Homemade mask for eyelids and skin around the eyes

mask for eyelidsThere is no doubt that any woman regardless of what age want to look young and attractive. But it happens that the condition of the skin on the face betrays the true age or indicate negligence. In particular, all these signs are state of the eyelids. To improve the condition age can use the services of beauty salons, but no less effective use of funds, prepared at home. Eye mask at home — all available, effective and safe remedy.

Recipes masks to age at home

To supply and purchase the beautiful appearance is widely used mask from a potato for a century. The potato is truly unique abilities in relation to the restoration and regeneration of the skin. Therefore, the mask of the useful vegetable can be done at least 7 times a week. To obtain healing potions you mix the potato juice and the juice from sauerkraut in equal proportions, for viscosity is added either white clay or wheat flour.

how to prepare a mask for eyelids at homeHas similar properties mask with avocado. The value of this exotic fruit in its composition. To eyelids softened flesh of the avocado has moisturizing, emollient and nourishing action. You can use this fruit by yourself, and you can mix it with a small amount of sour cream.

The public mask from swelling consists of strong tea infuser. Brewed strong tea, dipped in the resulting solution fleece and is superimposed on the swollen eyelids. As a rule, it is sufficient to keep the vehicle about 10 minutes on closed eyes to be swollen instantly disappeared.

The magical properties of the mask for eyelids from swelling, which contains in its composition the grated pulp of cucumber and a small amount of honey. The only limitation on the use of the tool is individual intolerance to the product of beekeeping.

Good mask » from dark circles on the basis of chopped parsley. For best application and obtaining the maximum of useful properties, fresh herbs mixed with sour cream.

What else helps to get rid of dark circles and bruising under the eyes, click here.

It often happens that the upper eyelids are heavy and tired markedly. In this case, the mask is indispensable for the upper eyelids. There are many recipes for this part of the face. You can use a mixture of aloe juice and honey, cucumber juice and olive oil, milk and honey.

Mask for eyelids against wrinkles

Regardless of age, women may need the mask for eyelids against wrinkles. Wrinkles don’t always appear with age-related changes of the skin, the reason for their appearance may be due to the cheerful nature of the owners of wrinkles. On any of the above cases, you can successfully use any of the following masks for eyelids against wrinkles.

firming eye mask wrinkles

  • Make 2 small cut of cheesecloth, pour into them a large amount of fennel seeds, tie a weak knot and lower the gauze bags with all its contents into the boiling milk. Hold for a few minutes, then get put on a saucer and allow to cool. Prepared the bags with a magic potion to put on closed eyelids.
  • Mask for eyelids from wrinkles, typically, based on decoctions of herbs. Very effective properties of cornflower. Based on it to prepare the broth, then wetted cotton pads and applied to closed eyes.
  • Anti-aging mask for age in the home can be prepared from the available products. Very good for this purpose potato juice, white clay, egg white, honey oatmeal, any mashed berries.

Against sagging skin

mask for eyelids against sagging

Almost all firming mask for eyelids at home prepare a mixture of any active product, and olive oil.

  • Firming eye Mask. Composition: potato juice and few drops of olive oil; egg yolk and olive oil.
  • Mask firming can consist of one component: oil. In this case, it may be appropriate not only olive, but sesame oil.

Mask for eyelids pull-up should be applied on the surface of the eyelids careful and gentle movements of the fingers without stretching the skin.


People say that the use of placental masks for the face — is the return of youthful skin. The main component of these means the placenta of animal origin, as additional means used collagen and other anti-aging emollients. The effectiveness of these products based on the same composition of the placenta and human skin cells.

Natural and high quality placental mask for face and eyelids can be purchased in a drugstore or in specialized beauty salons. The tool is not cheap, but the quality and the result of the use of these drugs will exceed all expectations.

These cosmetic products never cause allergic reactions and do not lead to changes in appearance of the body. But if you have an Allergy to the skin in the eye area, in this article you will learn about methods of treatment.

You are welcome to share their recipes of masks for face.

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