How to whiten teeth at home

A common stereotype that white color of tooth enamel indicates increased content of calcium or the health of your teeth, it is fundamentally wrong. The durable enamel has a yellowish tint, and white smile is only a genetically predetermined trait appearance. If you do not belong to the number of people that has a beautiful color of teeth, and want to bleach them, it should systematically use bleach.

Why yellow teeth

A common cause of yellowed teeth is the nature of power. Enamel has the ability to absorb food colors contained in foods and beverages for human consumption. Black tea, coffee, red wine, carbonated drinks no less actively obscure covering the teeth, rather than nicotine from tobacco products. With age, tooth enamel thins and becomes transparent, and since the rear wall of the teeth has a darker color, the smile looks yellow.

In addition, the causes of change in teeth colour can be a course of treatment with antibiotics, moved maxillofacial trauma. The color of the coating also affects the quality of brushing: many people carry out this procedure too quickly, as a result, not completely purified the surface of the teeth becomes yellow. Dentists advise to regularly give teeth a minimum of 3 minutes. After a thorough cleansing of the tooth enamel it should not remain traces of food, which leads to yellowing of teeth.

Dentist examines teeth of the patient

You can whiten your teeth without harming enamel

How to whiten teeth at home? Before performing any procedures, you should be certain that your teeth are perfectly healthy. Why it is better to separate the whitening to visit the dentist who will examine your gums and teeth to make sure there are no defects or diseases. If there is damage, then any whitening methods for you unacceptable, they stimulate the progress of deformation of the enamel.

In the presence of braces, metal or metal-ceramic crowns, during pregnancy, children up to 12 years to whiten yellow dental plate with special tools it is impossible. In addition, the procedure provides people with a lot of old fillings or prosthetic constructions like crowns, bridges, as whitening will be ineffective. Almost all the popular and professional tools do not apply to artificial materials like porcelain or plastic.

Effective folk remedies for quick teeth whitening

  • Hydrogen peroxide

This substance is the main component of most professional remedies for teeth whitening. Hydrogen peroxide in your mouth creates active foam, which washes away the pigments from the tooth enamel, restoring its natural light color. The greater concentration of use and keep longer in your mouth, the more noticeable the effect. A disadvantage of this method of whitening is the inability to independently control the time of action of the drug, which can lead to the development of tooth hypersensitivity.

As a rule, to return a snow-white tooth enamel used the pharmacy 3% hydrogen peroxide. During the procedure, the tooth coating wipe soaked in the solution cotton wool, after which the teeth thoroughly brushed. The second option is whitening – rinse your mouth with a mixture of peroxide with water (25 drops a third of a Cup) after each brushing. The procedure was carried out for 2 weeks. If you experience discomfort whitening is interrupted.

  • Baking soda

Teeth whitening at home baking soda

In order to remove the yellowish tinge of a smoker or coffee lover, you should try whitening with baking soda. The procedure is repeated 2-3 times a day, as frequent use of baking soda can cause damages to dental tissues. Gently apply the powder on the enamel, being careful not to touch the gums, so as not to scratch them. Better to do it with a brush and a damp cloth. Carefully slide it vertically, and then rinse your mouth with warm water.

  • Activated carbon

How to whiten teeth at home quickly? Method using activated carbon versatile and effective. Its main advantage is the complete safety to enamel. For example, soda causes dryness of the mouth and can damage the gums, unlike coal, which is carefully and gently whitens tooth enamel. Mash the pills into powder, apply it on your teeth using a wet toothbrush, making a reciprocating vertical movement. Abrasive components of the means to thoroughly clean enamel. Repeat the procedure until it becomes a noticeable result.

  • Tea tree oil

The essential oil is effectively whitens teeth only when you purchase the natural product, and not the aromatic analogue. This tool not only removes yellow plaque, but also has antibacterial properties, cleanses the teeth from stones, restores the gums. Apply the oil after basic cleaning of the teeth, causing a few drops on the brush and in a circular motion covering them with the tooth surface. After this the mouth should be rinsed with water with a few drops of lemon juice or vinegar.

  • Wood ash

The substance contains potassium hydroxide which possesses a strong bleaching properties. However, coarse particles of ash can damage enamel and gums, so avoid using this inexpensive media. Use wood ash once in 4-6 months in the absence of other means of cleaning the enamel. Brush apply the ash to clean the teeth, mixing it with toothpaste is approximately 1:1. Then carefully rinse the tooth cavity with warm water.

  • Strawberry

To whiten teeth at home strawberries will help

To whiten dentition some use the berries. Strawberries and strawberries have whitening properties, but they can’t be used often. Fruit acid can destroy the enamel, this is especially fraught for sensitive teeth. Gently RUB with cut berries, both tooth row, then the usual way you brush your teeth. The second option of bleaching is to crush a berry and a brush to apply it on the teeth, massaging for at least 5 minutes, then rinse your mouth. Repeat the procedure up to 3 times a week.

  • Lemon peel

The rind of the lemon RUB the surface of the teeth after each brushing for 4-5 days. If the whitening procedure will occur more frequently, ascorbic acid, contained in citrus fruits can destroy not only the plaque but also the enamel. After brushing, rinse mouth with water. For deeper whitening from the inside of the lemon peel should chew a few minutes. If you are sensitive it can be painful, then the procedure you need to abstain.

  • Banana peel

The product contains many different minerals like calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, potassium, manganese – all of it very healthy for the teeth and different lightening effect. You should first brush your teeth, and then within 2-3 minutes, RUB them with a banana peel. The final stage will be re-brushing, and the second time can do without pasta. To achieve the desired effect, do the whitening every day.

Professional techniques for home teeth whitening 1 day

Whitening is a cosmetic process that aims to change the color of tooth enamel through the use of special tools. Successful is that procedure, which resulted in the smile of a man it becomes much whiter than before. As with any other procedure, the bleaching complications can arise, which it is better to talk with the dentist. A lot depends on the texture of the tooth enamel, so the advice of a professional should not be neglected.

Individual mouthguard with whitening gel

Girl having whiten teeth gel

Before using whitening trays, do not carry out procedures such as fillings or dentures. Be sure to clean the stones at the dentist. The large number of old fillings and cavities, gum disease, pregnancy, lactation are contraindications to the whitening trays. The procedure should not be about those who have false teeth, since artificial materials under the action of the chemicals can be damaged that will require changing the prostheses.

Well established tools such: Crestal, White Glo, Plus White 5 Yotuel 7 Hours. Before using the tray and brush your teeth. The removable part will place whitening gel and wear the tray on the jaw, leaving them for the night. To obtain the white smile repeat daily for 3 weeks. Normal is considered to be tooth sensitivity to hot or cold foods/drinks. During the whitening, avoid staining foods-type beets, tomatoes, sauces, coffee, tea, etc.

A special whitening toothpaste

To purchase this tool, not only in pharmacy but also in almost any store cosmetics, even at the supermarket. Whitening toothpaste is considered to be very soft but not the most efficient professional way to clean the yellowed enamel. However, with regular use it helps remove dark smoke Deposit, though not gives the desired teeth whiteness.

To whiten your teeth with a toothpaste, it is better to use a hard brush. The course duration should not be more than one month, otherwise you risk damaging the top layer of enamel and make teeth hypersensitive. Great options for home whitening paste is: Lacalut White, President Plus White, Rembrandt-antitobacco and Coffee Splat Whitening Plus», Silca Arctic White.

Pencil to lighten enamel

The girl whitens teeth with a pencil to lighten enamel

Before clarification of the enamel is wiped with a piece of cleaning cloth or wipes the outer surface of the teeth, after which the dispenser of the pencil returns to the appearance of drops of gel, which is applied on the teeth or yellowed separate plate (usually darken fangs). After processing, do not close your mouth for 60 seconds, keep smile. Then wipe the tooth surface with a cloth, no rinsing his mouth. Refrain from taking food or drink (except water) in the next 40 minutes. The whitening result is visible immediately.

After the procedure, the whitening pencil, you may notice increased sensitivity to hot or cold drinks, food is considered normal. To preserve the health, enamels, use a pencil should be no more than 1 time a day and not longer than 2 weeks. Later, the course may be repeated. For bleaching it is better to use proven tools type TinyDeal Teeth Whitening Pen, White Biocosmetics Kiss, BLIQ.

Strips for teeth whitening

This tool is easy to use, it looks like small strips of perforated polyethylene, on one side of which contains an active gel. Unlike the special pencil, the concentration of the complex of active substances in the preparation is minimal. The main component strips are carbamide peroxide and hydrogen. The main advantage of this tool for at-home bleaching – a strict dosage of active substances, which is established by the manufacturer.

Apply strips to the upper and lower dentition (vary by size), and keep the teeth as much as indicated in the instructions. This parameter is different for each individual manufacturer, for example, a brand Crest 3D White Whitestrips keep the 5-30 minutes, and Bright Light from 30 minutes. After the procedure is completed, the strips are removed and the teeth cleaned with a soft brush or rinsed with warm water. Usually, companies recommend to use products twice a day for 1-2 weeks.


Whitening mouthwash to lighten enamel

Such bleaching agents can be of two types: with active oxygen (for example, Global White) or with hydroxyapatite and herb extracts (BlanX White Shock). Before use, carefully read the information on the label and consult your doctor – these measures will help to determine if a particular whitening product or it is better to refrain from using it, choosing a more gentle.

Some conditioners wash away plaque, softening it, so it is better to use before brushing your teeth. Other tools have exceptionally whitening and refreshing effect, therefore, applied after dental hygiene. Standard single the volume of rinse is 50 grams, the drug kept in the mouth should not be less than a minute. Never swallow the whitening solution.

Care of teeth after whitening

The first 14 days after the procedure are the most important to maintain and secure the result. About two days after whitening, you need to follow a special diet, dying is not food and drink colourful drinks. Refrain from coffee, chocolate, black tea, juices, red wine, bright vegetables type of beets or carrots, ketchup, soy sauce, berries and cakes that contains them. To maintain the whitening effect for as long as possible, you need to limit their consumption in the future or after each meal to brush your teeth.

After the procedure, the whitening abstain for 2-3 days and Smoking tobacco, cigars, pipes, or In extreme cases, these products may replace the electronic cigarette, otherwise the effect will be lost. In the next 14 days minimize the number of cigarettes smoked. Try to adhere strictly to hygiene: use quality floss and brush often, rinse the cavity, use the oral irrigator to help keep your teeth white for a long time.

Prevention of darkening of the tooth enamel

Husband brushes his teeth

  • Brush your teeth at least twice a day, before Breakfast and at night, ideally after each meal. And to perform cleaning should be at least 3 minutes, then carefully rinse your mouth with water or infusion of herbs. In order to clean the spaces of the teeth, use floss or a toothpick.
  • It is better to use a medium-soft brush – it well removes plaque without damaging enamel. Change hygienic accessory for every season, otherwise it will turn into a place to stay harmful bacteria.
  • Drink clean water in sufficient quantity (up to 2 liters per day).
  • Do not drink beverages containing food dyes, minimize drinking coffee, tea. Fresh juices to drink through a straw to protect the enamel from staining and destruction acids.
  • Eat fresh fruits, vegetables, because many of them are natural whiteners. However, after consuming the fruit is to rinse your mouth thoroughly.

Videorate: how to safely whiten yellow teeth at home

Every professional whitening drug or folk remedy has its advantages and disadvantages. Some of them can cause irreparable harm to the teeth, so the choice of the appropriate method of whitening should be approached responsibly. According to dentists, the best choice is a professional cleaning in the clinic, and to maintain the result, you can use home remedies. After watching the video, you will learn how to whiten enamel at home without harm.

Before and after teeth whitening at home

Natural white dental plate depends on many aspects: detrimental habits such as Smoking, diet and even genetic predisposition. However, with the help of effective dental and folk remedies everyone can to some extent to whiten the tooth enamel. This is only to choose the right cleaning method. Below are photos of the teeth before and after the procedure, showing the difference in color of the enamel.

The before and after photos of teeth whitening

The result of bleaching teeth at home

Before and after teeth whitening at home

Feedback about the results

Oleg, 32 years: I dentist recommended at-home bleaching appliance Ionic-White. Completed 5 sessions of 2 minutes each. The result is tooth enamel was noticeably lighter. The only disadvantage of home bleaching was pain when drinking cold drinks or hot food, but it passed after a week. Purchased the device online with discount, it cost me 1,300 rubles.

Anastasia, 27 years: Because I smoke a lot and drink coffee, have a problem with plaque. Tried to whiten the special pastas – all in vain, so I decided to test the Kappa. And then disappointed: the effect though, but it quickly passed. After 7-10 days, the old yellow is back, plus to this, the teeth become very sensitive to different foods. When I went to the dentist, the doctor said that the enamel has already been badly damaged, and the procedure worsened the situation. Need expensive treatment.

Simon, 38 years: With age, began to darken teeth, and since my work involves sales, appearance means a lot. Used a variety of toothpaste with whitening effect rinses, rubbing teeth with lemon peel, but the result was insignificant. When I started to apply the strips for the whitening, the effect was immediately noticeable. However, there is a drawback – prolonged use makes teeth overly sensitive.

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