How beautiful tie a scarf on the coat

Learn to tie a scarf on the coat.Welcome, You dear girl. Today I will tell You «How beautiful tie a scarf on your coat». Scarves in every woman’s wardrobe can be used not only to protect from the cold, but are a great accessory. Scarf can decorate and incredibly change Your look, making it unique, precious and unique. This small detail can make a woman stylish, elegant and harmoniously complement the image. Regardless of fashion, it goes well with the jacket, the jacket and coat. How to wear a scarf with a coat and to choose try to find out, use the advice from designers.

How to wear a scarf with your coat?

Scarves, in addition to differences in color and pattern, can be made of different materials. For a warm day is better suited to silk or chiffon made of cotton model. In the cold season need warm wool, cashmere or affiliated Angora wool scarf. You need to consider not only the material of which is sewn a coat, but other details of the wardrobe. With a light blouse or dress more harmoniously will be combined light scarf with a warm sweater – wool or cashmere. For the evening as recommended models from shiny fabrics, such as velvet.

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If You go to buy an accessory to coat, then in it and need to go to the store. In place, you can quickly see how things fit. Do not buy products with a large picture and too complicated color combination. Scarf in color must be suitable to the color of the face and eyes.

If You don’t know how to wear a scarf with a coat, don’t despair, the variety of options is just huge. The right is the one that You like yourself in the mirror and not feel discomfort. Will have to take into account the texture and shape of the product.

How to tie a scarf on your coat?

Square scarf recommended to combine with an elegant, expensive coat. Scarf folded in half, after which it should be applied to the neck and tie a knot in the back, throwing the ends in front. The variant ends are not the front and near the shoulder.

Long scarf you can simply wrap like a clamp, making one or two loops around the neck. The ends can hang down in the front, looks good, when one end thrown over the shoulder.

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If You don’t know how to tie a scarf on your coat if it is too tight don’t worry. Such products are combined with almost all kinds of clothing and look stylish. First, the scarf folded in half, and then spreads through the neck. On the one hand needs to be a loop on the other ends of the product, they need to spend inside the loop and tighten closer to his neck.

In this video see how beautiful tie a scarf on the coat

How to tie a scarf over your coat?

For this option you need to choose a product that is more combined with the coat. Although such an option, for example, when the collar blouse or Golf course can be seen on the shoulders draped a light scarf, combined with these items of clothing, for example, and looks elegant.

How to tie a scarf over your coat? It all depends on the material from which the product is made. Warm, voluminous scarf should not be too difficult to tie knots. They can wrap around the neck, making one or two loose loops. Looks nice and an option when one end stays in front and the other one is just thrown over the shoulder.

method of tying scarf on the coat

For lightweight scarves are allowed more interesting sites. You can roll the scarf tightly with a harness, make two turns around the neck. The ends of the shoulders are passed under both circulation. This option is very stylish and elegant looks.

Watch how to tie a scarf on coat on video:

How to tie a scarf on the coat?

It all depends on how big the collar. Small collar is acceptable small, loose loop of a thin scarf or made of light fabric. Very nice options, when one end node, and the second end slides through it. The whole thing is draped and decorated with a flower or brooch.

Voluminous scarves hide the collar. Concerning these goods the question: «How to tie a scarf on the coat?» is not relevant.

How to tie a scarf on the jacket

How to tie a scarf under your coat?

Under the coat it is better to use products made of light fabric. Warm scarf should be narrow. If the coat does not fasten, you can just pull the ends of the scarf dangle, just throwing it on your neck. Square scarf can be folded diagonally and tied like a neck scarf. Tips can be shifted back or shoulder. The wide blade can be double-wrapped around the neck. The right end is straightened and tucked behind the coils on the left side. The result is a very elegant drape front.

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For those with a short neck to pick up and come up with a good option of tying scarf somewhat problematic. How to tie a scarf under a coat if the neck is too short? First, you need to purchase either narrow or wide light fabric products. They need to wrap around the neck several times, this will help to visually lengthen.

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