How to wear the high socks

How to wear the high socksRecently, the knee is considered a stylish thing, but most fashionistas prefer socks above the knee. Girls. Who wear such socks cause a shock in the people around them. Most people think it is vulgar, and the girls who wear them devoid of taste. So let’s face it, Golf is bad taste or vulgarity.

Still knee is a very fashionable thing and it says that its owner is not deprived of taste and is stylish. But not all their owners know what and how to wear these extra long socks above knee.

How to wear the high socks

First watch who and how wears it. Your observation may answer your question. If these fashionistas are not there, then you are lucky, you will be the first fashionista in this direction, and examples and ideas you can look at glossy fashion magazines. When choosing an outfit, pick up his socks. This will help to make your image interesting. But be careful, don’t try to make a spectacle of yourself. You will look ridiculous if you wear socks to bare feet when it’s cold outside or sandals.

Here are some rules how to combine the high socks with the different elements of your wardrobe.

High socks and skirt.

The high socks will look great with a mini skirt is made of denim or cotton fabric. The image of a giddy schoolgirl, you will add a pleated mini skirt blue color in combination with a high knee. High socks can be worn with a skirt long to the knee. Nothing bad will happen if it is longer than knee socks. In this case, the knee will look like leggings and if you sit down, no one will see your bare legs.


High socks and shorts.

High excellent socks will be combined with the shorts. Among stylists, this is referred to as casual. Shorts distressed denim or khaki, knee-high and you stylish beauty.


Socks above the knee and short dresses.

Wonderful combination – knee and above-knee short dress. A great replacement dresses might have been with a long shirt. A short dress with a halter neckline in the ensemble with high socks and you are out of the competition. Really like this ensemble in cold weather have to Supplement with a warmer top. Socks above the knee will provide you with a carefree way of shkodnitsa or stylish and fashionable girl. But the high socks will not fit all. Owners of slim and beautiful legs stockings only accentuate these advantages. In other cases, all the flaws will come out.

What you may wear the high socks

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