Why do lips peel what should I do?

If lips peelWomen monitor their body and face, but somehow often forget to pay due attention to their lips. And because lip skin is very thin, sensitive, has virtually no sebaceous glands and, therefore, natural protection in the form of fat secretions can say is no.

Reasons why lips crack and peel and hurt, a lot. And to return former beauty and tenderness, it is necessary to find the root of the problem and eliminate it. In addition, you must monitor the condition of lips and cares for them with simple ways, and this must be done not only in cold winter, but all year round.

About the principles of proper care and some effective ways of treating chapped lips, will tell today.

Causes of dry lips

When lips peel, crack, become dry and rough, this can cause the woman not only an aesthetic concern, but sometimes severe pain. Cracked skin may bleed, and around the lips, sometimes swelling or puffiness.

Consider the main reasons why lips peel, appear dry and cracked:

  • Deficiency in certain vitamins (especially A,b,B2,C, E, F);
  • A weakened immune system , or viral diseases;
  • When the child has a dry mouth, the causes can be associated with avitaminosis or the habit of biting or licking his lips, especially while walking;
  • Dry lips can occur if a person is constantly breathing from the mouth, for example, if a stuffy nose or just force of habit;
  • The negative impact of external factors: frost, wind, sun, very dry air. It should be noted that obotrite lips can not only in cold, cloudy weather, but even in the summer when they are blowing hot air;
  • One of the reasons why itching of the lips on the face, there is a dryness, swelling, and sometimes a small rash, have an allergic reaction or means that is not suitable or lipstick for full lips;
  • With the development of a fungal infection on the lips may appear cracked, zaedy and flaking around the mouth, a whitish or yellowish coating, and itching on the lips on the face, similar symptoms can be and in the development of herpes, but then appears on the skin cluster of painful vesicles;
  • In disorders or gastrointestinal diseases, often worsens the condition of the lips appear dry, because the body loses excessive moisture;
  • Unhealthy lifestyle, presence of harmful habits (Smoking, abuse of alcohol) that adversely affects the entire body, and lips is no exception. Maybe someone noticed that smokers, often appears dry on the lips, they lose their brightness and vibrance and become very pale.

Constant dryness of the lips can trigger premature aging and loss of elasticity of the thin and delicate skin in this area. Over time, you can just lose shape, clear outline and liquid lusciousness of the lips.

What if lips get dry and peel?

Anyway, we can get rid of the problem. In most cases, we need to act comprehensively, unless of course you want to restore the beauty and neatness of his lips. What to do when lips are cracked? All in good time.

Proper nutrition

Of course, there are many options for dealing with dry lips, but the situation will from time to time, if you do not begin to take drastic measures, one of which is to establish and regulate its own power. Probably each of us often hear that meals should be healthy and balanced. Many products can cause dehydration, especially meats, spices, pickles, pastries, semi-finished products. And it is precisely the lack of fluid and vitamins, these are the main causes of peeling lips. So, give your diet more time, lean on fresh vegetables and fruits rich in fiber and vitamins, choose foods with less salt, and don’t forget to drink pure water, healthy juices and teas.


If lips peel and crack for a long time, require emergency assistance and the strengthening of the body. The situation can be corrected with vitamins, taken orally. Besides proper food, you need to pick up the vitamin in pill form. Better if the best option for you will be advised by the doctor. If they choose, pay attention to the complex contained a particularly large number of vitamin A and Is. It’s good to take fish oils and oily solution Aevit in capsules. If you have an unpleasant taste, lubricate lips of oil content several times a day.


Strange as it may sound, but if you like the lips, always felt the dryness and discomfort, improve skin condition, help periodic massages are performed with fingertips. Massage, pinch and RUB the skin of the lips, when to watch your favorite show, and thus you will improve the blood circulation in that area, the skin will be better oxygenated and nutrients.

Protection and care

This is a very important point in getting rid of dry lips. If cracked lips what to do? Of course to protect them, to give additional nutrition and hydration. Fortunately, today there is a huge selection of various hygienic lipsticks, balms and creams for the lips, which can be purchased in the store and the pharmacy. Choosing a cosmetic treatment for the lips, pay attention to composition, well, if there will be natural oils and healing plant extracts, glycerin and vitamins.

Use the baby cream, which is completely harmless and hypoallergenic, helps to forget, what is the dryness and peeling lips. Grease them lips for an hour before going outside if it is not absorbed completely, remains blot with a tissue.

And don’t forget to use care means you need not only a severe winter, but all year round, protecting lips from wind and frost and sun exposure.

Folk remedies: peeling, mask, oil

When the ever-present problem of ugly, diseased lips, people will certainly consider various ways how to get rid of cracks on the lips. In this case, it can be useful to grandmother’s techniques and traditional recipes means of caring for the lips.

When preparing a home remedy, you need to use the most nutritious and fortified foods because the main purpose is to get rid of dryness.

  • If dry skin around the mouth, try at night, apply on the skin oil solution of vitamin A and E, castor or sea buckthorn oil, rosehip oil or cocoa.
  • Often when the lips dry and peel, it is recommended once a week to exfoliation. As a natural lip scrub you can use: honey, ground coffee, brown sugar with butter or crushed corn flakes for example with yogurt or sour cream. Massage the skin of lips to gently, but if you peel off the skin from my lips in any case it is not necessary to forcibly tear away the exfoliated skin cells. They need to soak with a cotton pad soaked in chamomile tea or tea leaves, and smear with a fat cream, vaseline or natural oil.
  • To restore damaged lips and return them to their normal state by using various nourishing masks. For example, sour cream. To prepare it, you need desserts.. lies. sour cream mixed with a few drops of lemon juice and a small quantity of any oil on the premises. When in winter, the lips peel, regularly apply to lips for half an hour honey, except that it is very nutritious and good softens the skin, it contains a huge amount of useful components that can boost natural immunity of the skin. Remove peeling in the corners of the lips will help mask of crushed banana with milk or cream, or carrot mask with the addition of butter. For severely chapped lips, create a homemade conditioning tool made of wax, paraffin, castor oil and chamomile decoction.
  • If you grow aloe at home, you should know that the juice of this plant contributes to the rapid healing of wounds and cracks on the lips.

We hope our article helped you to understand why itchy lips, causing cracks, zaedy and peeling, as well as how to fix this nasty problem. It should be noted that in more severe and protracted cases, it is recommended to consult a specialist for examination, the doctor will help to determine from which emerged the dryness of the lips, the cause of which disease or disorders have this symptom.

Care for lips correctly, prevent them from drying out and damaging, and then the sponge will be healthy, beautiful and juicy!

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