Jojoba oil for face

The first signs of ill health, allergic reactions, aging and hormonal problems at once appear on the skin. Many cosmetic products on the market, do not always cope with the tasks. The right solution for your skin will be extract jojoba.

The properties of jojoba oil

Vegetable fat is obtained by cold pressing of the fruits (nuts) are evergreen plants simmondsia. The resulting liquid composition is closer to the wax, therefore has a lower fat content to the touch, lasts longer. Such properties the product is due to the large number of amino acids, vitamin E, which play a key role for its application in care the tools for all ages.

The use of cosmetic oils

Vegetable fat obtained from the fruit of the jojoba, used in food, pharmaceutical industry, widely used cake, obtained after pressing. Greater dissemination of the product received at the cosmetic industry. His face can be applied in pure form daily, thanks to the light consistency, but only as compresses or masks or creams. The product is used to solve such problems:

  • wrinkles around the eyes;
  • pustular rash;
  • dermatitis;
  • acne;
  • sensitive, dry skin;
  • cracked skin of lips.

Nuts plants simmondsia and drawing out of them

Wrinkles around the eyes

Need to carefully select the makeup for the delicate skin around the eyes, which is the most delicate and sensitive part of the face. Perfect for nourishing skin cells jojoba oil for face, helps to get rid of wrinkles, gently cares for delicate skin without causing irritation, discomfort. Apply it in its pure form, but only as a mask. In diluted form with light weight ether (for example, hips) in 1:1 ratio is applied to the part under the eye a few times a week. It is well absorbed, if no remains can be wet with a damp cloth.

Pharmacy cosmetic product from Botanika

Jojoba oil for acne

Undiluted used to treat inflammation jojoba oil for face because it has excellent anti-inflammatory, healing action. Cell regeneration occurs due to the simultaneous antimicrobial and caring influence. Apply the product from the fruit of the jojoba oil onto areas of inflammation, or you can make compresses: apply it on areas with inflammation, apply a warm towel on top and hold until until the cloth has cooled. When heated, the therapeutic properties are revealed even better, the components penetrate well into the skin.

How much jojoba oil

The cost of vegetable oil from the fruit of the jojoba oil in its natural form, not diluted with other, lighter oils, in pharmacy of not less than 1 thousand UAH. for 100 ml jar. Lower offers should be alerted, as the product, the price is significantly less, can be diluted. If the package indicates a short shelf life, it is likely that this product is fake, because the natural product is stored for a long time, which indicates its quality.

How to use jojoba oil

Cosmetic jojoba oil is used for all skin types as an optional component of home masks, creams, and even shampoos, conditioners. You can add a few drops to ordinary cosmetics, or you can do great makeup with your hands. To prepare creams and masks at home is very simple, the key is quality ingredients. Do not forget about the shelf life of homemade masks and creams: they are limited because of the natural ingredients in their composition.

The girl is rubbed with a cotton pad

Mask with jojoba oil for face

Recipe masks against wrinkles of the few vegetable fats that will help to rejuvenate. For the treatment of inflammation, spots, acne and irritation are good compositions combined with oil extracts, fresh juices of fruits and vegetables. These recipes are worth a try for at least a month, and you will definitely see the result.

  1. Mask for aging skin. Oil for facial wrinkles is applied with honey. Fat (1 tablespoon) to warm up to 40 degree, mix with the same amount of honey and apply the composition on the face. Mask wash off after half an hour with warm water, a nourishing cream is applied do not need.
  2. Moisturizing mask. Take 1 tbsp. tablespoon of base oil, add the same amount of fat cottage cheese and carrot juice. Apply the mixture for 10 minutes and rinse. The unique ingredients will help restore firmness, elasticity of skin, eliminate flaking, redness after sun exposure.
  3. Mask for problematic skin. To the base mask add a few drops of essential oil of lavender. Apply the mixture onto areas of inflammation for 20 minutes. The procedure can be repeated daily. The mask softens, soothes and heals the skin.

Add extract to the cream

Homemade creams

A few drops of oil can be added to the usual cream or create with their hands, using the valuable product from fruit of jojoba as a base. Emulsion, as in ordinary creams, you will not succeed, but prepared liquid formulations may replace them. Do these creams, diluting natural vegetable fat jojoba other plant more light: any stone fruit, almond, wild rose. Proportion when you are: – 1:2. To start, mix ingredients in the jar of about 50 ml, this amount should be enough to see it the skin.

Video: jojoba Oil in cosmetology


Alevtina, 46 years: I Use jojoba oil for the skin around the eyes, causing night lightly, half an hour to remove the oil. Do not use other creams under the eyes, because of the effect of smoothing facial wrinkles does not give any one, even a professional cream which I tried.

Valentine, 28 years: Always suffered from dry skin, it absolutely did not take the usual creams, covered with red spots. Started using the extract for the face as a mask in pure form and eventually forgot about the problem. Paint a layer of the mixture all over the face, even around the eyes where there are small wrinkles. After a month of use to see how effective the recipe.

Larissa, 36 years: I Remember my panic, when the first wrinkles. Then reviewed many of the sites in search of ways to solve the problem of signs of aging, to somehow stop the aging process, especially in the area around the eyes. As it turned out, cosmetic oil for the face use for all ages. Found a recipe for cream with herbal extract of jojoba for the face and still use this wonderful composition.

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