How to wear and match clothes

The dress codeIn today’s world of fashion there are certain common rules to wear clothes, but every rule has exceptions, and deliberately breaking the rules, you can get a stunning effect. Moreover, modern fashion encourages freedom, expression and imagination.

So, it is believed that not supposed to wear things that are not appropriate to your age. Really need to refuse such things, if in them you will feel awkward and constrained. However, if in these clothes you feel comfortable, don’t be scared to wear it.

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Another rule of wearing clothing to a business meeting, you cannot wear pants. However, elegant pant suits will make you even more trendy and modern than a strict skirt suit, of course only if it is not meeting at the diplomatic level. Read more about choosing a business suit here.

How to combine clothes and accessories

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Also, etiquette rules wear clothing for women, it is believed that the accessories (bag, belt, scarf, etc.) are chosen in tone to the shoes. But modern views on fashion — three things the same color spoil the view, making it boring and contrasting things can liven up, brighten and draw attention even to the most neutral clothes and appearance. However, we must remember that there should be no more than 3-4 contrasting colors in the dress. A lot of different bright colors is considered bad manners.

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Jewelry too should match the style, because one small detail can how to decorate and spoil the impression from the appearance. Heavy massive decorations in no case should not be worn to exquisite romantic dress.

How to combine clothing and shoes? It is accepted that patent leather shoes spring wear, and suede shoes in autumn and winter. However, shiny patent leather shoes will look great with woolen clothing, and suede with soft colors goes well with light summer dresses. But one important rule has not been canceled — the shoes should always be spotless, clean and appropriate in a particular situation.


Another rule of wearing clothes — outerwear (coat, coats) must be longer dresses or skirts. However, if the silhouette of the coat and the dress match, this outfit is acceptable.

It is also believed that the color of the tights can be either bodily, or be suitable to match the shoes. But it’s no wonder store shelves are full of various colors and shades of accessories, including tights today, you can choose any color and vivid details will provide toilets originality (e.g. red tights combined with a blue skirt will pretty well), unless you are going for an interview at the office with a strict dress code.

how to combine clothing

Among other things, white pants are not worn in winter, like other light colored clothing. But this rule is usually observed only partially. Really, in the winter we hide white patent leather shoes, bags and suits, but white jeans will look great throughout the year, especially in combination with bright wool sweaters.

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But to summarize everything above, remember that the famous aphorism says — «the main thing is to suit sat». And it is no accident that arose the proverb: «Meet on clothes..»