Properties, application, recipes of ice cubes for face

ice for individualsVery many ways to improve skin condition, eliminate all kinds of defects, irregularities, wrinkles and make the skin elastic, fresh and most attractive. And did you know that all this can be achieved by periodically wiping the face with ice cubes? Even Catherine II the Great, washed ice cubes.

Cosmetic ice is used by cosmetologists in salons for quite a while, but in recent years treatments with ice, like cryotherapy or cryosauna, enjoyed extraordinary popularity, especially in the hot season. Wiping the face with ice cubes can be used as an alternative to moisturizing creams, and you can create your own version, which is suitable for your skin type. Wipe the face with ice cubes, how often, what effect can achieve, and recipes frozen blank face types, you will find it in this article.

Wipe the face with ice helpful or harmful?

In fact, there is no common opinion whether it is helpful to wipe the face with ice cubes. Each leather is individual and each has its own needs and inclinations. Someone thinks that the ice wiping does not bring the desired effect, for someone-on the contrary, the skin is visibly changing, and you don’t want to change this method. However, even the experts had different opinions in this matter, so I guess we can’t say that prevails in the use of this procedure, as the ice for the face, benefit or harm. If we talk about the cons of this beauty charging for the face, there are opinions that:

  • washing with ice – it’s a stress for the skin;
  • after washing, the pores are closed, and the use of the cream becomes meaningless because it is not absorbed adequately;
  • after using ice, constricts blood vessels, restrain the secretion of sweat and sebaceous glands;
  • if too carried away potiranie ice for the night, you can get insomnia, because of this temperature difference the nervous system aktiviziruyutsya and sleep as usual will be more difficult.

But ice procedures the undeniable advantages, the list of which is quite large:

  • washing with ice cubes tone the skin and have an invigorating effect, especially after sleep;
  • wipe the face with icecold improves blood circulation and increases when the blood flow to the skin, the metabolic processes of cells are amplified;
  • after wiping the skin receives additional moisture;
  • helps the ice for the face pimples and blackheads, as the treatments markedly narrowed and clean pores and normalizes the sebaceous and sweat glands;
  • ice cubes of chamomile for face, helps to get rid of the redness, inflammation and calm irritated skin;
  • after them, the skin becomes softer;
  • if you regularly use the ice for the face, you can get rid of wrinkles, bags under the eyes and dark circles;
  • after ice cleanser improves complexion and appears a beautiful and healthy glow.

Since even the experts can’t say for sure, it is useful to wipe the face with ice, accept the truth of two postulates:

First, each girl should pay attention to how her skin reacts to certain processes. That can be useful for one type may be totally unacceptable to another skin.

Second, in each case not to overdo it. Short and light rubbing ice of the skin, which bring positive emotions and nourish the skin with valuable nutrients that are great will charge you for the cheerful morning.

In addition, if freeze not just water and to make ice for the face with herbs or fruit, every time the skin will get different vitamins and nutrients.

To achieve the desired effect, you need to know how to prepare and use this method.

How to wipe the face with ice cubes?

You need to understand that there is a risk to harm the skin at a low temperature, so if you decide to use this method, you need to know all the nuances. Cook the cubes also need to correct for this read some tips.

  1. ice with fruitsWater for the freeze you must use only purified, at least past the filter. And best of all distilled or mineral without gas). Tap water is not recommended.
  2. Ready ice cubes do not store in the refrigerator for no more than a week, it is better to make a new one, especially if they contain infusions, decoctions of herbs or the juice of fruits and vegetables.
  3. Not perekladi the skin. Hold a piece of ice on the same place is not worth more than 5 seconds. A day is enough 2 wipe morning and evening.
  4. Making cubes for yourself, consider your skin type in order to choose the right ingredients for freezing.

Dry skin needs nourishing and soothing ingredients, suitable decoctions of plantain, parsley, St. John’s wort, mint, chamomile, dandelion. And some fruit like gooseberries, Rowan, sea buckthorn.

For normal skin more likely to use vitamin-rich fruits to create additional immunity, the skin or the moisturizing. Fit strawberries, raspberries, watermelon, peach.

For oily and combination skin it is best to use matte components. Green tea, grapes, grapefruit, cranberries, and herbs like St. John’s wort, calendula, burdock. Perfect ice with a lemon for the person suffers from excessive fat. To dry and sometimes add a certain amount of vodka or alcohol, to eliminate acne – the salt water.

  1. Do not hold the cube with your bare hands, use gloves or a rag so as not to freeze your fingertips.
  2. Whether, wipe the face with ice every day you hint your skin. After a week of daily treatments watch how she has changed and does not feel discomfort, itching or flaking.
  3. And the last thing important to know: need to wipe a circular, light, massage movements, but only on specific lines.

Recipes cubes of ice for the face

Since we decided that the ice cubes can be extremely useful for some types of skin consider, and what results can be achieved using such a frosty method, as using the ice for face wiping and recipes based on it to improve the appearance of the skin.

  1. Parsley

Parsley you can make a decoction or juice, which is great for skin, bleaching like freckles and dark circles under the eyes.

In order to prepare ice cubes of parsley for the face can be used as dry grass, and fresh leaves. In any case, we chopped herbs pour boiling water and heated on a slow fire for another 10 minutes. Proportions can be used different depending on the problem and type of skin: start with a less concentrated solution (for example, one tablespoon per Cup of boiling water), and in the future you will understand what concentration is better to cook for your skin type.

Ice with parsley for the face can be made from the juice. To do this, squeeze the fresh leaves, as you know, there should be a sufficient quantity diluted with water as desired or use concentrated juice, freeze and use on health. This juice can be made less noticeable freckles, bruises and even pigmented areas.

  1. Green tea

ice with herbsPerhaps the most simple and popular tool for home skin care is tea. The reason is, of course, on its availability, versatility and ease of manufacture. Ice cubes of green tea for the face, have an excellent tonic, rejuvenating and reduces swelling and bruising properties.

Method of preparation of cubes of tea is ridiculously simple: brew the tea as usual, while adjusting the concentration of preferences and the sensitivity of the skin, let cool, pour into molds and freeze.

Green tea is suitable for all hair types and can help out a tired and aging skin.

  1. Black tea

I must say that black tea is not inferior to green, and the ice cubes based on it can also be used for recovery, toning and tightening the skin.

Black tea gives the skin a smooth brown color that is unlikely to be very noticeable, but will remain a clear feeling that the skin began to look better. Adjusting the strength of the tea, you handle it tint the effect.

Black and green tea, used for cosmetic procedures, you need to choose high quality, because we want to saturate the skin with beneficial components, and they are unlikely to be found in poor quality products.

  1. Daisy

ice cubes with herbsThis is very common in our country grass is the second (after tea) a universal remedy for the face. Combined with any skin type, it nourishes dry skin, eliminates excess Shine fat, but also fights acne and wrinkles. So wipe the face with ice chamomile can girls of all ages and all types of problems.

The easiest recipe for making ice cubes of chamomile is the freezing of the infusion. Table 2-3.teaspoons of dried chamomile leaves that you can find in any drugstore, fill a glass of boiling water, let cool, freeze in moulds and ready.

Wipe the face with ice cubes with less concentrated chamomile infusion (1-2 table.spoon) is recommended to owners of dry skin, table 3-4.spoons can afford those who want to get rid of greasy or inflammation.

Ice for the person from wrinkles

To tighten and tone aging skin will help ice cubes, properties of the different components that are part of the ice, can prevent and delay the appearance of wrinkles, and even smooth out small creases.

  1. Ice cubes with herbs for persons struggling with wrinkles.

Lime blossom, dandelion, mint, or a mixture thereof, take 1-2 table.spoons, pour a glass of boiling water, let cool, separate from the sediment through the sieve and use the resulting broth for freezing. Received wipe cubes face in the morning and in the evening (feels like).

  1. Of flax seeds.

This tool helps to smooth, so it can safely be used for making ice for face recipes wrinkles. 1-2 dessert spoons pour a glass of boiling water and steep for several hours. Separate the infusion from the precipitate and freeze, pre-spilling over the cups.

Of course, recipes of ice cubes to the skin is actually a lot more. Share in the comments what recipe you use or tell the story about how your skin reacts to the procedure.

Stay healthy and remember that you are beautiful at any age!

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