Ways of tying arafatki

1700In this article, we will show how to tie arapatka. The name «arafatka» comes from Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat, who wore men’s Arab scarf. Only he didn’t tie it, and wore over folded in half arafatki ring (rendeli). And to them was attached the edge of the Arab scarf, those regions that are not fixed, lay on the right shoulder. A handkerchief of this kind in Palestine, called shemagh.

Arafatki are popular not only because it is beautiful, but also because they are practical and comfortable. Sew arafatki of wool and cotton fabrics. It can be classic black and white, and various colors and with different ornaments. Arafatka able How to tie arapatkato protect your face from cold and sun, dust and sand. Therefore, the armed forces of Britain received such a universal handkerchief into service. If you want to learn how to tie arapatka and not to resort to the help of others, we now describe how to do it.

How to tie arapatka on the head and neck

There are different ways of tying arafatki on the head and neck. You can tie arapatka how to tie a regular scarf, wrap the ends by twisting around the head. You can also expand arapatka in length to the long end in the middle of the forehead. Then the edges curl in a counterclockwise direction, turning into a rope, them from the forehead, is wrapped around the head. Arafatka tied back in pigtails. And so it turns out that there were ends, freely arranged behind. If you want to become unrecognizable, or to protect the face from sand or dust, then the remaining ends need to flip cross pattern on the front face and fasten the harness on her forehead. Generally tying arafatki, is an individual creative process, and not necessarily to adhere to some strict rules.ways of tying arafatki on the neck

Easier of course to tie arapatka on the neck. Just need to fold the scarf diagonally, in other words, to form a triangle, then the widest part of the triangle to place on the chest, and the edges just wrap it around the neck. Or twist the harnesses and tie ourselves under a wide corner of the scarf. You can also do the above angle arafatki tie classic braids together. In principle, variants of tying arafatki can be any number, it all depends on the imagination of man. To argue as right or wrong to tie arapatka impossible, because how many people – so many opinions. Some even hang a variety of badges on arapatka. We can say that it is a matter of taste of each person and our time is no surprise.

How to tie arapatka look at the video

Here is a video which shows how to associate arapatka on the head:

Another video on how to tie arapatka:

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