Causes of inflammation on the face. How to remove folk remedies

sore on face photoInflammation on the face in the form of pimples, blackheads, herpes, ulcers or styes can not only create a bad mood, but even to settle in the girl a lot of complexes and powerful psychological discomfort. About how to fight one-time event and how to get rid of the inflammations on your face permanently cover in this article.

Causes of inflammation on the face

If redness and formation on the face appear often or not left alone, you need to think that Your body is not working as it should.

The main reasons can positively affect the appearance of the inflammation of the skin on the face, the following:

  • Infection

Germs and bacteria that penetrated into the skin layers, causing inflammation.

  • Allergy

Different allergens: animals, plants, dust, cosmetics, foods, insects, Nickel products and even the sun, can cause inflammation of the skin. More about the manifestations and causes of allergies on the face here.

  • The influence of temperature

Frostbite or burns can contribute to the formation of inflammation on the face. Do not think that this applies only to emergency situations. Sometimes a failed cosmetic procedure that is affected by the cold, or the abuse of a Solarium may be the reason for the appearance of pimples, blackheads or rash.

  • Complications of operations

It is no secret that surgery can leave its mark on the face under unfavorable result. So many times think before you go under the knife. But the operations associated with the injections or even a simple salon procedures in questionable salons, can badly damage the skin.

  • Damage to the skin

Squeezing inflammation on the skin, you risk even more to increase the focus of the redness.

inflammation of the sebaceous glands on the face photos

  • Hormonal disruptions

During puberty, premenstrual period or pregnancy in girls may appear on multiple skin inflammation. The use of hormonal drugs also leads to this phenomenon.

  • A weak immune system

The trust, for example, occur when the body defenseless to the environment, and erysipelas of the face may appear during diseases of ENT-organs.

  • Improper diet

This is a very common cause of pimples and acne. The constant use of sweet, flour, fried, fatty and so on. affects the skin very negatively.

  • Psychological stress

The nervous system affects all aspects of our life, including beauty. Stress and a constant feeling of anxiety or depression promotes the release of vasopressin – it is a negative impact on the blood supply of the skin and blocks access of oxygen and useful components.

  • Heredity

Although inflammation on the face can depend on what type of skin was from your ancestors, do not despair: even a genetic factor can not become an obstacle to a healthy and clean skin, if you know how to remove the inflammation on the face correctly.

  • Improper operation of the sebaceous glands

In certain diseases of the sebaceous glands begin to produce too much of a secret. Partially this is true for oily skin. Therefore, if we do not cleanse the pores, washing your face regularly and keeping hygiene, inflammation of the sebaceous glands on the face are guaranteed.

We recommend you to browse the article «How to reduce enlarged pores on the face.»

  • Adverse lifestyle

Bad habits that clog up the body, adversely affect all systems, including the skin. Also life in the dusty metropolis involves a special care for the skin. The specific activity of, for example, involves chemicals, can also leave their mark on the beauty of the skin.

If You more or less understand the causes, your next goal is to eliminate them. If you don’t know what causes the inflammation on the face, consult a dermatologist or undergo a complete examination of the body. After all, without eliminating the main «trouble», you will not be able to achieve a positive result even with regular and comprehensive cleaning.


If the growths on the face bother You often, or severe you even show a purulent inflammation of the skin without the help of a doctor it is unlikely the case will cost. Treatment may include special medications and medicines, but using them without consulting with a specialist is not recommended.

Medical facilities:

  • antibiotics internal and external actions (ointment);
  • antibiotics external use (Ichthyol, zinc, sulphur ointment, etc.);
  • activated carbon;
  • vitamin complexes;
  • furatsilin.

A remarkable effect give a face masks with activated charcoal.

In addition to medical drugs it’s possible to contact the salon, if possible. You may be offered the following treatments that help get rid of subcutaneous inflammation on the face:

  • ultrasonic facial cleansing;
  • peeling of different hardness;
  • the effect of ozone (in addition to combat inflammation, eliminates wrinkles and evens skin tone);
  • laser cleaning;
  • the impact of cold (cryotherapy);
  • mesotherapy (injection of a Wellness cocktail under the skin – a very effective procedure for pimples, acne, etc.).

Remember that each person needs an individual approach, so your problem type must be selected carefully.

People’s facial masks from redness and inflammation

If in addition to solving the main problem, you will regularly make a mask from inflammations on the face, your goal – a healthy and clean skin, will be achieved much faster.

  1. The mask of cherry

We will need:

  • cherry;
  • starch.

Berries purified from the seeds and rind, shred, puree, add starch until thick and apply on face for 10 minutes.

Frequency: 2-3 times a week.

  1. Ice cubes

Although it is not a mask, but the regular holding of this procedure is impressive in its efficiency. The properties of this procedure in detail here.

We will need:

  • fresh parsley, finely chopped;
  • herbs (chamomile, calendula, mint, etc.).

The first or the second option fill with boiling water, let cool, strain, pour in molds and put in the freezer.

Every morning and evening, gently wipe face with ice cubes.

  1. Anti-inflammatory facial mask at home

We will need:

  • 1 raw potato.
  • egg yolk;
  • lemon;
  • copper sulphate.

Potato peel, grate on a fine grater.

Add to it the yolk.

Mix with 1 table.a spoon of lemon juice, pressed manually.

Literally adding grams of the sulphate.

Apply it on the face.

Wash off after 15 minutes. If you have time and desire, wash off the mask should not plain water, boiled and mixed with lemon juice.

Frequency: 2-3 times a week.

Despite the fact that acne, trust, acne and inflammation on the face is a very unpleasant problem to deal with it under the force of each. I hope we available told, how quickly to relieve the inflammation on the face. If You have something to add, share in the comments. The administration and readers of the site will thank You!

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