Make simple drawings on the nails step by step and photos

Make simple drawings on the nails step by step and photos

Beautiful and manicured hands is a kind of business card of the woman. Some regularly visit the salons and some independently monitor the hands and nails, causing them the different drawings.

Simple pictures on the nails

Today increasingly popular among women become nails. And the more fantasy, the more interesting can be a painting. If you wish to home, you can do not only makeup but also nails. For those who like the constant creativity of the nail, is to improve their skills. To become a true master of nail design (at least for me), is to learn how to apply the most simple drawings on the nails.

The most simple drawings on the nails can make every girl that has at least a basic understanding of the figure. To put a picture on the nails, it is necessary to have some basic tools – brushes, dotsy, sewing needle, etc.

«Fashion» describes the most popular techniques of drawing on nails.

One of the main tech – drawings on the nails using a needle. For the application of a simple technique of drawing, you must use three of the varnish, for example, white, pink and maroon. In addition, a needle, transparent base, small Shine.

The technique itself is in several stages:

1. Preparation of the hands – treatment of nails and cuticles in any way (European or classic). After manicure nail colorless base.

2. Polish white in two layers, which will create a great background for a drawing.

3. To the pattern on the nails turned out neat, it is necessary to wait for the paint to dry. Then lacquer pink you need to put 3-4 dots vertically either side of the nail, and between them a dark maroon. At fresh points of the needle is necessary to hold a spiral motion from bottom to top.

4. After complete drying of nail Polish applied a fixative coating, and then sprinkled with glitter. Hitter will hide imperfections on the nails and decorate picture.

Another technique – nails with a brush. Brush – the inherent attributes of the technique of drawing on nails. In order to beautifully decorate your nails, in your Arsenal of must have brushes. Preferably, thin. But in addition slim, you need to have brushes of various thicknesses and shapes. Very nice simple drawings on the French. «Leopard» pattern can be done using paints of different colors. The easiest option is different in dot diameter.

Drawings with tape is one of the simplest techniques of application. This technique is quite time-consuming, but with the experience of its implementation is simplified. For this you need to use a clearcoat, the two kinds of color nail Polish and Scotch tape. Previously from tape prepare the necessary stencils, which create unique patterns. After drying, the base color on the nails paste stencils out of duct tape, and then put a varnish of a different color.

The most simple drawings on the nails – a couple of original tricks

Having mastered the simple technique of drawing on nails, you can go to learn more complicated patterns. On some of the secrets of nail design and tell «Fashionable».

Make simple drawings on the nails step by step and photos

«Snakeskin». To complete this picture needed a stencil (piece of tulle, velvet or knitted fabric) which should be applied to the nails after applying the first layer and the second. The stencil should be applied immediately after applying the second coat of varnish before it dries. After the stencil is removed, the nails should be covered with a transparent varnish for fixing. In the end you can obtain the original picture.

Careless drawing. It can be applied with several layers of varnish of different colors. After the varnish is dry, it will have to come down in different places. Alternatively, you can use liquid nail Polish remover (after applying, you need to wet a q-tip and paint).

Drawing with water. For this pattern you will need several colors of Polish, a glass of cold water and a toothpick. The water follows the droplets to enter the nail Polish into the water, then the water surface appears, the varnish film. It should be checked with a toothpick, so it will sort of flower. The nail should be lowered under the lacquer film and a little support, after which the paint will be fixed on the nails. Your fingers don’t get dirty, they should be treated with a cream. This will result in a unique pattern.

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