Makeup for brunettes

makeup for brown eyes for brunettesDark hair is quite a prominent feature of the appearance girls. And if blondes are considered to be delicate and feminine creations, brunette credited with the image of the fatal and purposeful girls. However, a wrongly chosen makeup can transform its bearer into a gray mouse or overly vulgar lady. All subtleties and natural evening makeup for brunettes today.

Of course, to withdraw a single formula for making makeup for brunettes is simply impossible. The role played by the specific shade of hair, color of eyes and skin, intended image, type face and even character. So take the information as an interesting ground for reflection, not an unconditional postulate of your daily make-up. Experiment with the suggested images and choose what is closest to you.

Makeup for brunettes with brown eyes

Here and below we will consider what techniques and tone of makeup to master the dark-haired women with different eye color.

Brown eyes, dark hair are in themselves vivid detail of your image. Day makeup for brown eyes for brunettes combines the natural with emphasis on eyes. Should:

  • to even skin tone for Foundation
  • to emphasize the brow with color for a lighter tone to your hair
  • to tint the eyelashes with black or brown mascara
  • on the cheekbones, apply bronzer and highlighter just above (a cosmetic that is used to achieve the skin glow)
  • lips mainly dyeing with natural colors (pink, peach)
  • on the lash line to draw an arrow on a black or brown pencil or eyeliner.

The subtleties of daily makeup depends on what flaws you wish to hide (for example, bruising under the eyes, narrow eyes, thin lips, wide nose, etc.), and which strengths to highlight (e.g., sharp cheekbones, full lips).

For evening makeup you will need more makeup, which includes eyeshadow, blush, lipstick other shades, etc. Then the logical question arises: what colors are suitable for brunettes with brown eyes?

As shadow and eyeliner they fit:

  • Blue;
  • All shades of brown (but not exactly to a tee with its own shade of eyes);
  • Purple;
  • Green;
  • Grey and black;
  • Gold;
  • Peach;
  • Beige;
  • Sand;
  • Mustard.

Probably easier to say what colors they do not fit. Avoid light blue and bright pink shades.

What lipstick are brunettes

Lip color depends on two factors:

  • On eye or lip do you focus on
  • You own complexion

Color type – the most important characteristic without which it is difficult to choose the appropriate makeup and clothes. Read more we wrote in another article, but at least define: warm or cold type that you have.

If we are talking about a brown-eyed brunettes, characteristic for warm dark skin that is brown, not black eyes and hair with red or Golden shimmer. Warm girl found among brown-eyed brunettes very often, therefore makeup for tanned brunettes involves the use of warm colors (coral, peach, orange). If you have black hair, ivory skin and black eyes, you’ll be cold in a contrasting color (e.g., wine, purple). Red lipstick for brunettes with brown eyes is suitable for all, it is only important to choose the right shade. Warm type looks better to combine with red lipstick, and the cold – with Burgundy, wine shades.

It is also possible to carry out the analysis and for those with eyes of other colors. The beginning of the path to the proper selection of makeup can only be attained through the definition of your color type.

Makeup for brunettes with green, blue and gray eyes

Everything we have listed about the color types and the selection of appropriate shades, applies to owners other eye color. Most likely, the first time you will be difficult to navigate in all colours, so I’ll just tell you what shades are better suited for a particular eye color.

Makeup for brunettes with green eyes associated with the use of gray, brown, green, purple, black and blue shadows. Using green eyeliner or shadow, do not coincide with the color of your eyes, a little lighter or darker, you will make them much brighter.

Makeup for blue-eyed brunettes this trick also works: you can access all the different shades of blue and purple, but use them so as not to change your view, that is, pick a palette that is different from your eyes to the tone. Also you are looking all cosmetics Barbie pink, lavender, purple, peach tones.

Makeup for brunettes with gray eyes wherein your eyes are likely to become a «chameleon», taking on the color of the surrounding space. That is, you available green, cyan, blue, purple, silver, metal and other bright colors that can give luster to her eyes.

Do not look for the only makeup that you apply on face every day the coming years. Change your image, experiment with the person, when I have time and make an appointment for a consultation with a makeup artist, he will tell you about your appearance nuances that even you yourself didn’t know. And remember that makeup for brunettes with red lipstick is always relevant, but only for the respective case.

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