How to wash the hair with folk remedies

photo after washing off the paintsWomen are famous for their love of change, especially when it comes to your own way. A special place in the experiments with appearance is hair coloring. But, not every attempt to change, ends with a happy ending. When at you from the mirror looks quite a stranger to the girl with the shade of hair, which she is not stated on the box or paint the color is quite different from that obtained in reality, much bad mood and appears irresistible desire to return to «as was». Fortunately, there are many ways to quickly wash off the paint from the hair, from different special chemicals to popular, proven methods.

We all know that the special wash hair on the basis of the chemical. reagents gives fast results, but is very harmful to your hair, drying their hair, making it fragile and thin, and the scalp is prone to Smoking and peeling after the procedure. But, there is another way out of the situation, the tasks you can wash off the paint from the hair at home using traditional methods, proven by many generations of women. Today’s article is entirely devoted to this subject, what to do when thoughtful way under threat, and how to wash the hair with folk remedies. In addition, you will be able to learn how to wash off hair dye from the skin.

How to wash off the paint from the hair home

Independent remover paint at home will help you save a lot of money, because in the salon this procedure is quite expensive. You can certainly take advantage of the special ready-made professional compositions that «work» quickly and wash off any paint. But, as already mentioned, the chemical components in the purchase washes are very aggressive, and together with the pigments break down and the structure of the hair, and often after such a procedure the woman may suffer a great loss of hair will lose volume. This method would be appropriate, if absolutely not enough time to bring the hair into order. But you should understand that hair restoration in the future will take more than one month.

More prudently will restore its former color by using natural products and natural components. We bring you the most popular methods to return the color and not to harm the hair.

the photo shows how to change the color of the hair after washing off the paint

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Old paint can be removed safely and easily, with your favorite dairy product. In yogurt contains lactic acid, which is capable of destroying chemical substances and compounds. In addition, vitamins, minerals and biologically active substances in the beverage will help to restore hair structure to eliminate micro cracks. This is a great way to wash off paint with light hair and remove red shade, and for brunettes, the ability to lighten hair a few shades, regularly use one of the masks.

More about methods of application of yogurt for hair, see the link /maski-iz-kefira-dlya-Volos/

  • The easiest method to use yogurt in its purest form. It needs to be with high % fat and without any taste additives. Slightly heat yogurt and put on clean, dry hair. Keep the mask 1, 5 hours under a towel. Rinse with shampoo. You can alternate the buttermilk with yogurt or mayonnaise.
  • Take 1 liter of the fatty yogurt (if you have a home, that would be great), add a large spoonful of oil of plant origin (olive, canola, castor, burdock, sunflower or plain) and 1 tables. lies. salt. Thoroughly mix all ingredients and apply evenly to dry hair. Wrap the hair with polyethylene and towel. In half an hour wash your head with shampoo. Repeat the procedure until desired result is achieved, but not more often 2 times a day.
  • In a saucepan pour 2 cups of yogurt, add 2 boxes. of soda and 3 boxes. vodka. Composition and mix well in a water bath gently reheat until warm. Apply on entire length of hair. Insulate your head, go with the mask for about 2 hours. You may feel a slight tingling of the scalp, such a phenomenon is valid and is explained by the amount of vodka. Wash your hair and use the balm.


If you doubt whether you can wash the hair with the people’s way, try baking soda because of its brightening effect is known for a very long time. However, such a method to wash away unwanted color, suitable only for women with oily type of the ox, as the baking soda dry scalp and hair. Despite the fact that soda is a safe and mild product, to get involved in its use is not recommended.

  • The easiest way to get rid of the hated color when shampooing to add the baking soda into the shampoo, and a few minutes to massage and RUB the composition on all areas of the hair.
  • There is an option to use soda mask. About a Cup of baking soda add a little warm water to obtain a paste. Apply it on the whole length of the hair with a brush or a comb. Hold 40 minutes, then rinse thoroughly under running warm water. After this time wash the head with shampoo.
  • A more gentle method of hair is to use a soda solution. It is prepared in the proportions 5 table. lies. per litre of warm water. Wet hair in a concentrated R-d along the entire length, further actions are similar to previous option.

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Conventional economic or tar soap 72-% splits the coloring components and the content of alkali. Application method simple and unpretentious, thoroughly lather hair with soap and leave it on for half an hour like this. Be sure to thoroughly rinse your hair after the procedure, use a balm or make a nourishing mask, as the hair soap will dry up. Women with dry and brittle hair, this method is best not to use it to further dry out and damage.

How to wash off the paint with dark hair?

the photo washed out the color black hair to natural
Of course, from brunette to moment to turn into a bright blonde it does not, however, to lighten hair to a natural blonde shade is quite real. In addition to the above methods, there is one whose main component is honey. The procedure should be repeated several times, but every day before bed. Fresh liquid honey, apply on hair a little bit warm. Wear a cap or wrap head with polyethylene, and go to sleep. In the morning wash the head with shampoo and don’t be surprised if the water is dark, when washed off your paint.

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How to wash off hair dye from the skin of the face and hands?

Another problem that you might encounter after self home painting, there are paint stains on the skin. A very unpleasant situation, especially if the nose an important meeting or event. Do not despair, try some ways on how to wash off hair dye from hands, nails, face and body.

  1. A soap solution. If the treacherous traces detected immediately after staining, prepare a concentrated soap borough, place a hand or wipe it moistened cotton swab face.
  2. Vegetable oil. Oil contaminated sites of olive or sunflower oil, wait 15 minutes, rinse. If necessary, repeat the process. Great tool than to clean hair dye from the face and at the same time to give the skin softness and hydration.
  3. Lemon will cope with the cleansing of the skin, because it contains citric acid, which breaks down the dyes. Wipe with a piece of citrus contaminated area.
  4. The alcohol will help you remove even the most stubborn paint. Add a few drops of alcohol or alcohol-containing liquid and wipe his spot. Alcohol can be replaced with vinegar.

Homemade paint remover process, though laborious and can take more than one day, but hair natural lighting ingredients, you can at the same time to treat and heal them, and not to spend money on salon treatments.

We hope our tips will help you create the perfect look. And you ever had to wash off the paint with improvised means, share your response with advice and suggestions.

Be impeccable!

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