What to wear with cropped pants?

What to wear with cropped pantsWhat can you wear cropped trousers in order to look stylish and fashionable. This kind of footwear is entrenched in the wardrobe of women and does not want to give up their positions.

And deservedly so, as the cropped pants add femininity and charm. Among all the fuss and technical overload of the modern world, so you want to our soul and the eyes rested, than not be beautiful.

The famous and elegant woman did not part with this garment. Stylish and elegant Audrey Hepburn always preferred pants to other garments. The popularity of these pants is not that. In addition to the elegant silhouette and beauty, the cropped trousers are practical and match with other clothes.

Versatile outfit — cropped trousers

What to wear with womens cropped pants

With short trousers can make interesting images, from simply classic to bold, glamorous. But in all cases, the woman will be on top. Still, what images you can make with short trousers.

  • The classic image. This image is always austere, without frills and frivolity. This method attracts the attention of the good taste and sense of style. Combine your cropped pants with a top that closes tightly. The shoes in this case, choose shoes with square heels or flat shoes.
  • A bit of an experiment. Wear cropped pants in different colors with a draped top. This method is best slim and tall women, as well as various assemblies and pleats will add volume and accentuate the graceful curves of the body. Especially good ensemble with cropped khaki pants. Mix and match pants with tops in bright colors or with prints. Choose from shoes high heel and then you are out of the competition.
  • Extravagant lady. Such extravagant combination will allow himself or every woman, but only the one who wishes to always be the center of attention, and does not feel any complexes about their appearance. Combine cropped trousers in polka dots or stripes with striped tops, ponchos, retro style, nautical themes, with coarse shoes, accessories antique. These outfits are suitable for summer days, because at this time, so I like everything unusual and bright.
  • The style of the chart. Tops graphics style cropped pants as well combined. White top and black pants, add accessories in black and white and you will look elegant and fresh.
  • Men’s style. Special charm and elegance will give the woman the masculine style. Shirt with V-neck and pants – a great combination. Of shoes best, in this case moccasins.
  • For work, leisure and parties. For such cases to fit the style of casual. Shirt or blouse made of cotton combined with short trousers. Dilute the image of glasses and bracelets. Shirts of bright colours perfect for parties. Soft knitted blouse in a pastel shade will go well with cropped denim pants. This image of shoes, choose flats that will match the color with a top or jeans.

Colorful cropped pants

What you can wear women's pants

Summer always wants to be bright and original. Colorful cropped pants never fit to create a variety of images.

  1. The combination of an elegant sleeveless blouse, soft pastel shade, gathered front soft pleats in combination with colored pants is a great look for summer. Add to all belt brown color and metal buckle and complete your look with a clutch in the same color.
  2. Perfectly white t-shirt and pants fuchsia. Add to this short leather jacket, the bag and the platform shoes black.
  3. Blue, yellow, green, brown, red, cropped pants are perfectly combined with a white top. Add to shoes or sandals and a handbag decorated in black and white.
  4. Dark green blouse of light fabric will be combined perfectly with cropped pants dark orange color. Shoes select color blouse. In the cool of the day add to the image knitted cardigan brown. Select a handbag to match the cardigan or neutral black.
  5. Trousers with floral patterns combine with bright tops. Add a short black jacket and black shoes. In order to balance the diversity of the outfit, choose a bright bag.

Cropped pants and shoes

For the harmonious image, great attention should be paid to shoes. Shoes are always in plain sight.

  • Flats, sandals, Slippers neutral colors and cropped trousers like never suitable for Jogging shopping and fast solutions to urgent matters. Shoes should be inconspicuous and certainly convenient.
  • Women of small stature is not necessary to combine the pants with heavy shoes.
  • Option cropped pants and boots in the cold days will only fit slim and high women.
  • With the high-heeled shoes perfectly slim, cropped trousers.
  • Pants must be worn over shoes. In this case, good boots will look perfectly classic shoes, shoes with open heel, or shoes with a strap around the ankle.
  • For rainy autumn days suitable closed stylish shoes or oxfords. Socks and socks will add warmth and charm.

A few fashion ideas

To elegant, stylish and attractive look in cropped trousers on holiday, on a date evening, use these tips:

  1. Slim, cropped pants vanilla, warm white or beige wear with a black sweater with black beads stuck belt. Add a small asymmetric hat black, shoes and sandals in the tone of the pants, handbag light pastel shade.
  2. Atlas. Shimmering fabric is able to create a tempting fantasy images. Light grey skinny pants faille dress with black satin blouse, with zipper on the back. Add black satin jacket with below hip length, lined, lapels trimmed with lace of blue, a hat with a wide brim with black satin ribbon, shoes in black with pointed toe. Complete your look with a bag in gray-black color.
  3. In cold season wear dark trousers and shirt of a dark color in a fine knit. Enhance the image of a vest made of fur is dark in color with shiny buttons, shoes with a large buckle and a bright handbag.

Cropped trousers is tailor-made for beauty and elegance. You can pick up any option and carry out any whim. Use this garment to look elegant and attractive.

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