Properties and uses of lemon for hair

lemon for hairEven children know that if you eat a lemon and drink tea with him, then you will be strong and healthy. This citrus contains a lot of vitamins and minerals that help a person keep your immunity to fight with various infections, feel confident and stay in good shape. But also useful lemon juice for the hair and often used in cosmetics as a tonic and a health potion. Pamper your hair with vitamin masks and lotions and everyone can, from the comfort of home, the main thing that was a lemon and an uncontrollable desire to heal and transform their tresses.

How does lemon on your hair?

Lemon juice — a real godsend for women’s hair, it helps to saturate the hair with essential nutrients and smoothes the scales to give freshness and Shine. But especially favorable is the use of lemon if:

  • want a natural way to lighten the existing shade of hair;
  • want to get rid of excessively oily hair and scalp;
  • want to cure dandruff and prevent its reappearance;
  • want to build the scalp additional immunity to fight any infection;
  • want to activate new hair growth;
  • want to strengthen the hair, restoring it’s strength and make shiny, soft and light.

So if the above points present your request, try to imagine the unique action of your favorite citrus.

How to use lemon to convert the hair?

Eat a lemon and drink its juice. The fact that our hair also can accumulate toxins and other harmful substances. Therefore, regular use of lemon will help you to expel the body of toxins, toxins and other biological toxins that make your hair dull and lifeless.

Rinse hair with the lemon water. The perfect vitamin cocktail for each day is the usual lemon water. The hair rinse sour water girls with any hair type. Add the juice of a whole lemon per liter of water, the proportions can vary depending on hair type. For bold type it’s a lifesaver against excessive zaselennosti and severity of the hair, it is recommended to use after every hair wash as long as normalizes the sebaceous glands. Normal hair lemon juice enriched with vitamins and energy, and normalizes the acid-alkaline balance of the skin.

For dry hair lemon lotion needs to be less concentrated and use it recommended several times a week to avoid drying out the ends. Water with lemon for hair is the best remedy for getting rid of dandruff and itchy scalp. You need to rinse your head with fresh lemon juice, leave for 1 min, then rinse hair with warm water. Frequent exposure to citric acid may weaken and eastonite the hair follicle, so don’t forget to additionally recover the hair roots various oils and nourishing masks.

Hair mask with lemon

Lemon goes well with other ingredients, so choose a recipe for a homemade mask to prepare it, you will not be difficult.

  • Hair mask with honey and lemon. This nutrient composition will help you to strengthen hair, making them docile, soft and shiny. In addition, the proposed prescription is used to prevent against hair loss. So, you will need to mix 3-4 tables. lies. honey, juice of half a lemon and one table. lies. olive oil. Leave to infuse for half an hour in a warm place. In the meantime, wash and dry hair, because this tool must be applied to clean, damp hair. Apply evenly to the roots and the entire length, wrap head with cellophane and control half hour. Rinse with warm water. Repeat the procedure better every week. Also often practiced lightening hair with honey and lemon, it is preferable to use the acacia honey, and to withstand such a mask all night.
  • Hair mask with lemon and egg. This recipe is perfect for nourishing the skin and getting rid of dandruff. Apply the mask better every week, even if the dandruff disappeared, just to prevent. Two egg yolks mix with citrus juice and a teaspoon of castor oil or burdock. Massage massage with circular motions into the scalp. Wear a special hat or insulate the head with plastic and a towel. After 30 minutes, rinse the part with warm water. Other recipes of masks with egg, see the link /maska-dlya-Volos-iz-yaytsa/
  • Lemon oil for hair. Concentrated lemon oil has a wide range of medicinal properties, anti-inflammatory, regenerating, immunostimulant, tonic and other effects. Lemon essential oil for hair is usually used as a nourishing tonic and a growth stimulant. With the help of this concentrated aromatic oil together with other plant (eg. olive or burdock) you can massage the scalp to improve blood circulation and to Wake up sleeping hair follicles. To make the hair shiny and strong, you can prepare a mask by mixing 2 tables. lies. olive oil ( almond, burdock or other vegetable of choice) and a few drops of lemon. After stirring the mixture better slightly warm in a water bath. Then apply on the scalp and hair, insulate wrap and a towel. The procedure lasts about fifteen minutes. It is recommended to repeat several times a week.
  • Hair mask with olive oil and lemon. Olive oil is often featured in recipes of home remedies a nutritious, soothing and healing component. To strengthen the hair and activate their growth you can combine it with lemon juice, 2 large spoon of oil need to add 1 spoon of fresh juice. This mixture is applied on the scalp and on the hair. To withstand the mask can be from an hour to 3 hours, if you have free time and a desire to maximize harm to the hair. After the procedure, wash your head as usual. What oils are useful for hair growth written in this article.

How to lighten hair with lemon at home?

You can lighten hair with lemon? Yes, you can, because citric acid destroys part of the coloring of the hair pigment, this explains the bleaching property of lemon juice. Lightening hair with lemon is not a new invention, a natural method used for quite some time. A huge advantage of this method is that it is natural and, therefore, unpleasant consequences after exposure to harmful chemical dyes is minimal. In addition, to lighten hair with lemon can be ten times cheaper than the cost of a staining procedure in a hair salon. However, the process of samocvetniy may take you some time, so you need to be patient if you want to give the strands of natural mother of pearl shade, and at the same time to saturate the hair with vitamins.

Often lightening hair with lemon juice blondes are used to maintain the saturation and the brightness of light shades or get rid of the yellow after staining. But to use the natural clarifier and possibly brunettes. But it should be understood that dark-haired woman does not become for a moment in the glamorous blonde, but to a beautiful reddish or copper tint is quite real. Sometimes, brunettes want to achieve the effect of burnt hair or «natural dyeing» and use lemon essential oil to lighten hair or citrus masks.

So, lighting is preferably carried out gradually. For starters, after each shampooing, rinse the hair decoction of chamomile with lemon or just lemon water. Each time, the hair brighter, Shine, and give a pleasant citrus aroma.

To speed up the process of whitening of hair, several times a week to do a hair mask with lemon to lighten. However, if you have a dry scalp prone to flaking, use a lemon to lighten no more than once a week.

In addition to lemon is a good lightening effect has yogurt. It is better to use the present homemade yogurt or fat purchase, it is the density of the acid will be higher than in skim. To achieve hair lightening with yogurt and lemon, a few times a week to do this mask at night: half a Cup of yogurt mix with fresh juice of half a lemon, add 1 yolk and 2 lodges. of cognac or vodka. Thoroughly mix the mass and spread on the hair. Waking up, wash your hair with shampoo and use a balm. Sometimes the yogurt leaves a sour smell on the hair, if you don’t like it, every time add in the mask a few drops of your favorite essential aromatherapy oils. You can read about other methods of application of yogurt for hair here.

Applying lemon recipes for hair, you can have a few treatments to see radiant and shiny hair. But don’t forget about the drying effect of lemon and if you have dry hair, be sure to combine it with other nourishing ingredients.

Dear women of beauty and you the citrus mood!

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