How to whiten teeth with folk remedies

how to whiten teeth at homeWell, who dreams of a beautiful Hollywood smile that is striking its white teeth. Probably there is no such person. After all, everybody understands that the first thing that everyone pays attention when you smile, it’s natural teeth. All defects that occur from nature, modern dentistry successfully corrects. However, the case does not end with dental issues, with teeth that need daily care. Only then can we expect for blinding white and healthy teeth.

Of course, in this case there is many toothpastes and expensive artificial whitening dentists. But not everyone has that opportunity, so there are folk remedies, which effectively help to clean and whiten teeth. Besides it is absolutely harmless and useful, in relation to toothpastes and professional whitening. Let’s look at some tried and effective ways of teeth whitening folk remedies at home.

  1. Activated carbon. Very simple and effective method of teeth whitening. Take one tablet of activated charcoal and mash it by using the toothbrush clean the teeth. It is advisable to take expensive toothbrush because KK after this procedure can be discarded. Thoroughly brushing teeth, rinse your mouth. The effect you will feel from the degree of plaque.
  2. Salt. Another great way to clean the teeth. Take a small piece of gauze and put on her largest edible salt, lightly moisten a gauze and wipe the teeth gently pressing on them. After this they are really becoming much whiter. Just do not overdo it when cleaning, so as not to injure the gums.
  3. Lemon juice. Just poprosite mouth with lemon juice or RUB your teeth with lemon peel pulp. It is also good for white teeth.
  4. Baking soda. The most popular folk remedy for teeth whitening. It is desirable to add to regular toothpaste and brush your teeth, not much had taste of soda. Or just umakoti toothbrush in baking soda and thoroughly clean the teeth. However, remember to brush your teeth with baking soda can be no more than twice a week, as sleepy much destroys tooth enamel, in addition to this baking soda idea.
  5. Hydrogen peroxide. It is this element added to the gels professional teeth whitening. But at home you can simply moisten a sponge in the peroxide and wipe over the teeth, or rinse mouth.
  6. Wood ash. It also cleans and whitens the teeth because it contains potassium hydroxide, which is an effective bleaching agent. Dip the toothbrush in the ashes and clean the teeth. Also fashionable to mix it with toothpaste or tooth powder, for a more pleasant sensations in the mouth. As in the case of soda, wood ash can be used frequently. It also thins damage tooth enamel and gums, inappropriate and frequent use.
  7. Berries. Excellent job with plaque and whiten teeth conventional berries, strawberries and wild strawberries. Crush them and apply on the teeth, then gently RUB the teeth until the juice. After the procedure, be sure to thoroughly rinse your mouth.

Remember, to enhance the effect while teeth whitening folk remedies you should use different components constantly alternate. And most importantly don’t spend whitening more than once every week for cracks and holes, leading to destruction of the teeth, and be sure to rinse your mouth and teeth after this procedure. Take care of your teeth, make sure and regularly clean the mouth. Then Hollywood smile will you!

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