How to quickly get rid of cellulite

4CIn our time the problem of cellulite is not just a nuisance for women, and disaster. Especially when soon you need to go on holiday to the sea and to put on a magic bikini for a good tan or to go to the pool with friends, the ladies begin to complain that they’ve never had time for it. Well, everything is possible and quickly to get rid of cellulite is quite real. Of course, getting rid of cellulite is a long and laborious process, especially when the running stage, you need to undergo treatment for many months. However, in emergency cases it is possible to get rid of cellulite in one week. For this you will need to carry 6 effective medical procedures at the same time for 2 weeks and not to be lazy, so you will be able to fulfill the main task is to dissolve the solid fat to remove excess liquid and toxins from subcutaneous tissue.

  1. Fats naturally dissolve at a high temperature, so wear a few hours a day a warming anti-cellulite Titan clothing (shorts, belt) to achieve the thermal effect and massage. So you will be able to soften and dissolve the cellulite. If you are not able to purchase such clothing, nothing, can immediately begin with the following getting rid of cellulite
  2. You need to create a sauna effect, this should make cellulite body wraps, and therapeutic masks 2-3 times a week. This will enhance the effect of the active components of the mask and the skin will be tightened and excess fat and fluid is removed through the pores of the skin. It is desirable to use a mask on the basis of paraffin and blue clay. In a previous article we have already told you how to make wraps at home.
  3. Definitely need to do a warming anti-cellulite massage in parallel with other procedures, for 15 minutes, 2 times a day. For massage on the areas of cellulite is better to use coffee grounds, essential oils of citrus, sea salt or cellulite cream. It is also convenient to do this massage while taking a shower. How to do anti-cellulite massage here.
  4. In any case, do not let your blood to stagnate in the areas of problem areas. Do not be lazy every few hours for a little exercise, jump, or gently massage problem areas. If possible, just to walk in the fresh air.
  5. During treatment of cellulite and in the future, try to follow some rules in the diet. Do not use salt, cakes and all fat. Eat more fruits and vegetables.
  6. The main secret that will help You to get rid of cellulite is, of course, herbal teas, which normalize the metabolism and accelerate the elimination of toxins and excess fluid from the body. If you do massage and wraps, you will dissolve fat cells and diuretic tea will strengthen this magic anti-cellulite effect. Brew tea with the leaves of birch, grass, orthosiphon, peduncle cherry extract, grape seed. Such fees can be purchased at the pharmacy. Do not forget to carry at the same time, all procedures for 2 weeks, and you will be able to achieve the amazing result.

How to get rid of cellulite exercises, watch the video

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