Recipes masks for dry and damaged hair and ends

mask against split ends at homeAny hair, regardless of length and thickness may face with such problem as split ends. And this question worries every girl, no one wants to walk around with dry, dull, broken ends. Many decide just to trim the hair. But this is not an option, because there is a risk that the hair will again start to split.

Therefore, it is necessary to look at the problem deeper, to analyze the reasons why the hair cut and try to eliminate them. After all, this is not necessarily in a panic to run from salon to salon, everything can be solved at home. There are the mask against split ends at home, which are created by folk medicine and recommended modern professional experts. Moreover, large financial costs you are not required, just need patience, and a wild desire to get rid of the flakes on the ends.

Causes of split ends

The main root of the problem, according to many experts is the negative impact of external factors:

  • constant use of hair dryers, irons, plates, etc.;
  • the use of various cosmetic products: mousses, varnishes, gels;
  • coloring, highlights, chemical. Perm.

In addition to daily transformation and styling techniques on the hair structure , influenced by other, independent from female factors:

  • the influence of the sun, wind, cold and other weather conditions affect the condition of the hair;
  • bad ecology;
  • a climate with dry air.

If the above reasons do not apply to you, maybe you have any violations in the body:

  • a weak immune system and frequent colds;
  • vitamin deficiency and lack of minerals;
  • the lack of water in the body;
  • chronic disease;
  • malnutrition;
  • stress and nervous breakdowns.

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How to care for brittle, split hair?

Before you start recovery, you need to know and follow the rules of care, to prevent a new bundle of hairs.

First and foremost, in the shortest time can Assosiate hair is hot drying and styling. If possible, allow the hair to dry by natural means, and for laying use of non-thermal treatments (eg. curlers, braids). If it is absolutely necessary, use the most sparing modes, and use protective equipment.

The second mistake made by women is improper brushing. Combing wet hair, use of hard brushes, water-head haircuts, and other mechanical damage to the very tearing hair.

The next thing to do is not to forget to regularly trim the hair. This should be done at least every couple of months. Removing several inches of length, you get rid of old, dry ends. Now in hairdressing have a great service — hot scissors haircut in which the hair are sealed and become more resilient.

It is not recommended to wash your hair frequently. Don’t deprive the hair of natural protection and lipid film. Read how to wash hair the link /chem-myit-volosyi-kak-pravilno-myit-volosyi/

Let your hair rest from coloring, aggressive styling, tight elastic bands, fleece. Go for a walk with her hair saturated with oxygen.

Indulge hair with constant moisturizing and nourishing. Ideal — Maxi hair from breakage and cross section.

The best folk remedy for split ends

Today, the store has a huge variety of care products for any hair. Commercials TV promises a magical effect after a few applications. But, in addition to useful components of the purchased assets, as a rule, there are the preservatives, flavorings and other chemical additives that can affect the curls. Such masks have a place on the bathroom counter from any beauty because hair after washing should always be mitigated. But, for permanent use it is better to create skin care products yourself. Besides, there are many of my grandmother’s remedies that are time-tested and more than one generation.

The split ends of hair. How to get rid of?
Always popular from year to year, mask for split ends and repair damaged hair stays oil. The finished version can be purchased in any pharmacy, you can prepare the infusion at home. You will need fresh roots of burdock, which should be carefully chop, mash and pour the vegetable oil of choice (olive, castor, almond or simply sunflower). To insist you need at least a day, then further boiled on a steam bath for about half an hour. Procedure cooled and the composition is ready to use. Apply to the skin and dried tips. Wrap head and leave for an hour. This tool perfectly nourishes, moisturizes the hair and with time delamination of the ends is markedly reduced.

Colorless henna is another great option masks for split ends of hair, because it is designed specifically to restore the structure of hair. Sale powder you need to mix until mushy state and give a little stand. Many women add the contents of a few drops of essential or normal teaspoon of your favorite oil to enhance the effect. Apply the henna evenly on your scalp and ends, it better be hands in gloves. Cover the head for a while. When you wash off the mask, see that no lumps of henna, shampoo if they are not washed away, you can gently comb with the comb with large teeth. Most importantly do it slowly, so as not to break off hair.

There is a honey-onion mask against split ends of hair, which will soon help to strengthen follicles and the hair roots and restore hair structure. Grate the onion and put 4 scoops in a bowl, add a spoon of liquid honey and a small spoonful of warm oil (corn, burdock, olive, or other) Mix. Apply to the ends for an hour. If you are not afraid of onion smell, put on the roots, especially if you suffer with dandruff. Sing your hair with shampoo as usual.

Badly cut hair, what to do? Try a gelatin mask, it can replace the popular cabin the lamination process. The principle of its preparation is as follows: ordinary food gelatin powder diluted with cold water (1 tablespoon gelatin — 4 tablespoons water), mix thoroughly and wait until the grain swells. Place the mixture over heat until jelly-like mass does not turn into watery. After cooling, add a balm or a mask of any brand, which is used for density. The mask is applied to clean, damp hair ( not wet). On the scalp, the composition is not applied only on the hair itself. Wrap your head with cellophane and towel and warm it, for example blow dryer for about 15 minutes. Mask is washed off with water without shampoo. This mask against split ends easily prepared at home, and noticeable effect you will see after the first application.

Smoothing effect have the fruit of the peach. So practiced peach mask for hair from split ends. Chop or grate the peach on a fine grater, and the pulp, apply and distribute on the hair. Leave let you to get enough hair for about an hour. Wash the head.

Mask for split ends and brittle hair may include various components, usually very nutritious. It protects the hair from split ends use most often. Also often found among the ingredients sour cream, buttermilk, or sour milk, honey, egg yolk, chicken and more.

How to treat hair from section, choose it’s only you, based on your own habits and desires. Most importantly, do not run the bundle of hair to a sorry state, and use masks for split ends of hair, even for prevention.

Love your curls, be luxurious and unmatched!

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