How to weave a spike

Spikelet or fishtail is the ideal hairstyle for women of all ages. It is relevant both in celebration and in everyday life, perfect for long, medium and short hair. But how to weave a spike? It’s much easier than it might seem. Just a few workouts and you will be able to learn how to braid spikelet itself in different ways.

How to weave a spike: tips and hints

Often, when braiding the braids strands of hair pop out of braids, are «cocks». How to weave a spike that KOs was nice and neat? To ease the process of erecting the hair, use the following secrets of experienced hairdressers:

  • From thin strands turns a neat, elegant braid.
  • Large strands used to create voluminous braid.
  • To create a trendy, casual, slightly debauched braid, take large strands and rarely try to cross.
  • To avoid «rooster», every single strand of hair and pull the brush.
  • To simplify the process of weaving, and the hair is not scattered, lightly spray them with water, styling products (mousse, foam, gel) or wet.
  • Hairstyle from the perfect will not work, so before you weave the braid itself, try creating a hair style on another person or on a mannequin.

The little spike at the girl

  • To braid is not wrapped to the side, use strands of equal thickness.
  • Hairstyle spike is a good option for rainy, windy weather, trips with overnight stays, trips to the beach or pool, many activities.
  • The spike in the French style will be more magnificent, bigger and more beautiful, if with your fingers to pull it up some links.
  • Small «cocks» is easy to clean with a comb with small teeth.
  • For hairstyles «circular cone» purchase a small comb and necesite their hair at the roots, so your hair will look more elegant.
  • Use accessories: various clip, rhinestones, headbands, studs will make the original even the most ordinary, the classic spike.
  • Looks nice on this hairstyle with integrally colored, brendirovannyh, highlighted hair.

How to learn how to weave a spike – step-by-step instructions and diagrams

Hairstyle spike again at the peak of popularity, it is loved by Russian and Hollywood celebrities, who use it not only for everyday life but also for social events. Among them were noticed: Diana Kruger, Scarlett Johansson, Jessica Alba, Yana Rudkovskaya, Nicole Kidman, Natalia Vodianova, Rihanna and many other beauties. Knowing some simple technique it is possible to create diverse styles hairstyle, experiment with its variations and types. It is important to watch videos and just try to keep their hands remember the movements.

On the side

Original and unusual looks spikelet on the side. It looks nice on my head like a little girl and an adult woman. Weaving is conducted on the principle of braids in the French style, but each strand is added from the side, twisted in the form of a harness. Scheme of hairstyles on the side following:

The weave pattern of the spikelet on the side

  1. First comb hair back from the face.
  2. On either side of the head (left or right your choice), select a strand of medium thickness and divide it into three equal pieces.
  3. Make some links (two or three) classic braid.
  4. Further to our braid woven a strand with your chosen side. From that moment, the side braid.
  5. Then take a strand from the opposite side and again add it to a bundle of hair.
  6. Continue to alternately weave the strands in the hair on both sides of the head, and that turned out beautifully, every time pulls the hair tight.
  7. When he reached the base of the neck, continue to make the regular braid. Fix the tip of the rubber band, throw it outside, or hide.
  8. Finished hairstyle you can decorate to make it more voluminous. To do this, each link slightly pull out the curls. On the sides or between the links, insert the stud with beads or flowers.

Around the head

Spike in a circle head – one of the most unique, luxurious hair. It is best suited for thick hair. If your hair is thin, it is appropriate to make a light bouffant at the roots. Hairstyle requires training and a little practice, so experiment on other hair, be patient and start to work according to the following scheme:

How to braid a cone around his head

  1. Well comb and moisten the hair.
  2. In the middle of the head make even hair to separate your hair into two equal halves.
  3. On the right side, with the head separate the three strands are the same as for normal spikelets.
  4. Begin to weave the braid in a spiral, with each step adding new strands. The work must be used all the hair.
  5. Weave ends near the left ear. The tip of the spit hide under locks, and that he did not get out, secure it invisible.
  6. In a similar way, we start weaving a semi-circle from the left temple.
  7. A tip of the hair from the left braids hidden under links right, fix with Bobby pins.
  8. Optional decorate hair with pins.

Inverted cone

Spike, on the contrary looks more expressive and effective than the classic version. For work, we will need an elastic, a comb, moisturizer and locking means (lacquer, mousse). Phased technology that can spike inside out is this:

Braid Evernote spike

  • Good combing hair, separate the top of the head part of the hair, which is divided into three sections (Central, left, right).
  • Put the left strand under the center.
  • Then the right strand placed under the Central and left.
  • Then take the Central strand attached to it part free hair, move it under the right around so that she was back in the center of the braids.
  • Done also with the left strand, taking part of the loose hair. This time, the left strand is in the center of the spit.
  • Continue to weave a twisted spike, until the end of the hair.
  • The result is fixed with a black elastic band.

Hairstyle 2 spikelets

Knowing how to do one braid, easy to learn to braid hair in two spikelets, the main thing – to be able to take a perfect straight hair. Variations of this hairstyle are numerous: you can braid braids, using the classical method, or a twisted ear, connect the cones one rubber, from neck to combine both in a single spike, to dobesilate braid to the back and then leave a tail. All the ways look original and stylish. Scheme create a hairstyle in a classic style steps described below:

Yak weave two ears

  1. Carefully comb through the clean hair.
  2. Divide the hair parted in the middle.
  3. Begin to braid one side of the parting then from the second.
  4. To do this, take a strand of hair near the bangs on the left side of the parting, divide it into three equal parts.
  5. Start to weave a normal braid, continually adding to the main strands of new hair, as above, so below. Remember: don’t make the weave too tight, the braid braid straight, parallel to the parting.
  6. When you have finished braiding the left ear, go to the design on the right side. The technology is similar.
  7. Ready two ear you will need to put beautifully. You can stab braids in the form of spirals or rings.

Video lessons on weaving spikelets of hair

Learn the technique of weaving is extremely difficult to cope with this task even a child can do. Several attempts – and you will learn to create in your head are real masterpieces. Don’t worry if it doesn’t happen, use the tips of video. Theoretical description with pictures and photos are not always in the details can tell you how to do hair, so for a visual description of all of the intricacies of this skill present to your attention a video on weaving French, and classical ears.

In the French style

Classic spike itself

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