Makeup for blondes in the color of the eyes

Beautiful eye makeup for blondes.Blonde locks at all times considered attractive and feminine. But for blondes with fair skin there is a risk of becoming «colourless» and it’s easy to get lost in the crowd. This will help avoid the correct makeup for blondes. What colors are more in harmony with this appearance, and how to learn various tricks of makeup, I tell you today.

The lion’s share of the image take the eye, it is no wonder they are called the mirror of the soul. Accent can be applied on the lips, but this will be discussed below, and is now comparable to what make-up would suit blondes depending on the eye color.

Types appearance

The first step is to determine your color type appearance. Depending on this, you should pick up some make-up and the top part of the garment.

There are several classifications of colour appearance, one of whom we have already spoken in another article. Now I want to introduce you to another division of the colortype. According to him, people are classified by 3 characteristics:

  • «Temperature». Distinguish between warm and cold color type. Cold is dominated by shades of blue, a warm red.
  • Contrast. The so-called rich type requires contrast on the face: for example, pale skin ivory, and black hair or black eyes. Dim type does not mean that your face is more vague, but it paints are about the same color, the color transition is softened.
  • The third feature is the difference in light and dark appearance. The role played by the color of hair, eyes, skin.

Determine your color type, based on this description. In the future, picking the color of the makeup, accessories, top clothing (anything that is in contact with the face), be guided by the following rule: if the colors match with your all three points is ideal, if two is good, one acceptable, but not the best option.

Makeup for blondes with green eyes

This combination of colors from nature, usually observed in representatives of the warm type of appearance. Pick up yourself and suitable shades for makeup. Will suit you:

  • Brown;
  • Beige;
  • Gold;
  • Chocolate;
  • Green;
  • Khaki;
  • Copper;
  • Mustard.

In addition, the eyes will look beautiful purple, silver and gold metallic. Blondes with green eyes can notice that the shades of blue and pink on the eyes do not look at them, it is true, try to avoid these colors in makeup.

As a Foundation, pick warm colors: grey, beige, maybe even with a tan.

Makeup for green eyes for blondes can not exist without drawing brows. If you have blond hair from nature, probably, and eyebrows have a similar color. So don’t forget to tint a hair with bright shades of eye shadow or pencil. Some of the line represent a collection of decorative cosmetics for eyebrows specially for blond ladies, so you don’t even have to wrestle in the store. Generally, you will approach a light brown shades for eyebrows with a gray tint. Apply with a brush or pencil like draw extra hairs in the gaps, not just paint over the eyebrow with only one layer.

Well, with regard to lipstick, the rules remain the same, choose colors with a small ryjenko, the color of your own lips or richer depending on the method. Beautiful evening makeup for blondes follow the arrows, made with brown, black or green liquid. And of course, black mascara will give your eyes even greater brightness and depth.

Makeup for blondes with brown eyes

Girls with such data attractive even without makeup or with minimal application of cosmetics, and all because blonde hair adds femininity, and brown eyes are bright and expressive «spot» on the face that catches the eye. However, if you are the owner of this character type, you probably wonder what suitable makeup for blondes with brown eyes. Feel free to use the following colors to decorate your eyes:

  • Brown in wide range from chocolate to sand;
  • Olive;
  • Natural: peach, pink, etc.
  • Gold;
  • Lilac;
  • The darker shades from gray to black are suitable for evening events, they will focus on eyes even more noticeable. In this case, to the lips, apply lipstick in a bright shade (beige, pink, or colorless light).

Does not mean that red lipstick for blondes with brown eyes is not suitable. In fact, she is all blonde, the only question is the specific shade. Selecting on tonight your red lips, apply a minimum of makeup on the eye (for example, natural shade on the mobile eyelid the dark shadow to the crease century and black mascara on the lashes).

If you add in brown makeup bronzer the cheekbones, this will give a person the thinness and expressiveness.

Makeup for blondes with blue eyes

This image POPs into my head almost every when it comes to puppet. To make it easier to understand what makeup will suit you, remember, was painted Barbie! Of course, it is somewhat exaggerated and can not be called natural makeup for blondes, but as a guide, is quite good. For shadows you fit these colors:

  • All shades of blue, blue-green and purple (there is one «but» the tone of shadow must exactly match the color of your eyes, otherwise you will make them faint);
  • Brown, including the palette from sand to dark;
  • Grey different saturation;

You can use eyeliner blue, black, silver colors. Blush is better to choose pink, but in principle, it depends on the color of the skin. Makeup for blondes with blue eyes include lipstick pink, peach, in General, delicate shades. And of course, you can not do without eyeliner eyebrow light brown pencil and black mascara. Agree, recommendations, make-up artists are very similar to the typical Barbie.

Makeup for blondes with gray eyes

Now we will talk about the most delicate and light the way when applying makeup your choice required to fall on the natural tones and minimal makeup. Of course, this does not mean that small flaws in the form of bags under the eyes and pimples do not need to hide, but the eyes accumulate of flowers is not necessary, if we consider the day makeup for blondes. Your colors for the eye makeup:

  • Gray and silver;
  • Blue and purple;
  • Green / khaki;
  • Brown and gray-brown;
  • Pink and peach

The lipstick pick up the color of the lip, is also suitable coral shade. You can use various sequins and shimmering shadows, but again, not too overdo it with the common way.

And although shades of blonde for blue eyes do not provide a particularly vivid makeup, for the release of «into the light», you may well benefit from dark Smokey, if you think it suits you and is in harmony with the mood.

Makeup with red lipstick for blondes

Favorite and sexy lipstick color on the opinions of how girls and guys – it’s red, no doubt. I hasten to please, it is suitable for all, regardless of the color of hair, eyes and skin. But there is one very important point: the red color to emphasize all the defects of the skin such as blood vessels, bumps, inflammation, swelling under the eyes. The first thing you need to do to achieve the perfect tone with a Foundation, BB or CC cream.

It is also important to choose what color of lipstick suits blondes with different type of appearance. Cool colors (closer to Burgundy, no red) bleach the teeth visually, but fit girls with a cold type of appearance (grey, blue eyes). Warm red and its variants on the contrary can make teeth yellow, but blend well with dark skin and warm eyes.

How beautifully put make-up lips, was a separate article, which can be found on our website. Briefly about what you need to know:

  • Lips should be as well maintained. This will help you scrubs and moisturizer.
  • After the base makeup is applied the lipstick and lip pencil the same shade as the lipstick or darker across the surface of the lips or leaving a painted Central part.
  • Lipstick brush, especially carefully at the corners of the lips.
  • Fixing the first layer of the powder through a cloth and putting on top of the second, you will prolong the durability of makeup.

Of course, it is necessary to know the basic rules, but this does not mean that the specific a few colours to your Arsenal of cosmetic is exhausted, on the contrary, not to get stuck on the same image, experiment, find new perfect shades and follow the trends in the world of makeup, which change almost every season!

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