Makeup styles: the characteristics of each style

Makeup styles: the characteristics of each style

Makeup come in different styles, each appropriate for a specific case, as well as appearance, age and time of day.

Identify the following styles of makeup: day makeup, evening makeup, romantic makeup, wedding makeup, sports makeup, retro makeup, Oriental makeup and Japanese makeup.

Day makeup always do in bright pastel colours, so it is not bright and simple. In the daytime makeup don’t do eyeliner and arrows do not cause eye shadow and lipstick. But if a person does not need to mask, you can only use loose powder (no Foundation). This makeup is done in light colors, using bright eye shadow, blush and lipstick, mascara and light powder.

Evening makeup is highlighted eyebrows, bright eyeshadow and lipstick. This make-up is important to determine what to make more expressive eyes or lips. To give the eyes expressiveness will help false eyelashes. For the perfect evening smoky make-up (Smoky Eyes). Evening makeup is similar to romantic makeup. Their fluffy blush and wide eyes.

Sports makeup simple with minimum use of cosmetics. On the face of it is enough to apply a little translucent light powder (if the person is prone to Shine), some mascara, and lip gloss.

Wedding makeup highlights the eye. Doing makeup in pastel, bright, delicate shades. Eye for wedding makeup clearly painted and applied eyelashes. To complexion was smooth, the blush is applied to all exposed areas of the body. For lips use persistent lipstick.

Japanese makeup similar to the makeup style porcelain dolls. In this makeup the skin is pale (even white), the color, the shooter used a black, white or pink shadows. On the lips apply a red (pink) lipstick.

Retro makeup. In this makeup ivory leather, eyebrows wide and highlighted, and her lips bright red. To do retro makeup, you will first need to mask all the redness and unevenness corrector, then use the tone and highlight cheekbones with blush. Isolated eyebrow pencil, eye encircles, dark eyeliner. Lashes, applied mascara, and lip lipstick.

Eastern makeup different expressive eyes with black eyeliner (around the eye). A feature of the Eastern style of makeup is clearly drawn eyebrows, pearly shade with a bright and long arrows and mascara on top and bottom lashes with several layers.

Such similar and different makeup styles.

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