Ladder for medium hair

In recent decades haircut Ladder remains consistently popular. It looks impressive and easy on the hair. Based on this haircut are a variety of styling, which fit the girls for any occasions, be it work day celebration or youth party.

Features women’s haircuts Ladder

Celebrity hairstyles

Womens haircuts for medium hair in the form of a Ladder fit locks of any type. This hairstyle looks equally beautiful on straight or wavy hair. Otricanie provides gentle length on top. In addition, each strand growing below, it turns out longer than the last, forms an interesting waterfall. Haircuts for medium hair require different versions. The skill of a stylist is the ability to make smooth transitions, to prevent the appearance of visible steps.

Haircuts shoulder length in the technique of the Ladder to solve the problem of thin, fragile strands, give them splendor. Different length of hair gives the impression of density. Heavy strands can be alleviated to make them light and airy. Haircut cascade to medium hair harmonizes perfectly with bangs of different shapes – straight, helical, thinned, asymmetrical. A particular hair style can correct the flaws of the face. Bangs harmoniously into the image, it animates, it looks expressive and even playful.

Who will suit this hairstyle

Ladder for medium hair it is recommended to owners of smooth or curly strands. Hairstyle suits women who have oval, triangular and round face. The spherical shape is visually slightly stretched due to this hairstyle. Triangular and oval face looks more rounded from a difference in the length of the strands. The ladder adds the expression of small facial features. This hairstyle is not recommended for faces with a square shape, because the more emphasizes his clumsiness.

The technique of haircuts for medium hair

Ladder for medium hair you can do yourself, guided by a modern master classes. Still appeal to the professional who knows his business, will ensure the best results. The hairdresser will carry out the procedure correctly, taking into account the specifics of the appearance and structure of locks. When performing Ladder important:

  • cut off strands starting from the back, gradually moving to the top of the head and temples;
  • to do the upper the hair is shorter than the lower one, to create a voluminous head of hair;
  • positioning the strands at the time of the slice perpendicular to the head surface to obtain smooth transitions.

The styling options

Methods of laying

Women’s haircuts medium length stacked in various ways. As a result, the ends remain straight, wrapped in or out. Another option – create curls of different lengths. Styling is done using flat iron, curlers, electric comb or special hair dryer. As a fixing means used lacquer or a mousse. It is important to ensure that heating was optimal, and do not apply too much clamping means. Otherwise, the result is a greasy, wooden hair.

With bangs

To lay the Ladder on medium hair and bangs is optimal Hairdryer-comb. In addition, in the process, it is desirable to use a thermal protective product. To fix the styling you need to use the cold blowing. Elegant and original look hairstyle with curly curls, supplemented with straight bangs. To curl hair, you can use a hair dryer or usual curler. Another option that is quite time-consuming, straightening natural curls applying the hair straightener. Strands are drawn with the help of the device down and straightened.

Haircuts medium length, complemented with bangs are made with the use of various accessories – hair clips, headbands, armbands. This method is useful in case of lack of time. Going to an elegant tail. A few strands are released and curl. Bangs optional retracts back with Bobby pins. You can comb it to the side, stab the elegant pin.

Without bangs

The important thing in styling without bangs – create stylish volume. This will help you a Hairdryer, mousse, a teasing comb and brush-a round brush. After shampooing, apply a styling product basal area. Then you need to dry the strands, lifting them by brushing and treating with hot air only at the base. The middle part and ends should dry yourself. To preserve the structure need to comb the strands, blowing them with hot air. It will make the front of the hair line. Volume at the roots can be added, making the fleece.

Video: step-by-step creating haircuts medium length hair

Trendy haircut Ladder for medium hair – photo 2016

Styling celebrities

Images of the stars

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