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To make large expressive eyes a beautiful almond shape under the power of every girl, but many of them are afraid to use the arrows. Any eye makeup for a sophisticated evening celebration, or for every day, requires certain skills and abilities. Take advantage of valuable recommendations and secrets of the beauticians and beauty bloggers.

Beautifully painted woman

The types of arrows for the eyes

Modern cosmetology is constantly evolving in the field of decorative makeup. Any fault is easily corrected with makeup. The same applies to age: the arrows on the eyes are able to visually enlarge them, make more bright, to hide the hanging skin and wrinkles. Makeup is done in the following varieties:

  1. Cat’s hands is the most common. Using this technique, you can easily freshen up makeup, or to complement it by adding spice to the lines.
  2. Colored. In this case the ciliary edge is drawn with a thin black line, then the top is wider – other color on request.
  3. Arrow to the middle of the eye. It is necessary to draw a line along the lower ciliary region to half a century.
  4. Broad arrow will give your lashes extra volume and length. The technique is performed in «cat’s eye», but the lines are more thick.
  5. Egyptian visually enlarge the eyes, to emphasize their beauty. It is necessary to continue the line on the lower eyelid slightly lowered down, and the top is continued upward to the eyebrows.
  6. Feathered arrow will refresh the makeup will give to the languor of the sight.
  7. Double arrows are harder to make than the classic, but the effect is worth it: it creates the impression that the line ends are connected.
  8. Thin is used in the daily makeup for work and for meetings. Does not weigh down the eyelid, gives the look of sophistication and romance.

How to draw arrows on the eyes

Irrespective of the type of makeup, the technique of its application is based on the basic rules:

  1. To makeup stayed all day and did not require adjustments, you first need to apply a different base under the shadows.
  2. When applied to the shooter must be sure that the elbows had the focus in the form of a flat surface. Your palm should rest against the cheek to the hand were recorded and trembled.
  3. It is important to draw the arrows on both eyes in parallel, starting with the fact that it turns out worse.
  4. It is important that when applying the shooter had no gaps between the lashes, so initially emphasized migracyjny outline, and then draw the main line.
  5. The tail of the arrow is the most important point, he needs to pay special attention. So it is smooth, you can use a ruler or a self-adhesive tape, stick it to the desired angle.

She uses eyeliner


Eye makeup with arrows using eyeliner is a classic technique of its implementation. To beginners it is difficult to draw a straight line, it can smear or leave with spaces. Makeup artists recommend to start draw the outline of an arrow with the pencil and then boldly put her eyeliner. To create a deep and bright look, use a rich black paint. For day time or office makeup suit gray, brown, dark blue.


Draw arrows eyeliner though is the most complex and unpredictable the technology, but it can be done perfect straight line. Makeup step by step:

  1. If you can’t draw a straight line with liquid or gel eyeliner, you can outline with a thin brush with shadow and then draw an arrow.
  2. Spend a thin line along the ciliary edge, starting from the inner corner towards the outer.
  3. On top you can draw a line that continues the upper eyelid. Give her the volume gradually.
  4. To soften the harsh line, you need top edge lightly to walk with a soft brush with the shadows.


A great tool for makeup for beginners. Using the marker, you’ll learn how to draw smooth lines. Textured tip can be good to paint over migracyjne space and spaces. How to draw arrows on the eyes with a marker pen:

  1. We should not strive to immediately draw a solid line. Start with short strokes and then connect them.
  2. Draw arrows from the middle of the century, moving to the outside edge, then work the inside corner.
  3. Follow the correct settings: arrow in the inner corner should not be too thick, it should extend closer to the outer edge.

A mix of patterns and shadows with a pencil


Makeup is desirable to use a waterproof pencil for wax-based: it is well to feathering, not imprinted on the upper eyelid. It should be remembered that the stylus is water resistant and dries quickly, so immediately after application of the line it is necessary to feather, and then move on to the other eye. Before creating arrows using a pencil it needs a good sharpen, then your drawing will be more smooth and clear.


To create romantic delicate way to create arrows at shadows. They should be black in color, well pigmented, so they had not to be applied in several layers. Typing shadows beveled flat brush, paint the hands, applying it to the eyelid. The line should extend from the outer edges and narrow, starting from the center.

What are the arrows for no eyes

Each person is unique and has special features. This also applies to forms century. Remember that make-up arrow should be applied, in accordance with equipment designed for your type of appearance. Using this rule, you will be able to visually give depth to the eyes eyelid beautiful shape. Professional makeup artists in their work, always consider the type and color of the eyes.

Round-eyed girl

For round

The winner of the rounded eyes are always trying to prolong them. Eyeliner can help to visually pull the eyelid. How to draw an arrow on the round eye:

  1. A line of eyeliner at the outer corner should go on the natural shape of the eyes, thus dramatically expanding it.
  2. When working with the lower eyelid first you need the inner half should be shaded dark shadows along the lash line. To hold the eyeliner to the outer corner upwards, connecting with the upper line.
  3. If the eyes are convex, it is necessary to hold thicker arrows top and bottom to visually enhance their.

Narrow-eyed woman

For narrow

This form of eyes without makeup creates a bit grim. When applied to the arrows you need to use a technique that will help visually expand and open the eyelids:

  • on the upper eyelid can start to draw a thin line along the ciliary edge;
  • moving to the outer edge, you must extend the line, but not to have the natural eye shape;
  • the lower eyelid should be bring dark shadows, shading them to give the eyes the necessary amount.

Girl with almond-shaped form

For almond

The lucky owners of this form of century fit any type of shooter. Almond-shaped eyes allow the girl to experiment with images, trying new items in makeup, thus will always remain in fashion. To soften the shape of the eyes when making arrows, it is necessary to line from the middle of the upper and lower eyelid, bringing it straight, not bending up, as in the classic makeup.

Drooping eyelids in women

For small

For small eyes, perfect hands of the average width should not be too thin or too wide. To visually enlarge the eyes, the tip needs to go in the direction to the temple. Makeup for small eyes:

  1. The arrow should be draw with a marker or liner starting from the inner corner. Moving to the outer edge of the short stitches to fill migracyjne space.
  2. The tail must continue the line of the lower eyelid and looked in the direction to the temple.
  3. To makeup was evening, you need to add arrows on the lower eyelid with a pencil. After applying stroke her lightly with a feather.

Video tutorials: how to make beautiful arrows

The first movie will be interesting for those who do not know how to choose arrows for brown eyes. Looking at it, you will gain confidence in their abilities and toughness in the hands. In the second video you will see step by step instructions on applying makeup, from contouring the face with Foundation and ending the stroke with the help of shadows. In the last video, you will learn how to make a holiday version of liquid eyeliner.

How to learn to draw arrows on the eyes

Day makeup

Wedding makeup

Photo makeover with beautiful arrows

Flipping through the pages of both old and newly published fashion magazines, you can see women of models with different variations of makeup. Almost all of them are the arrows different colors, shapes. This means that at all times the fashion for this kind of underscores his eyes failed, and even more develops. With the stroke it is possible to create both business and romantic look.

Examples of beautiful images

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