Makeup for big eyes

makeup for big eyes photosWho wants to make their eyes more visual and expressive, and someone got lucky with big eyes, naturally. Large eyes at all times was considered a virtue and was attracted to men, but that doesn’t mean their owners should forget about the makeup. On the contrary, big eyes in need of correction and correct the underlined. To use makeup round the eyes lead to the classic almond shape or to hide other individual characteristics of a person (wide or narrow formulation of the eyes, they bulge, etc.), we need only to remember some of the basic techniques.

Rules makeup for big eyes

  1. Dark colors

As you know, lighter shades visually enlarge the space, the dark – constrict it. Therefore, if visual more eyes we put a light color on the entire surface of the eyelids, the makeup for big eyes involves working with dark shadows.

Some girls have makeup dark colors associated with evening and too bright makeup, in fact, on large eyes with a pronounced age even during the day dark colors are not aggressive and are quite appropriate.

  1. The average width of the eyebrows

Another important area of focus on the face is the eyebrows. Makeup for large protruding eyes does not provide for a eyebrow thread! Moreover, you should avoid overly plucked eyebrows and instead leave the curved shape of the average width. Read the article «How to pluck eyebrows at home». Hairs should be combed upward, this also applies to the tip of the eyebrow. However, it is just a fashion, and no reason to believe that this method of combing the eyebrows will remain in the world of makeup forever. Pick a color similar to the color of your hair or slightly lighter. Under the eyebrow, apply concealer to give it more contrast bottom line.

  1. Eyelash tinting

As for mascara, there is a stereotype that it will make the eyes more bulging. It is not so, even without mascara daily makeup looks unfinished, just you need to use mascara is not too heavy texture and apply it only on upper lashes in a single layer, and then carefully comb the lashes with a dry brush. Especially to paint over the lashes at the outer edge of the eye.

  1. Less sparkle

Sequin, pearl and shimer make the eye more convex, so leave these funds to owners is not too big eyes.

  1. Arrows

If you have no target to adjust the shape of the eye specific arrow making arrows for big eyes, keep the line thin, so as not to make the eyes even more.

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In General, the owner of expressive eyes can use for a make-up practically any technique. If you don’t need to hide shape or arrangement of the eye that you don’t like, feel free to experiment with different images. Too big eyes can make a face puppet, which also is the place to be for a particular situation.

Correction of the eye shape

Big eyes usually are divided by shape into 3 groups:

  • Round;

To come visually to the classic eye shape, you need to soften the roundness of the eye. To do this, you should be armed with the shadows of the dark color (depending on your color type appearance, read more about this in another article on our website) and to draw their line at the ciliary edge, going beyond the century, like the arrow. Gently blend edges to avoid sharp lines, and left only a smooth transition of color. Arrows for big round eyes is a great tool for adjusting the shape of the eye, you have access to any forms of arrows, including East and more elongated, in contrast to girls with small or narrow eyes.

Another way how to paint round the eyes, is in drawing the folds of the upper eyelid. You should bring it to a light brown shadow just below the natural crease. This technique is the opposite of makeup for small eyes, when a crease is drawn just above.

  • Bulging;

Makeup for prominent eyes includes the application of dark shadow around the movable century. The color should be blend towards the temple or eyebrows.

  • Almond.

This incision is ideal, especially if the eyes are located at a distance equal to the length of one eye. If you are a happy owner of such eyes, correction you to anything and you can practice any technique of make-up.

Makeup for big brown eyes

Such eyes themselves are a bright part of the face, so if you are satisfied with their form in the daytime makeup you can afford just to highlight the eyelashes with black mascara to make the eyes look more deep. If to put in such eyes too much makeup, there is a risk of «overload» look, making it heavy and bold. In any case, if you use intense makeup on the eyes, the lips should have a natural color. The same thing works in reverse: the bright lips – natural eye makeup.

You can also experiment with different eye shadow colors:

  • Brown of different shades, but they do not have to fully match with your iris, otherwise the eyes will become more faded.
  • Lavender;
  • Turquoise;
  • Grey.

In addition to color matching, differences in the makeup no not observed. If you need to adjust the shape of the eyes, use the tips given above.

Makeup for big blue eyes

Colors that are recommended for use in makeup, again, should be mostly dark. This is due to the size of the eyes and not with their color. Will suit you:

  • Shades of blue and purple;
  • Shades of brown;
  • Shades of green;
  • Shades of grey and black.

These rules apply not only to shadow but also eyeliner. Looks very bright makeover with blue liquid differs from the iris in tone.

Wide-set eyes

If the distance between the eyes exceeds the length of the eye itself, so we are talking about wide set eyes. This situation can be corrected with makeup.

Doing make-up, pay particular attention to the inside of the eye. It is necessary to draw the dark shadows, draw the eyelashes, starting with the first stroke and making eyes at the ciliary edge, you can go to 1-2 mm beyond the corner of your eye and connect the line from the lower eyelid. The external edge of the paint within natural boundaries, you can direct the movement of a shadow up to the eyebrows, but not to the temples.

You should also work on the eyebrows, to continue the inner edge a little further towards the nose if necessary. Remember that the starting point of the eyebrow is determined as the intersection of a line from the wing of the nose to browney arc.

Narrow-set eyes

To correct this arrangement of the eyes on the face, should be in the inner part of the eye to add light accents, and the external eyelids are dark. In fact, dark makeup you should start from the middle of the eye on the outer corner of the upper and lower eyelid focused dark shadow, dark mascara, eyeliner or pencil, inner corner of my eye traced and feathered a white pencil or light shadows

The question of how to emphasize large eyes, doesn’t look that hard, if you study the shape of our own eyes, to define the desired image and to understand the basis of color appearance. Experiment with makeup and follow the new trends of make-up artists to your image was always important.

Leave comments if you still have questions about how to put makeup on large eyes or you have your own secret, perhaps he will be useful to other readers.

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