If the skin burn in the sun

skin burned in the sun photoEach of the people want to have attractive and attractive appearance. That is why with the first rays of the sun we try to soak up them, and at the same time sunbathe. But not always the sun’s rays are soft and tender, sometimes the skin they cause significant harm. What to do if the sun burned skin?

It is very important to keep in mind that when the skin is burned in the sun, as a result of this condition on its surface can be formed burn. The burn leads to excruciating pain and fraught with some complications. A little easier the situation is, if a sun-burnt parts of the body become reddish. But in either case it is imperative to take emergency methods of rescue situation.

Burned on the face, what to do?

The face is susceptible to sunburn more than other parts of the body. Sometimes a man spends all day in the fresh air, then there are burns from the sun on my face. How to fix such a situation? What you need to do to eliminate the nasty burn spots?

if the skin sunburn what to do

  • Burn from the sun on the face is perfectly possible to eliminate using fat sour cream or ordinary yogurt. For this purpose, immediately after the redness of the skin grease with one of these products and leave in this state for some time. Dairy products well relieve heartburn, eliminate redness and prevent blisters from burns.
  • When the face is burnt off in the sun, it should reddened areas on the skin apply lotion of the tea with green tea bags.
  • Burns to the face the sun relieves vodka. Lubricate burned the skin of the specified alcohol-containing liquid and leave it until morning. On the morning redness in the skin subsides, but will appear brown tan.
  • The worst thing is when sun-burned nose. In this case, you must grate the cucumber and the obtained pulp to apply to the nose. You can also use the aloe juice and oil burned her nose.

A situation where the question arises: sunburn, when is it? — directly depends on the degree of the burn. A slight redness may sleep until the evening, but the bubbles from the burn can be treated within a few days.

A sun-burnt skin, what to do?

If the sun burned, what to do? The first thing recommended to do is to do everything possible to prevent sunburn and burns. To do this, listen to some recommendations.

with bubbles burns from the sun photo

  • No need to sunbathe in the time interval from noon and up to 15 hours. This time of solar activity, which is not good and health, but harm and loss.
  • Any skin, especially sensitive, must be protected from sunlight. For this before going under the scorching heat you need to lubricate the exposed parts of the body sunscreen, which corresponds to the type of skin.
  • If a person bathes and sunbathes at the same time, after each visit to the water all the moisture that is left on the body should be thoroughly dried. It is important to remember that the burn from the sun and blisters from increased skin moisture.
  • If the person is treated with medications for any ailment, you should pay careful attention to the instructions for use of medicines. Often it happens that one of the side effects of drugs is increased sensitivity to sunlight.

skin burns from the sun photo

And yet, if the skin sunburn, what to do to improve overall health?

  • When the sun burned skin, it can be lubricated with a mixture of equal quantities of sour cream and vegetable oil to this mixture, add 1 egg yolk.
  • Beautiful means from burns, the sun gives us nature herself burnt skin, you can RUB the juice from a potato or cucumber juice.

If you have a bad sunburn, what to do in this case? Strong burning is accompanied by increased body temperature, chills, nausea, diarrhea, headaches. In this case, it is recommended to urgently see a doctor. You also need to use the health services if one floor sunlight was bareheaded, and then he had a sunburn.

It’s important to remember, if the skin sunburn, it is strictly strictly prohibited again you expose it to sunlight. During treatment and first aid in case of burns, victim should drink plenty of fluids, particularly plain water.


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