Effective homemade masks for thick hair

how to increase thickness of hair on the headThe final, and perhaps the key moment in creating the image are beautiful and strong hair. So thinned that lacks volume curls are not encouraging any woman. Commercials on television praising and convince to buy miracle remedy for thick hair with instant and long-lasting effect. But often the result does not meet expectations, generating only temporary basal amount. The quantity and quality of the hair depends largely on genetic predisposition, but to make hair stronger and more luxuriant. How to restore hair density?Ideally suited for this purpose folk remedies for hair thickness, made by hand.

Use homemade masks and how to use them

People’s hair masks, in the opinion of many women, is more efficient and effective than store-bought cosmetics. A homemade mask is more useful because they include only natural and high quality ingredients. In addition, you can choose those components that best moisturize, nourish and make hair thicker and stronger. The correct prescription will help you to achieve the desired result and bring back the natural volume of the curls.

How to use homemade masks for hair density:

  • before applying on the head, test the mask on for an allergic reaction;
  • use natural, fresh ingredients;
  • each time it is better to prepare a fresh composition;
  • the mask should not be very cold and very hot;
  • use a mask to increase the density of hair regularly a few times a week, the rate of recovery should be at least 1 month, then you need to take a break and give the hair a rest.0

The best traditional recipes for thick hair

To make thin hair thicker, you first need to increase the growth and volume of hair by awakening dormant, inactive hair follicles. Mask for the growth and thickness of hair, often use components that stimulate blood circulation to the scalp. These include a warming that are baked, slightly irritating products, for example, mustard powder, pepper extract, onion, salt, honey, alcohol and some components of essential oils. Examples of such masks.

  1. Pepper + yolk for growth. For cooking you need egg yolks ( number will depend on the length and thickness of hair, approximately 2 units) and one of the tables. spoon the crushed up powder red hot pepper or prepared for this tincture. The components are thoroughly mixed, gently massage into scalp. Leave the mask for 40 minutes, then rinse thoroughly and use a balm. More recipes of masks from egg yolk here.
  2. Mustard is a growth stimulant. Is the mask of one tablespoon of dry mustard powder, egg yolk, teaspoon of sugar and a spoon of yogurt or sour cream (for smooth consistency). The mask is applied solely to the roots of the hair, and the tips can brush with olive or burdock oil. Wrap head and leave on for quarter of an hour. You may feel a slight tingling and burning sensation. If the feelings are strong and intolerant, just wash off of the.
  3. Cognac for density. Alcohol component of the mask activates the blood flow, thus strengthening the roots and stimulating new hair growth. Prepare 100 grams (about half a Cup) of buttermilk slightly warmed, and add to it a spoonful of honey and cognac. Apply the paste on the roots, massage your scalp a couple of minutes, distribute any excess to the whole length of the hair. More recipes brandy masks, see the link /maska-dlya-Volos-s-konyakom/

That hair became more necessary to prevent them from falling out. For recovery, nutrition and the prevention of excessive loss, use the oil for hair density, for example burdock, castor, olive. Burdock listed the most popular. It can be used in pure form, causing the roots and ends, also some added to your usual shampoo or combine with other components: honey, egg yolks. Castor oil is too thick for one-component mask, it can be diluted with a decoction of calendula, lemon or onion juice or other vegetable oils. Olive oil fit for owners of dry hair. Use mask once a week, this will be enough to restore Shine and strength.

In addition to hydration and nutrition, the right vitamins for hair thickness. Excellent source of b vitamins (B1, B3, B5, B7 and B12) are yeast. Saturation of the hair with these vitamins will contribute to the rapid restoration of hair over the entire length and will provide them with natural protection and hydration. Here is the recipe how to increase thickness of hair on the head means at hand:

Mix teaspoon of yeast with egg yolk and broth of herbs (chamomile for blondes, oak bark — for brunettes and marigold for redheads). Put the composition to stand in a warm place for 60 minutes. Warm, apply the mask on the roots and hold for an hour on the head. Rinse with water.

To further strengthen the hair follicles, apply the mask for thickening and thickening hair with the honey and salt. Mix a Cup of salt (preferably sea), bee honey, and brandy. It must steep for about a week in a dark place in a glass container. Next, apply the mask Legnica massaging the scalp once or twice a week, and observe the hour.

For thickness of hair folk remedies are suitable in any way better than the store. But if I decided to take a remedial course should adhere to some tips.

Recommendations for hair care

  • to activate blood circulation, and make massage the scalp with fingertips or with special devices;
  • with the same purpose often comb the hair brush or comb with large teeth;
  • not debilitate the hair daily shampooing, the hair becomes dry and deprived of natural protection;
  • do not brush wet hair and do not go to bed with nedosushennye head;
  • a full eat, the hair is well saturated with vitamins and microelements from the inside.

Masks for hair density in the home is lovely, economical, efficient way to transform your hair. Recipes, how to restore hair density, large lot. Hopefully, the ideal tool for yourself you have found in our article, please share your experience. Be impeccable!

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