How to use manicure set

The task of each girl keeping nails and hands in perfect condition, because our hands are always in plain sight. Some people prefer to visit the master, and some people like to conduct their own home treatments for their fingers. To hands always looked flawless, it is important to regularly take care of them. How to use a manicure set? In this article you will learn about basic tools and their application. Useful video will help you to choose the best quality manicure sets.

Types of manicure

To choose the manicure set, you need to decide what kind of manicure do you prefer: classic, hardware, European neobreznoy. There is a General rule, regardless of the type of things — good quality, therefore increasing the cost. If you are not a professional, it is better to give preference to the kit for home use that will be convenient, will help to avoid damage and injury to the skin, the nail plate.

You should pay attention to the material which comprises the working parts of manicure tools. They should be easy to boiling, sterilization. This is important if you use the manicure set is not alone. After the application, you need to disinfect instruments that prevent transmission of blood-borne diseases, reduces the risk of infection during application of microtrauma during a manicure.

  • Classic kits allow you to manually edit the skin, nails. In most cases, they are in a case or box. Classic manicure set includes: clippers, tweezers or scissors with straight ends, with thin and rounded, knipser, nail file, scraper, tweezers, trimmer.

Classic manicure set

In addition, they can be a road (includes a minimum number of tools, which provide emergency assistance to nails and hands), professional (masters in showrooms), home (contain a lot of fixtures for a manicure).

  • Professional – consist of instruments that are characterized by long service life, high strength, expensive materials. In addition to fixtures, which the care of hands and nails, the package can include pedicure supplies. Designed for continuous operation.
  • Men’s sets include the same number of items that are classic. Tools larger, more massive to men was easier to use these things. Dressed in a carrying case or bag cool design, given the tastes of the stronger sex.

Electric manicure set

  • Electric is included in the portable device with different attachments that lead nails, skin in proper form. With it, you can remove the cuticles, shape the nails, Polish them, to perform other procedures for a quality manicure. Speed adjustable, exchangeable nozzle, special features allow to reach high efficiency portable device. Electric manicure kits can be homemade and professional, which differ among themselves with capacity.

What is included in mechanical kit manicure

The biggest manicure set may include ten or more tools, some of which women may not even know. The following list will familiarize you with each device:

  • Tweezers or pliers. For accuracy of manicure should be sure to handle the cuticle. In most cases it moves away orange stick or clipped with scissors. Sometimes used tweezers, which should lie comfortably in the hand. When choosing you need to try to open and close them, so that when these actions were not interference and sounds. Tweezers should not stick to be too tight. The jaw width of the tool must be up to 0.5 mm, without joint laxity, the course is smooth, soft, and cutting edges – sharp, smooth, without scratches, nicks.
  • A pair of scissors. May be different for certain functions: shaping, cutting cuticles. The tool is executed from stainless steel hand-sharpened. The basic requirement is the sharpness, as the blunt cutting edges can lead to injuries, burrs. If the cuticle is thin, choose scissors with narrow blades for thick – wide.
  • Knipser, designed to give a solid nail to the desired shape, cutting them. Has a convenient handle, innovative design.

Tools of a manicure set

  • The scraper is a spatula designed for moving away the cuticle. Made of stainless steel, other durable alloy. The scraper can be bilateral, when one end is used for moving away the cuticle, and the second acts to clean the tip of the nail. The pen tool should not slide in hands.
  • Saw. In large datasets there are several different variants, which differ in material, grit. Tool with one-sided diamond coating is sawed nails, remove dry old skin cuticle. The following material is crystal or glass, which give to produce the erosion in any direction without damaging the nail. Crystal or glass nail file durable, aesthetically pleasing look. Metal should be avoided. Any such instrument must be durable, abrasive coating to have a high resistance to abrasion, not to crumble after each use. For sawing nails with different angles of various degrees, nail file needs to have the flexibility, therefore, is the perfect tool for paper-based. There is a universal polishing nail file with four working surfaces with different grit sizes.
  • Trimmer – a subject with a forked tip is designed to handle burrs. It is not recommended to work with a blunt tool. The other end of the trimmer may be designed as a blade for moving away the cuticle.
  • Stick of orange wood cuticle, which has a high softness, gently pushing the skin.

How to use manual set

Before beginning nail care is necessary to disinfect the tools or scalded with boiling water. You can then proceed directly to the procedure. How to use a mechanical nail kit? Sequence of performance of manicure with the following:

Technique of doing manicure at home

  • First hand steamed.
  • The nail is given the desired length, is the basis for the future form of the tweezers.
  • Nail file the nail plate podpilivaya around the edge, while removing the burrs after shortening.
  • Cosmetic scissors removed the burrs.
  • The edge of the nail plate polished.
  • Applied to the cuticle wand to exfoliate from the nail. Removed if necessary a trimmer.
  • Polished entire surface of the nail side nail, has a soft coating.

What is included in an electric manicure set

The kit electric manicure kit includes a rechargeable clipper and the output:

Equipment electric manicure kit

  • Blade to lift the cuticle – must not penetrate too deep under the skin. Processing is performed from one edge to the other and back.
  • A large cone – shaped nozzle for grinding corns, rough skin. The nozzle moves accurately according to the required station.
  • The cylindrical nozzle is designed to care for the toenails.
  • Small wheels are intended for sawing, giving the desired shape. Thin nails is used a disk with a small notch, for thick – large.
  • Conical nozzle – designed to remove rough skin, ingrown nails. Used on the outside to the inside to the ground.
  • Disc for polishing and buffing – gives a beautiful Shine.
  • Discs to remove the rough skin from the feet with more rough surface and hands with less rough.

Tips on using an electric kit

How to use electric manicure set? The sequence of using this tool is as follows:

The use of mechanical electric set for manicure

  • Nails before treatment do not require wetting in the bath. In the former procedure, choose a nozzle with a small abrasive and low speed.
  • Clean the skin near the nail, grind, file his nails. Guide the treatment of calluses, cuticle.
  • In the damaged areas cannot do hardware manicure.
  • This operation must be carried out accurately, without a lot of effort not to ruin the manicure, not to injure the skin.
  • When using the blade to lift the cuticle and keep it not too deep under the skin.
  • Cone-shaped nozzle for the treatment of ingrown nails, removal of rough skin you want to use the direction from the outer to the inner base of the nail plate.
  • Small discs for sawing to the right shape.
  • Drive Polish to give Shine.

How to use a nail set at home

A beautiful manicure is the finishing touch that completes the look well-groomed woman. To do that, you can use a mechanical or electric set. Cosmetic scissors is necessary to remove the burrs. Clippers trim nails and use the nail file to give a certain form. The spatula is used together with the measure which should be applied to the hair, wait a bit, remove razmyagchayuschiesya the skin. If you do edging manicure, rind need to push. The last stage – the grinding surface of the nail with a nail file.

Use a manicure set at home

When working with electric manicure sets does not require pre-steaming hands. Rotating interchangeable nozzles treatment rough dry skin, adjusting the shape, the length of the nail, removal of dead surface. First, the device needs to be charged. Also the tool needs to rest to avoid overheating the motor. To change the nozzle, insert a new, to return, press to fix in position.

When adjusting the length of the nail should move the disk in one direction, and the device need to keep straight. For moving away of the cuticles use a special nozzle, causing the nails become long, well-groomed. To Polish the nail plate, use the cone with felt. After completion of the manicure don’t forget to use hand cream and oil.

Video about how to use electric manicure kit

Electric manicure and pedicure set performs a variety of manipulations due to the large number of nozzles. With this tool you can process both natural and artificial nails. The set has many advantages: painless elimination of the cuticle, the possibility of processing the inner surface of the regrown part of the nail, thorough removal of corns, plantar callosities. To know how to use such a device, view the following video.

Video-tips for choosing a manicure set

Neat and beautiful manicure gives a girl confidence in their impeccable appearance. For good, quality care for your nails need a manicure set, which includes a variety of tools: nail scissors, tweezers for removing and processing the cuticle, trimmers, curettes, scissors, nail files, scrapers. View our fingers depends not only on skills but also on the quality of the facilities, the material from which they are made. Submitted videos will help you to choose a good manicure set that will last a long time.

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