Hydrogen peroxide for feet and heels

how to clean heel peroxideAny woman should be irresistible from head to toe. It’s not just a saying that we all wish to be perfect in all respects. But, unfortunately, sometimes the whole image and idea can spoil the coarse, ugly heel. Open toed shoes do not wear and barefoot seem to be ashamed. But apart from psychological discomfort, dry skin feet , cracked and flaking, can bring extremely unpleasant and painful when walking.

Fortunately, there are several effective ways to change this situation and improve the condition of feet and heels, and it does not need to visit every week pedicure or to take a course of treatment. To make the skin on the heels like a baby will help foot bath with hydrogen peroxide. About this talk today, make smooth heels at home with peroxide.

Why coarse skin on the feet, corns, cracked?

With cracked heels you may encounter at any age both women and men. The most common cause of this problem — the lack of moisturizing of the epidermis of the feet. But there are a number of precipitating circumstances in which it may Grubel and plump the skin on the soles, cracks, bumps, calluses and corns, the main of which are:

  • Uncomfortable shoes. To the question of the selection of footwear should be approached with the utmost seriousness, to choose shoes from natural materials, to see that the sole wasn’t too hard or too thin, the shoes with high heels or soles for everyday wear also not recommended.
  • Long stay on the feet may lead to thickening of the skin on the feet and the appearance of corns, so be sure to give your feet a rest, and after a hard day lubricate foot nourishing cream.
  • Extra weight, diabetes. Excess pounds put undue stress on his feet.
  • Age. The older a person is, the more skin cells lose their natural moisture.
  • Fungal skin disease. The infection that affected the skin of the feet, manifests itself in the form of unpleasant symptoms, such as cracked heels, bad smell, itching, thickening and yellowing of nails. For diagnosis, it is better to consult a dermatologist.
  • The lack of vitamins, particularly A, b, E, fatty acids, calcium, zinc and iron, leads to the loss of natural skin hydration.

Cracked feet look very unattractive, can cause infection and even severe pain. The modern market presents a number of different tools from rough skin, but why waste a considerable amount of ointment and cream, if the problem is a simple and accessible means, located in the Cabinet in almost every home. It is possible to carry out a full foot care with hydrogen peroxide.

Foot baths with a peroxide

If the skin on the feet only started to grobet, then a positive result can be achieved already after the first procedure. If, on the legs began to appear corns and cracks, it is likely that it will take time to repeat the different «foot» of the event.

Recipes trays with peroxide for the heels, there are many. We will tell you the most popular.

  • Classic. This bath will suit everyone who suffers from excessive rudeness toe. The number of treatments depends on the condition of the feet.

Pour into a basin of hot water, its temperature should be such that the feet raspalis, but the legs can be safely deleted and not feel discomfort during the procedure. Add water, 3% hydrogen peroxide in 1.5 liters of water 3-4 lodges. peroxide, depending on the condition of the soles. 1 session will last approximately 5-10 minutes, time set themselves depending on the problem. However, overdoing it is not worth it. After steaming, follow the trouble spots with a pumice stone or a special brush.

  • Foot bath with hydrogen peroxide and salt. This recipe will come in handy if the skin on the feet, very thick, porous and poorly cleaned is fed.

Pour into a container with 4-5 litres of warm, almost hot water, pour it into 2 boxes. ordinary table salt. In this part raspravam legs for about 7-10 minutes, then add in a bath a couple of tablespoons of peroxide or 2 crushed tablets of hydrogen peroxide, leave the legs for another 5-7 minutes. Do not worry if some parts stop turn white, it’s dead skin. Then scrape the especially problem areas hard with a pumice stone and put on cotton socks. The results of this procedure, then you decide whether you want her to repeat and how many times.

  • Bath and aspirin.

All known drug helps in the fight against neglected corns. But first you need to steamed legs with hydrogen peroxide according to the classical scheme. Then prepare a treatment solution, dissolve ten tablets of aspirin in water and stir. Steamed and cleaned the feet should be lubricated with the mixture , wrap with foil and put on socks made of cotton. This compress is maintained for about half an hour. After some time remove it, wash the feet and clean the soles with a pumice stone or brush.

Many people use hydrogen peroxide for fungus of the toenails. But I want to note that the treatment of nail fungus with peroxide is very doubtful, and the results of this monotherapy has not been studied and is not justified. However, peroxide can disinfect the affected nail and to soften it to ensure a smooth penetration of drugs deep into the nail plate. Spend baths with peroxide prior to treatment of the skin and nails antifungals.

Foot baths with hydrogen peroxide, treatments received was positive from all who tried this method. But in folk medicine, there is more than one recipe for how to use hydrogen peroxide for toe.

Glycerin peroxide for feet

Ancient healing method will help to cope even with zastrelili corns, cracks, large blisters on the balls of the feet and other problems with the feet.

Glycerin is often used in ointments and masks for the legs, but it can also add to a foot bath. Treatment heels hydrogen peroxide is perfectly complemented by a media with glycerol to provide a heel for a long time sustainable softness and smoothness.

So, rasparte feet in the bath with peroxide, clean the soles with a special grater. After that, RUB into problem areas, natural pharmacy glycerin, you can add a few drops of Apple cider vinegar or lemon juice.

Repeat this procedure once a week to achieve amazing results.

Hydrogen peroxide from hair to feet

In addition, you can in a short time to clear the heel with hydrogen peroxide and treat cracks on the feet, today peroxide is also widely used in the fight against unwanted vegetation on the body. To make body hair look less noticeable, and eventually disappeared altogether, not necessarily to resort to expensive procedures, all you’ll desire and patience.

Will tell you an easy way how to lighten hair on legs hydrogen peroxide. Apply a mixture of hydrogen peroxide and ammonia, soak about 15 minutes and thoroughly rinse with water and lubricate the skin nourishing cream. The skin on the feet is not so soft as on other parts of the body, so the procedure can be repeated daily.

Now you know what hydrogen peroxide for heels just necessary for regular cleansing, if the skin of the feet often becomes rough and looks unattractive. Regular use of baths with peroxide will help get rid of the cracks, you forget from excessive sweating of the feet, and simply clip the blood vessels in the lower extremities. Along with these along with get rid of unwanted hair on the legs.

Let your feet will be healthy and beautiful!

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