Irritation on the facial skin: how to remove

Very often the irritation on the face is accompanied by not very pleasant sensations in the form of itching, burning and rashes in the form of spots and pimples. These symptoms do not just appear because for them, there are certain prerequisites, finding out which it will be possible to start treatment that will once and for all forget about the irritation.

The main causes of irritation to the skin

The most common causes of this problem are:

— Allergy (in alcohol or any other food)

— Dermatitis caused by cosmetics

— Irritation that occurs after shaving

— Itching between the water that is in the pool

Allergy which occurs due to contact with wool, metal, washing powder

— Internal causes are related to stress and disruption of the bodies

— Food allergies

If You have irritation very quickly, you should think about what You may be allergic to something You ate before or drank, wore, touched etc., This reaction manifests itself as red or purple spots and rashes on the face. Allergic to any products always individual, but there are some which are considered the causative agents for such a reaction. These include: meat and fish, all red berries and fruits, citrus, honey, nuts, mushrooms, eggs, chocolate, soups and broths. If it became known that the irritation caused by the Allergy, then it can be cured with the help of antihistamines that are prescribed by a doctor.

Irritation on the face due to dermatitis

Irritation on the facial skin: how to remove

Another very unpleasant phenomenon is the dermatitis caused by cosmetics. For example, You tried a new concealer and after 10-15 minutes after You have caused, You have the redness on the skin, which is associated with itching or swelling of the eyelids, if it’s mascara or eyeliner. As for creams, tonics, creams and masks, then there is a terrible effect of the accumulation. In other words, an Allergy can manifest after a long time of regular use of these funds.

In order to remedy this situation simply abandon the use of the allergen, which will allow the skin to fully recover. In addition, it is important to find out which part of the ingredients that can cause irritation. Such aggressors often include different colors, preservatives, flavors and all sorts of substances with high biological activity.

To avoid unnecessary irritation, need to buy natural cosmetics, which removes the risk of redness and flaking of the skin.

Redness on the face

Aloe Vera juice, zinc paste, chamomile tea is a sedative that helps to remove the redness and irritation of Your skin.

Irritation after shaving

Very many men tormented by the irritation after shaving, while women suffer from it due to the cosmetics – all this can soon become a cause of pimples, red spots, or roughness of the skin. No wonder men have such a problem, because when you shave the skin very badly injured and inflamed follicles. In this situation, to avoid irritation is to use electric razors and to use cosmetics before and after shave, in addition, leads 10 times with a razor on the same area of skin.

Irritation due to contact allergies

Irritation on the facial skin: how to remove

People who like pool, also are at risk, as the water present disinfecting means, which are able to cause irritation to Your tender skin. It can be as regular bleach, and more complex substances which, when applied to the skin, lead to rashes on the face in patches that burn and itch. In order to protect yourself from all of this, you need to lubricate the face fat cream before You are going to dive into the water, then rinse your skin with filtered water, but if Your irritation, you completely should abandon the swimming pool. Another factor which can cause irritation on the face is considered to be contact Allergy caused by washing powders, metal or wool. The solution to the problem is the refusal of the subject, which causes allergies, what’s more, you can not touch the affected skin, even if You are bothered by intense itching, as You can contaminate a severe infection.

Problems of internal organs

Any irritation is the consequence of a direct or indirect impact of certain external factors that manifest immediately or after a certain period of time.

If you correctly identify the cause, then its elimination will not be problems, but if irritation is due to a malfunction of the internal organs or systems of the body, then you need to work. This problem can Express itself in the form of small rash or redness.

Irritation on the facial skin: how to remove

In order for such surprises did not force You off guard, you need to reduce the consumption of sweets, fat, as this can lead to unwanted problems. In addition, be sure to consult a gastroenterologist, as Your irritation may be due to a violation of the digestive system. In this case, You will need a diet which will ease Your daily diet. You should increase the consumption of cereals, vegetables, lean meat and limit chocolate, cake, fatty sauces and fried foods. If the cause of irritation is stress, it will help You to recover and to calm down the tea.

How to get rid of the irritation on the face. Recipes that help get rid of the irritation

We offer to Your attention a few recipes that will help You to get quick relief from skin irritations, moreover, they can be made at home, and they have no side effects. These funds will eliminate itching, red spots that can scare us at the sight of his own reflection. No matter what is the reason that caused such negative consequences, a good effect can be only when You will use herbal teas, which soothe the skin.

You need to make lotions on the basis of infusion of chamomile or succession, nettle leaves, parsley, yarrow, oak bark, mother and stepmother. Decoctions are prepared based on the instructions on the packaging, then in one of the already received infusions we wetted cotton pad which is then applied to the problem area. You can also programirovanii the skin using the soft scrub.

Good tool that restores skin that has been irritated, will be a mix of sea buckthorn oil, potato pulp and fresh aloe juice.

In addition, split in half boiled onion (while it’s still warm, it must be applied to the damaged areas of the skin) also copes with irritation and large pimples.

If the inflammation is not very large and affected only a few minor areas of the skin, it is possible to take fresh cucumbers, which are cut into rings and grate to a pulp, after which can be applied to problem areas.

A good solution to the problem is the mask made of sour cream and potatoes. 1 take boiled potatoes, mash it with a fork, then pour all the sour cream and mix thoroughly. Blend the mixture on gauze and apply it on the inflamed skin areas at least 30 minutes.

The recipe includes shredded cabbage, then boil in milk, then turned into a homogeneous mass, whisking it all in a blender. The resulting mixture was also applied to problem areas.

All of the above recipes you can prepare at home and they will easily relieve You from the irritation only if there is no allergic reaction or it is very weak. In other cases, immediately consult a doctor.

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