Manicure with black lacquer

Among all the modern nail coatings of black lacquer is a leader in versatility. Dark nail Polish in each technique looks different. His widespread black coating is obtained thanks to the brightness, expressiveness and the ability to obtain contrasting patterns.

Ideas manicure with black lacquer

Fashionable black coating for nails is considered to be a very good decision not only for evening manicure – she looks beautiful in everyday life. Cons of dark nail Polish lies in the difficulty of application and high requirement for the nails, which should be perfectly smooth and clean from the cuticles. So many difficult to create a black manicure at home. Women should choose a design depending on the occasion. So, if you have a party or celebration, make black manicure with rhinestones. For office work approach simple black jacket.

Unusual monochrome drawing

Black and white

Along with other black and white simple graphics is the current trend. It is a versatile option manicure for young girls and Mature women. Because black and white are the colours bright and independent, their tandem opens an interesting opportunity to portray expressive patterns. Black and white manicure can be in the form of animal print (for example, color Zebra or leopard). The main advantage of this design lies in its easy execution.

Black-and-white drawings look equally good on long and short nails. A great example of the figure of «Yin-Yang». Despite the originality of certain prints, they go together with almost any clothing and are suitable for all seasons, without exception. Advantage print manicure – the ability to mask scratches or chips new spot or line.

Monochrome of plamisty drawing


The outdated rule is to apply a dark coating exclusively on long nails. Previously considered shameful to attract the attention of the motley colors if the nail plate at least 1-2 cm beyond the bed. Modern fashion encourages applying the black matte coating on short nails. The main requirement is impeccable well-groomed hands.

A trendy version of the painting is a combination of matte and glossy black. Classic is a light misty background with a shiny smile» in the manner of the French. Another interesting option is the use of the stencil. First, the nails are covered by a Matt varnish, and after drying, they imposed a form (smile, logo, favorite brand, geometric shape, etc.) and zarisovyval glossy finish. Manicure turns solid, but due to the different texture of the lacquer pattern can be seen well.

Ladybugs on the nails

Black and red

The combination of bright colors more suitable for special events, but let’s say in everyday life. Despite the expressiveness, this option of coverage can be to make exquisite and elegant. Important role in the choice of colours and design plays the selected outfit. If you are going on a date, you can make a red and black jacket, neatly adding to its glitter. To holiday a great option would be double (smooth transition from dark to light). More youth and fun there are designs «watermelon pattern» and «sun».

Nail art with gold accent


Yellow-and-black manicure created by a woman gives the image of solemnity, sophistication, luxury. Fashion trend – highlighting only 1 nail on the hand. To do this, use a sparkling yellow, having painted the other nails in a deep dark color. In addition, look hands if manicure with black gel Polish has a Golden accent on the tips. Perhaps you’d prefer if you do the opposite: the basis of the nail plate painted in gold, and the tip to bring the dark.

Video: how to make black manicure

The days when dark enamel could afford only representatives of some subcultures, have sunk into oblivion. Today any woman can choose any shade cover, not limited to as close to natural tones and will look stylish with it. Manicure with black lacquer has become a real trend this year. Watch the video below, you will be able to learn how to create beautiful nail designs yourself.

Black and pink

With rhinestones

Beige with black



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