Laser hair removal: to do or not to do?

laser hair removal inMany ways will allow you to achieve the desired goal – perfect smoothness of the skin. But one of the most effective and painless is laser hair removal. Exactly laser hair removal will free you forever from the hair on legs, arms and other parts of the body. But what are the characteristics of this procedure? What are the consequences of laser hair removal? Are there any contraindications? These and other questions will be covered in this article.

The main tool laser epilator

The procedure is performed with a laser epilator, a Central element of which is the laser. It is of different types: neodymium, diode, ruby, alexandrite. Each type varies by the depth of the exposure light emitted by a laser has a different wavelength. For example, the wavelength of the alexandrite and ruby laser 694 nm and 755. Therefore, the effect of these lasers is superficial and may not apply to dark or tanned skin, otherwise it may be damaged. Accordingly, laser hair removal of the legs and other body parts in this case will be carried out with diode laser (810 nm), and laser hair removal of the face — penetrates into the deeper layers of the skin neodymium laser (1064 nm).

laser hair removal armpitsDescribing the procedure of laser hair removal, it should be noted that its intensity depends on the phototypes of the skin and complexion. Why exactly these criteria that determine the effectiveness of a hair removal procedure, it becomes clear if to consider hair removal with the point of view of physics. It is known that white light reflects the light rays, that is not amenable to their influence. For this reason, laser hair removal hair: light gray — will not bring the desired results. In vain you will waste time and money, you should use a different method of hair removal.

How does laser?

A guide laser beam of a specific length is the hair. Transformirovalsya light energy into heat under the influence of which destroyed the hair follicles, and cells that provide their food. Hair that contains the melanin is burnt.

During this process the skin is heated, but only slightly, in addition it cools down quickly. In view of the foregoing, the answer to the question: harmful if laser hair removal sounds. The skin feels minimal effect, and you are not experiencing unpleasant and even painful sensations. Perhaps only a slight tingling sensation, but beauty requires some sacrifices!

Note that during the procedure to not have been harmed to your eyes, use special protective glasses.

The types of laser hair removal

There are two kinds of laser hair removal: body and aiming. As for volume, it is used for hair removal on the back, arms, legs. This also includes laser hair removal bikini and laser hair removal under the arms. Sighting hair removal on the contrary, it is used to remove single hairs and with her help removed the hairs on the eyebrows, upper lip and chin.

One procedure is enough?

After the laser epilation, for the first time, the hairs will continue to appear. But do not think that you cheated or poorly conducted procedure. Everything is quite clear.

laser hair removal legsWhen using the laser, as mentioned above, exposures are those hairs that are visible on the surface of the skin, i.e. are in the growth phase. But some hair follicles are dormant, inactive and other of hair is in the growth state. For this reason in one session can’t be destroyed by the weight of the hairs, and it is natural that after laser hair removal upper lip or laser hair removal bikini, need repeated exposure to the laser. So, according to statistics for the complete removal of hair, it is necessary to carry out 3-5 procedures.

Contraindications of laser hair removal!

They are:

  • diabetes insulin-dependent shape;
  • pregnancy;
  • damage to the skin;
  • cancer;
  • herpes in the active phase;
  • connective tissue disease;
  • the use of the drug Roaccutane (recent).

Laser hair removal at home

Laser hair removal at home is possible but you need to buy a fairly expensive device for hair removal. In addition, the time spent will be more and, of course, you should carefully examine the procedure of hair removal not to harm your health.

How to do laser hair removal at home look at the video:

How much is laser hair removal where to do laser hair removal

Prices for this service are very different. But remember that the price can be very low, because laser epilator can be quite expensive, and the price you pay, laid his cost, and second, services are highly professional, too, can not be charged low. Can be called average rates:

  • laser hair removal deep bikini – $ 100-150;
  • hair removal deep bikini – $ 80-130;
  • full hair removal of the face – 80-130 dollars;
  • full waxing arms – $ 100-150;
  • laser hair removal full legs – $ 150-200.

Contraindications to laser hair removalThe list contains a hair removal of only some parts of the body. But the procedure of laser hair removal is, of course, and other parts of the body. For example, the hair removal area hair growth on face» includes:

  • chin;
  • upper lip;
  • the line of the forehead;
  • between the eyebrows;
  • whiskey;
  • ear;
  • rear or front surface of the neck;
  • cheeks, including a whiskey, or without them;
  • eyebrows.

This price is for one procedure, not including the use of anaesthetic cream, primary consultation of the specialist and some other components. In addition, one laser hair removal will be insufficient, and therefore, this amount should be multiplied by the number of sessions.

Pondering where to spend the laser hair removal, read reviews on forums, because to give a specific recommendation impossible.

Deciding on a laser hair removal procedure, you should think about when best to spend. And all because the skin, which made an impact that requires attention and needs to rest. That is why laser hair removal in the summer is not a good idea.

We wish you a successful hair removal!

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