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Leopard manicure

Leopard manicure

High-quality manicure is very important for every woman, without it is impossible to imagine handle the fair sex. However, few restricted to conventional application of nail Polish, women sometimes turn your nails into real painted masterpieces.

Fashionable leopard print manicure

Leopard print remains a fashion trend in clothes and accessories, as well as during the manicure. Leopard pattern on the nails looks very original and interesting, and to perform it at home special difficulties does not represent, that can handle even a beginner. In this manicure leopard pattern do not necessarily have to be clearly defined, it is possible to use a completely different color. Leopard manicure is usually performed on all nails or on one or several. Successfully looks like this manicure only at the edges of the French or lunar manicure or as part of a pattern.

Of course, the colors for the manicure everyone chooses based on their preferences or the color of your wardrobe. You can even make each dot a different color. Before you start painting your nails in a leopard pattern, it is necessary to bring their nails in order, and then you have to apply on nails plain background nail Polish. After drying on the surface of the nail make yellow, orange or other spots. A thin brush around the spots to apply dark lacquer. It can also drops to put next to the previous points. After just over the obtained pattern you need to apply a top coat or clear lacquer, which will give your nails extra Shine.

It is also possible to do a leopard print manicure using lighter colors of paint, they will make your spots more delicacy, softness and tenderness. Use lucky more muted tones. Some prefer in your manicure stones to decorate only one nail. You can also use other animal motifs, for example, along with the leopard as well as tiger, hare, or Zebra print. When you perform a leopard print mono also experiment with density, color and size of spots.

How to run leopard print manicure?

The technology is quite simple and is divided into several stages:

1.Prepare the nails for painting. For this you need to do the usual hygienic manicure. Then the nail plate should be cleaned and degreased with the help of liquid varnish remover, which has no acetone.

2.The nails covered by the basic varnish, which will help to ensure that your manicured nails will last longer.

3.Then do the background, that is applied to the nail varnish, which will serve as a backdrop for a future manicure. In order to obtain a more intense shade, you should cover the nails with one coat of varnish, but a few. Next manicure should be done only after complete drying of the base and background layers.

4.Varnish contrasting colors randomly applied to the nail plate oval small point. Do them with one touch. The spots should not be too large and placed very often.

5.After drying of the previous layers of dark lacquer draws the contour with jagged and uneven edges, which will look much better and uniform contour.

6.Finally, your creation must be secured with several layers of clear varnish or topcoat.

Your fashionable leopard manicure will not be alone, because animal print is in fashion and in accessories and clothing, and, of course, in the interior. But in nail art it attracts maximum attention. This is not surprising, after all, leopard print nails look not just original, but also unusual. Also captivating is that to perform it quite easy, just need a little bit of desire and patience. And the number and arrangement of spots on your nails depends on your desire. As they say, everything is in your hands, and both literally and figuratively. Besides, leopard print is equally looks great on long and short nails.

The implementation of such a manicure at home with your own hands requires the utmost discretion and sense of proportion. Too few or too many spots will look equally unsuccessful. As used in this manicure too radical shades.

To ruin your manicure can also incorrectly pre-treatment of nails or failure of their form. When working with this manicure requires attentiveness and accuracy. Leopard pattern on your nails can be as classic colors, and the original bright colors. You can also make your manicure even more original decorating each speckled with a different color.

However, the ideal option would be very reminiscent of animal skin pattern. In the process of working on a manicure will be easy to get so involved that there will be a feeling like you are on this Safari. And in order to tame this wild cat that lives on your manicure, do not be afraid to create, to dream and experiment.

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