Eye makeup for blonde girls

Eye makeup for blonde girlsThe fair-haired of the fair population, have long been considered the true Slav and a real Russian beauty. But, under the onslaught of fashion trends, many hasten to turn their natural color, and repainted in fatal brunette or a bright blonde. But, this step can be called very fierce, after all, a natural blonde shade hairs gives the woman a kind of unspoiled and cleanliness, which in itself is the epitome of femininity. And to make the image seduces and sexy by using a properly sized makeup.

In this article we will look at how to choose makeup for brown hair, what are the techniques of the makeup artists for the decoration of women with natural hair color.

What is your color type?

To makeover harmonious you looked first you need to decide what color type of your appearance. There are several classifications, one of them is in tune with the seasons of the year. In its framework for ease were allocated 4 types of appearance: spring, summer, autumn and winter.

Eye makeup for girls with brown eyesRepresentatives of the autumn and spring type have hair Golden colors and warm colors. Therefore, it is best to pay attention to warm colors, such as shades of brown, gold, pale green.

The beauties of the sub-group summer-winter – a «cold» (i.e. without a red or reddish hue) a shades of hair, so they should pick up the appropriate makeup. For example, it would be appropriate to tint the eye cosmetics blue, gray, pink shades.

But, it should be understood that this classification is only a guideline. To determine which colour will suit blonde hair, you should still be able to consider the color of the skin, its features (e.g., freckles) and the color of the eyes. Each type has its own quirks and recommendations, so try to consider everyone individually.

Makeup for blonde with blue eyes

If a relatively common character type can only give «vague» recommendations, the colored membrane of the eye there are specific tips on how to choose the right make-up.

Makeup for green eyes and blonde hair

To make natural make-up yourself, you do not need special skills the color of the eyes can be made more expressive using the green shadow or pencil. This rule, incidentally, applies to any color of eyes: like goes with like, i.e. brown eyes adorn the brown hand, blue eyes will become brighter with the blue shadows, etc.. makeup Artists doing makeup for brown with green eyes, often prefer earthy colors. If makeup is done in the daytime, the best would be to opt for shades of peach or brown. The look can be emphasized, raising a thin arrow pencil chocolate shade.

For the holiday or evening makeup you can choose makeup a more saturated hue, for example emerald shade.

Don’t know which lipstick suits green eyes? Then I suggest you look to pink, red and terracotta shades. If you are afraid to make a mistake, paint the lip gloss, zelenoglazik will fit any juicy shade. Red lipstick for light brown is a classic option for any make-up, and is always relevant. Because red lips make the look elegant and sensual. But, it is better to paint the lips red only in special cases, on povsednevku» choosing a more quiet tone.

Makeup for blue eyes and blonde hair

For girls with such data, it is optimal to have in the purse the shade of light brown, peach, lilac, emerald green, and pink. With pink you need to be very careful, because it is a little too far, instead of how spectacular make-up, you’ll get bloodshot eyes and the illusion that you cried a lot. The same applies to the other shades, makeup for blue eyes and blonde hair should not look geeky, because the eyes themselves are a bright color.

It is better to leave the focus on the lips, emphasizing them. But the main thing is not to overdo it. Blue eyes drink more suited lipsticks and glosses soft pink or any other natural shades.

Properly selected Foundation – the Foundation make-up, but choosing a color, you should focus not primarily on eye color and skin tone.

To accentuate the cheekbones, barely noticeable to cause bronzer and pale blush dimples.

Women who have blue eyes and brown hair, often find their appearance boring and inexpressive. But for make-up artists, this type is very interesting, like a clean sheet of paper, on which you can create beautiful, sophisticated picture. The main thing – to learn how to «create».

Makeup for brown eyes and brown hair

Brown-eyed girls should to have in the Arsenal of the shadow of warm colors: brown, white, beige. But you can experiment and add originality using blue or plum shades of eye shadow. If you have naturally brown hair, brown eyes, on the face would be appropriate expressive black or brown hands, with their help you will make the look even more charming. The owners of brown and black eyes, it is recommended to paint only the upper eyelid. Lashes can highlight with black ink.

For daytime make-up do not overdo it with blush, causing their subtle veil. For an evening version of makeup, you can more clearly highlight the cheekbones brown. Do not forget good shade cheekbones, beautiful proper makeup is not observed sharp lines, if we are not talking about the contour of the lips and eyeliner.

The important role played by the color of eyebrows for blonde hair. For blonde girls with dark eyes, hair stylists and makeup artists recommend to keep the edge light enough not to spoil the look. Will suit light brown, terracotta, smoky color pencil or paint.

Makeup for grey eyes and blonde hair

Girls with such data you can afford to experiment with makeup like no other, because gray color of the eyes is characterized by its variability depending on the lighting. Gray iris can be grey-greenish, grey-blue or even yellowish. The most advantageous for grey eyes will be all sorts of silvery shades of eye shadow, ashen, smoky, gray-blue. But remember that the makeup needs you to decorate. Focus primarily on your tastes. If you like the results, then most likely, he really is. Gray eyes easily «heavier» wrong choice of color.There is a risk of too motley and vulgar paintings. If you use a light shade, then you can accidentally «redeem» look. The best option of makeup for blonde with gray-blue eyes, is the joint work of dark eyeliner and shadow. Ciliary Contour can be emphasized brown, dark grey or dark purple pencil, smudge the line, and the top shade is grayish olive, bronze or blue tint.

I hope after reading, you will become a little easier to determine with a hint of cosmetics for your eyes. Shine and shoot eyes!

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