How to tighten the oval of the face at home

tighten the oval of the faceBefore reaching a certain age a woman does not bother almost none of the disadvantages of appearance. The youth gives a lot, but nature gives more, so the woman and looks equally great without makeup. When the representative of the beautiful half of humanity reaches the age at which there is a change of the skin, it arises the problem of how to improve the appearance? We all know that skin condition every person is completely individual, some women can boast of so as as in 40 years on their face do not present any wrinkles. Others, by contrast, already 20 years have certain problems. And then one day, gazing at his reflection in the mirror, the woman realizes the time has come to tighten the oval of the face. As a rule, the shape of the face after 40 years much SAG, this is changing, and appearance of a woman and her mental attitude. Is it possible to tighten the oval of the face without surgery?

How to tighten the face oval?

When it begins to SAG, the oval of the face, to tighten, it can be very effective alone and without the services of cosmetic surgery. How to tighten facial contours quickly and easily? First and foremost is to be patient, after all you have to perform a set of necessary procedures and regularly and without missing. Particularly it should be noted that a single tool will not be able to tighten the face oval, to be used for positive results requires a comprehensive set of procedures. But if a woman is interested, she had a beautiful oval face, how to tighten it — the question is easily solved.

  1. Tighten the oval of the face at home is possible if one of the basic procedures to use the mask of the film. These funds are recommended to apply at least 2 times a week, but to abuse them is not recommended. The best option would be to use masks-films three times a week. In the sale has a huge number of related media, most of which are made with addition of natural components. If a part of the mask film is green tea or aloe, such means not only tighten the skin but also sweet. If the composition will be found essential oil like avocado or jojoba, these funds will be perfectly nourishes the skin. Regular use of these mixtures effectively helps to tighten the skin, tone it, enhance the complexion, to give freshness and healthy glow. In addition, the mask of the film have the ability to regenerate the skin, as when applied, they actively remove dead skin cell particles that soon, there are new and young. Correction of facial contours with the mask of the film is due to the fact that when applied the mask tightens the skin, like reducing the sagging. Regular use of this tool will be a good basis for achieving a beautiful appearance.

    how to tighten the oval of the face without surgery at home

  2. If you need to tighten the oval of the face at home, the same effect as the previous funds, will have homemade mask for tightening sagging skin. Home remedies appropriate use made of products that contribute to shaping action. In the first place in this respect stands the egg white, then sour milk and honey. To prepare masks for pulling up of an oval face can be a mixture of cottage cheese and protein eggs, protein eggs and lemon juice, honey and aloe, yogurt and carrot juice. Similarly to the previous recipe, these funds must be used regularly and add to the first. Recipes home masks, read the article «Firming face mask».
  3. How to keep the shape of the face at home? For everyday use provides for the application of other means: this creams, tonics, lotions. When you buy any of them, special attention should be given to what type of skin related something. Lifting of facial contours by these funds is due to the filling of the inner and outer part of the skin all the necessary substances among which it is possible to identify: vitamins, amino acids, minerals, enzymes, etc. If swam oval face, what to do in this case? In addition to the above described cosmetic preparations of similar action it has the usual cow’s milk. They have enough to wipe each evening to face, she was filled with and trace elements, and elasticity.
  4. How to make oval face fit? Lovely complex means of all these methods is the use of self-massage. It does not need to do every day, but 10 minutes three times a week to apply self-massage is necessary. Self-massage is home of the lift of the oval of the face without surgery. The procedure is done only soft finger movements and always cleaned hands on clean skin. How to strengthen the oval of the face by using a self-massage?

How to adjust the shape of the face. Exercises

  • Starting from the area of the forehead. Fingertips do pats on the forehead in the direction of hair growth. Suffice it to repeat 5 times to strengthen the skin began.
  • Then go to the cheeks. Same stroking motion but changes the direction of the lips to the temples and from the lips to the ears.
  • The final stage of self-massage is stroking the submandibular area toward the ears.

If you have a double chin, then see «How to get rid of double chin».

As you can see from all the above that the problem of how to strengthen the oval of the face at home, not so impossible. All the procedure affordable and easy. The main thing you need is to emotionally tune into long and regular appropriate action.

How else can you adjust the shape of the face? In addition to cosmetics and self-massage at home is quite acceptable to do special exercises for the elasticity of the skin.

Exercises for oval face

Create the perfect oval face shape without surgery is really. The use of gymnastics for the face shape will help to address not only loose skin, but will also serve as an excellent physical therapy for the face. All exercises for tightening of facial contours designed by skilled professionals. The experiments and research on the effectiveness of the exercises. Although all the methods seem simple, in spite of their simplicity they are very effective. To tighten the face oval, carrying out these exercises easily and effectively!

How to tighten the oval of the face video:

How to tighten facial contours without surgery in the gym? Perform regular set of exercises, and all visible problems disappear forever.

  • Type in a mouth air, to imagine that the air is a ball. Now roll the imaginary ball from one cheek to another. Gymnastics for women oval face is done in a slow but strong pace. Mentally people need to tune into what exercises are going to benefit, not just repeated.
  • Again to dial the air in your mouth, pull the cheeks, and her lips tightly compressed. I used a pressing motion to press cheeks with fingers, but the air through the mouth to go should not. To put pressure on the inflated cheeks must within 10 seconds.
  • Open your mouth as much as possible to pull forward the lower jaw and moving it from side to side. The movement should be slow initially, then gradually accelerate, then slow down again.
  • To open his mouth to get the tongue to its maximum length, to pronounce the sound «A» as possible while straining muscles of the oral cavity.

correction of facial contours without surgery

All of the exercises to strengthen the oval of the face simple, and easy to carry to everyone. Any woman can find 10 minutes to complete the necessary set of exercises. The effect will be to face in the near future.

See what are other exercises for oval face video:

Of considerable importance for women oval face is the fact, what way of life follows a woman and what she eats. Proven by science and everyone knows that certain foods help the skin to preserve its youth, elasticity, Shine and purity. Other products, on the contrary, contribute to worsen the appearance. To useful include: vegetables, cereals, fruits, meat and fish products, milk and milk products, nuts, and vegetable fats. Harmful include: meals cooked by frying, canning or pickles, all sweet and flour products, spicy foods, and alcoholic beverages.

If women’s diet is filled with healthy options, then tighten the oval of the face will be much easier. Moreover, the longer a woman is to follow a healthy diet, the farther she will not face the problem of saggy skin.

How to improve the oval of the face? There are many cosmetic will that worsen the skin condition. For example, it is not recommended to sleep face down in a pillow, this posture stretches the skin and leads to its sagging. But to grimace, on the contrary, recommended. It is believed that the «monkey faces» is charging for the face, which contributes to its healthy appearance and inner mind.

Tighten the oval of the face can be at home and independent means, but if it seems complicated and long, you can use the services of beauty centers. Fashionable innovations relating to cosmetology and went on that quality to lift the face and significantly change your appearance using cosmetic surgery.


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