Liquid blade for pedicure

Well-groomed feet no roughness on my heels is always beautiful. How to deal with cracked feet? You will help acid peeling for feet, which has successfully done at home. Components of this tool will make your heels soft to the touch, give a feeling of comfort.

What is a liquid acid blade for pedicure

Tool Domix

Liquid blade for pedicure designed to soften dead cells of the skin. Acts as a drug for edging removal of the cuticle, produced in the form of a gel. It contains natural ingredients that are beneficial to the skin. The tool is easy to use, it can be used at home. It is safe and comfortable for the feet, does not require damaging tools, such as hardware procedure that eliminates the appearance of injuries. Composition you can buy in the store household chemicals and cosmetics. Distinctive features:

  1. Available in gel form in containers of 70, 200 or 500 ml
  2. Release of softening of the funds for the care of feet different brands. It Domix, Gehwol, Calluseliminator and others. Liquid blade Domiks – cheap domestic brand.
  3. The components included in the composition of the liquid blade for a pedicure, contribute to the softening of dead sites stop so that they can be easily removed with a pumice stone or nail file.
  4. Affects the outmoded layers of the skin and cuticles. Healthy epidermis remains intact.
  5. Procedure requires little time, simple and effective, takes place without the use of cutting devices.

Painted toenails

Of the fruit acids

Fruit acids are used for cosmetic purposes, for example, for exfoliation of the face. They gently affect the skin. The active ingredients are mainly natural ingredients. Pedicure with fruit acids improves skin regeneration, moisturizes, soothes, normalizes blood circulation and has anti-inflammatory action.

Of lactic acid

Well established lactic acid for a pedicure. Substance is used in Japanese socks for feet skin care, the Express softeners. Because of its moisturizing properties, this component is particularly indicated for dry skin. Liquid blade with lactic acid gently breaks down the hardened layers of the skin and hair, without harming healthy skin cells. Feet rounded, increasing their elasticity.

Instructions for use of the acid for a pedicure

Products Domiks

Prepare a foot bath, gloves, towel, cotton pads and plastic. Procedure:

  1. Immerse feet in warm water for 5 minutes. Wipe them with a towel.
  2. Put the gloves on. Disinfect the surface of the foot to prepare for the application of acidic media.
  3. Apply acid skin with a cotton pad and wrap feet in plastic.
  4. Wait for 5-10 minutes.
  5. Remove loose skin using a pumice stone or nail file for pedicure.
  6. Rinse your feet with warm water, disinfect again and apply a nourishing cream.

Video: how to use the tool for acid pedicure

The video shows the acid pedicure at home. After reviewing the video, it is possible to learn how to use this wonderful tools for edging pedicure. The video explains each stage of this process. All who will pay attention to the preview video, will be able to correctly process the surface of the feet, give your feet a well-groomed, healthy, beautiful look.


Natalia, 26 years:I always went to the nail salon. At home it takes a lot of time. A couple of months ago I learned about gels for foot care, tried it. A wonderful thing! Advised his mother and sister.

Victoria, 19 years:for Me a friend suggested this gel. Says: here, try it you’ll like it. I did not expect such a good result thought again about some nonsense. Very satisfied!

Violet, 32 years:I was told about this cream by my sister. She works as a manicurist. I did not believe that this gel would help me to forget what a rough heel. Surprised by the result.

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