About the properties and technology of keratin hair straightening

keratin hair straightening photosBeautiful hair pinned in a perfect hairstyle is a dream, perhaps, each of the women. But to create a chic image is quite a huge amount of time, so I want to have a haircut that would not require great efforts and care. Many holders of straight hair want to have fun on the head of the braids, but the owner of the most interesting and fun curls often desire to straighten their hair.

During this period, modern technology has developed a huge variety of possibilities for straightening hair. As this framework can be used and folk ways and services from beauty salons. At the moment very popular keratin hair straightening. What is this amazing procedure, and is it useful for hair or, on the contrary, a session of hair straightening keratin may adversely affect the structure and species against the hairline?

Hair straightening with keratin

Many beauty experts believe that hair straightening using the keratin substance not only helps hair to by the smoothness, but also revitalizes and strengthens the structure of hair. If we compare the different methods of hair straightening, it is true that this method is the most harmless and, one might say, useful.

Those people who used a keratin hair straightening reviews, left more positive. But in this case there is a small caveat, the hair after keratin straightening actually remain smooth and unique direct. But this effect remains on the head only until such time as the hair is not subjected to the washing procedure. After the usual wash the hair again start to curl, and straighten them additionally is possible only by using special means in the form of iron or a comb. A big plus in the procedure, which emphasizes followers, noticed that after a session stop the hair to break, the head has not seen such a fluffy that was before. People also point out the fact that tresses after the procedure, indeed, as promised, acquires a healthy appearance. But all these reviews are only General statements. It is important to remember that the effect of treatments will depend on the type of hair. Accordingly, the results of the method will also be relative the same.

A variety of tools for keratin hair straightening makes the hair a unique substance, resulting in the emergence of a strong, resilient and dense hairline. In some cases, people lose their hair health due to adverse environmental influences, this action helps to restore the structure of each hair for a long time to improve it.

How much does keratin hair straightening? Clearly, creatine hair straightening, or rather its price, depends on several factors. The dominant value is the length of the hair, which will be implemented by the procedure. After the salon, which hosts the session is also important in choosing prices. On average, we can say that the ceramic hair straightening on average will cost about 4000 rubles.

How long does keratin hair straightening? The result of this method will depend on the type of hair and from the mixture, which was used for keratin straightening. In the average case, the result should remain on the head from a few weeks to 4 months. Can happen that the procedure does not give absolutely any effect. It happens when curly hair recently bleached or greatly depleted. Should be warned that after the procedure you cannot dye your hair with chemical compounds in a couple of weeks. In order to achieve higher effect after kartirovanija only need to use a special shampoo after keratin straightening. Fortunately, in today’s world there are a large number of these funds, which are sold in cosmetic stores.

How is keratin hair straightening? Before the main procedure, the patient must be eliminated from the surface layer of the scalp all the excess greasiness, fat and dirt. After that, the entire length of the curls is applied to a corresponding warehouse, and then use a powerful Hairdryer hair is dried. After the drying procedure, in the hands of a specialist falls Curling, with the help of which is the method of rectification. Session straightening long enough, despite the apparent simplicity, and the duration is around 3 hours.

It is important to remember that keratin hair straightening at home doing not desirable. First, this procedure should only be expert in their field. And secondly, your house can improve your hair, but rather damage them.

See how to do keratin hair straightening video:

It is believed rightly that keratin straightening and hair restoration can be qualitatively hold in one procedure. This is indeed the case, when applying the composition to the hair keratin gets into every hair, strengthens it and fills a useful substance. After a session you will need to purchase this shampoo after kartirovanija. This tool can only be used after 3 days already after a perfect session.

Care after a keratin hair straightening is that wash the entire surface of the head will need the aforementioned special shampoo. Moreover, on the head, you cannot wear glasses, pins, various dressings for three to five days.

Keratin hair straightening cocochoco

This tool is a Brazilian keratin hair straightening. The tool has received a patent and is one of the most popular at the moment. Most beauty salons use it effectively and successfully.

Keratin hair straightening cocochoco has only positive reviews. Created styling stays a long time, and the hair is always pleasing to the eye.

What other popular products keratin hair straightening is in our country?

  • Nanokeratinovoe hair straightening in the mixture added to a nano-molecules that deeply penetrate each strand, the result is most awesome.
  • Keratin hair straightening Noar — high-quality mix that has great health benefits and a unique and long-lasting results.

Is it harmful keratin hair straightening?

According to some medical professionals, keratin hair straightening, the consequences can be serious. Despite the fact that keratin is a useful substance, but its chemical composition is formaldehyde. And this harmful product can accumulate in the human body, mainly in the liver or the kidneys. A large number of harmful product is the body’s predisposition to cancer.

But according to some specified harm to the keratin hair straightening for a long time in the past. Now available mixtures which contain a terrible substance in small quantity.

Cons keratin hair straightening is over. If you do not use often, then it is a great benefit to the hair.

What do You think about keratin hair straightening? How useful is it for hairline in Your opinion? Share your thoughts with us.

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