and nourishes follicles. Perfect dry and brittle hair.

Mask for hair with brandy and castor oil

Another nourishing mask based on castor oil. Suitable for the treatment or prophylaxis of dandruff, prevents itching and protects against various infections. Combined with the cognac perfectly strengthens hair, providing additional immunity. Oil mixed with brandy in equal proportions, at the 1st. spoon. RUB the mixture exclusively on the roots, since castor oil has a fairly thick consistency, and rinse, especially with long hair can be problematic. Allow to absorb into the scalp for about 30 minutes, after which wash your hair with shampoo.

Mask for hair with brandy miracle discovery for all hair types. Enjoy the benefits after regular use brandy masks. The hair will grow faster, become thicker, sturdy, will acquire a healthy Shine and smoothness. Indulge yourself and your hair!

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