If the bronzer is laid down unevenly

If the bronzer is laid down unevenly

At the height of fashion dark skin with a smooth, velvety tan. And many aspire to this perfection. But to achieve it in two ways: regular visits to the Solarium that takes a lot of time and money and use bronzer, quickly and economically.

But alas, the first couple use of the bronzer, you may encounter a problem of uneven distribution, which subsequently results in the form of spots and streaks on the skin. And as to wash off the bronzer simply with soap and water is not realistic, not to go on «Zebra», will have to find other quick solutions to this problem.

First of all you need to take a bath, to lie, to steam it for about 30 minutes, then use a sponge or scrub to try to scrub the skin. Helps homemade scrub of coffee or coarse salt. To do this, take ground coffee or salt, add lemon juice, shower gel and the composition rubbed skin, and then take a shower. If the tool was not «fusion», then «spotting» and «banding» say goodbye to Your skin.

Well, what to do if it didn’t work? You can prepare lightener lemon. For this you need to mix the lemon juice with water 1:1 and RUB this part of the skin, but if You have dry skin, prone to allergies, you can use a solution of Apple cider or vinegar with a drop of hydrogen peroxide with the addition of any oil. As well help different alcohol-containing lotions. But alcohol is very drying, so do not neglect procedures after treatment of the skin with a fat cream. For very delicate and sensitive skin, all of the above methods is better to replace milk or liquid for removing makeup. RUB the skin several times. Then we need to get in the shower and gently rubbing themselves painted areas with a sponge. This allows you to lighten the skin without severe irritation.

Tan badly enough can get stuck to hands, elbows and knees. To remedy the situation several times to wipe the problem areas with cotton wool moistened with peroxide.

Similarly, the act in separate spots and stripes on the body.

Still like the option of getting rid of the failures of the use of autobronzer application of remedies lighten age spots. These include: various clay masks, anti-blackheads, a special cream for skin whitening with content of herbal extracts and lotions.

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